Severka – Sunday 27th August 2017 (John Tomlinson)

Next to Severka~Moscow, a
nother general aviation field.
However one interesting item here, a Russian registered  Rockwell Sabreliner 60, the only one as far as I am aware. Some other unexpected American types were also seen… so a very enjoyable visit.
Noted between 1440-1545hrs
Log in order as seen / photographed.
RA-1201G    Reims-Cessna F.172N    C/n     1950    Private
RA-0559G    Best Off Skyranger    C/n     Unknown    Private (Covers on located mid-field)
RA-67528    Cessna 172S    C/n     172S-11393    Sasovo Flying School
RA-67527    Cessna 172S    C/n     172S-11392    Sasovo Flying School
RA-67502    Cessna 172S    C/n     172S-11352    Sasovo Flying School
RA-04387    Robinson R44    C/n     1523    Private
RA-2026G    AutoGyro    C/n     Unknown    Private
RA-2019G    Zlin Z.142    C/n     0224    Private
RA-0857G    Yakovlev Yak-18T3    C/n     YeEVS.02.0276    Civil Academy of General Aviation
RA-0856G    Yakovlev Yak-18T2    C/n     7200614    Private
RA-0332G    Yakovlev Yak-52    C/n     Unknown    First Flight Aerobatic Team (Coded 01 yellow)
RA-0792G    Yakovlev Yak-18T    C/n     22202032144    Private
RA-1056G    Yakovlev Yak-18T    C/n     03-31    Private
RA-0656G    Cessna 150    C/n     Unknown    Private
RA-35171    WSK-PZL An-2T    C/n     1G113-10    Withdrawn from use (** C/n Confirmed)
RA-2712G    Cessna 182    C/n     Unknown    Private
RA-2144G    Aero Commander Turbo Commander 680T/V    C/n     1620    Corporate
RA-0500G    Reims-Cessna FR.172E    C/n  0023    Private
RA-2401G    Aero Commander Turbo Commander 681    C/n     6038    Corporate (Also marked N78CH, it’s previous ID)
RA-1357G    Beech Musketeer    C/n     Unknown    Private
RA-2145G    Bell Helicopters 206    C/n     Unknown    Private
RA-2072G    Huskey A-1B    C/n     Unknown    Private
Unmarked   AutoGyro    C/n     Unknown    Private
Unmarked   Skyranger    C/n     Unknown    Private
RA-0675G    Cessna 402B    C/n     402B-0018    Corporate (Previous ID of OH-CHL on plate and under the wing)
RA-0173G    AutoGyro    C/n     Unknown    Private
RA-0688G    Yakovlev Yak-52    C/n     856104    Private
RA-1747G    Aquila A.210    C/n     Unknown    Private
RA-67452    Cessna 172S    C/n     172S-11214    Krasny Kut Flying School
RA-0937G    Reims-Cessna F.172M    C/n     1377    Private
RA-67453    Cessna 172S    C/n     172S-11215    Krasny Kut Flying School
RA-67459    Cessna 172S    C/n     172S-11223    Krasny Kut Flying School
RA-67454    Cessna 172S    C/n     172S-11218    Krasny Kut Flying School
RA-62610    WSK-PZL An-2P    C/n     1G177-51    Private
EW-353-LL    Zlin Z.43    C/n     Unknown    Private
RA-0552G    Pitts S-1/S-2 Special    C/n     Unknown    Private
SP-FZT    Zlin Z.142    C/n   0311    Private
RA-1629G    LET L-200D    C/n     171414    Private
RA-0898G    PZL-Okecie 104 Wilga 35A    C/n     YeEVS.02.0292    Private
RA-1256K    LET L-410UVP    C/n     831029    Withdrawn from use
RF-14423    Rockwell Sabreliner 60    C/n     306-13    Corporate (** More like Withdrawn from use)
RA-0442G    Reims-Cessna F.150M    C/n     1325    Private
RA-    Cessna 152     C/n     C/n  152-79579. Ex N757AE (Covers on near hangar)