Yegoryevsk – Sunday 27th August 2017 (John Tomlinson)

I was looking forward to seeing a few of the older Russian types here, I was not disappointed.
Yegoryevsk is where there is a technical training school, also known as the Aeroflot Engineering Training School Museum. Eight aircraft are parked around what I can suggest looks like a parade ground.
We had a viewing arranged, however the person contacted was not at the gate and the person now in attendance was not aware of the arrangement. He was quite reluctant to let us in, however with some good chat from our Russian driver and crossing of the palm with gifts, we were given a yes…………. but be quick.
Noted between 1640-1700hrs
CCCP-01759    WSK-PZL An-2P    C/n     1G107-06    Preserved
CCCP-01760    WSK-PZL An-2P    C/n     1G107-07    Preserved
CCCP-42311    Yakovlev Yak-42    C/n     11940103    Instructional Airframe
CCCP-46745    Antonov An-24    C/n     47300902    Preserved
CCCP-85010    Tupolev Tu-154    C/n     70M010    Instructional Airframe
CCCP-85011    Tupolev Tu-154    C/n     71A011    Instructional Airframe
RA-46409    Antonov An-24B    C/n     77304004    Preserved
TZ-ACK    Antonov An-24B    C/n     87304202    Preserved