Korobcheevo – Sunday 27th August 2017 (John Tomlinson)

Next stop was Korobcheyevo~Moscow, a general aviation airfield where a parachute club was also based.
It was very busy, however we were kindly shown around the field and stored/wfu aircraft by a captain of an AirBridgeCargo Boeing 747. He was very enthusiastic about our visit, as he aid to us, his life was aviation, both in work and in play.
The parachute club is famous throughout the world, with many nationalities attending the club for training as well as for competitions.
Noted between 1230-1420hrs
23 white    Mil Mi-2    C/n     5410923059    Withdrawn from use
RA-50562    WSK-PZL An-2TP    C/n     1G89-39    Rosto
RA-67451    Cessna 172S    C/n     172S-10824    Aerograd Kolomna
RA-67647    LET L-410UVP-E    C/n     902440    Aerograd Kolomna
RA-67680    LET L-410UVP-E    C/n     912612    Aerograd Kolomna
RF-00752    LET L-410UVP-E3    C/n     902410    DOSAAF
RF-00858    LET L-410UVP-E3    C/n     871935    Aerograd Kolomna (Trainer. Wings separated on Fire Service Area)
RF-00964    LET L-410UVP-E3    C/n     871830    Aerograd Kolomna
RF-20432    Mil Mi-8T    C/n     98348371    Aerograd Kolomna
RF-38352    Mil Mi-8T    C/n     7452    Aerograd Kolomna
RF-94592    LET L-410UVP-E3    C/n     871902    Aerograd Kolomna
RF-94598    LET L-410UVP-E3    C/n     882129    Aerograd Kolomna
RF-94594    LET L-410UVP-E3    C/n     882126    Aerograd Kolomna