Brno (Technické Muzeum v Brně) – Wednesday 4th September 2019 (John Tomlinson)

Time was very tight as this museum closed at 1700hrs, but allowed no one to enter after 1630hrs………………. we arrived at 1630hrs.
After a short and frantic discussion with the attendant, I don’t how we did it, as we did not speak each others language, but we were allowed in. They found it strange,as they certainly understood that we only wanted to see the aircraft!!

Anyway, a great result, as I don’t think if you could have seen the outside exhibits from outside the museum. However two of the four aircraft inside could be seen from the main road entrance.

Having said that, once we had checked out the aviation, a quick look around this museum made the visit even more worthwhile, quite a collection of transport items, especially cars and motor cycles.

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Noted between 1630-1652hrs and lucky to get in. It closes at 1630hrs!
GPS: 49.228056, 16.580556

DM-WKR Zlin Z.526 A Akrobat C/n 1042 Preserved Coded 6
OK-RVL Zlin HC-102 Heli Baby C/n 015-02 Preserved Coded 0215
Unknown Aero Vodochody L-29 Delfin Cockpit C/n Unknown Preserved Unmarked
**The above maybe 2404 L-29 RS Delfin C/n 792404. It had been an outside exhibit at this museum at one time.
Any help confirming this would be appreciated.
Unknown Link Trainer C/n Unknown Preserved Unmarked

0511 MiG-19 S C/n 150511 Preserved
5612 MiG-21 MF-75 C/n 96005612 Preserved
3402 Su-22 M-4K C/n 34102 Preserved Coded 05
1003 Su-25 K C/n 25508110003 Preserved

Photo credit: John Tomlinson