Namest Nad Oslavou – Wednesday 4th September 2019 (John Tomlinson)

Another military base with quite a few viewable Gate Guards.
We initially viewed part of the live ramp from a small road to the West of the base, which was from the village of Hartvikovice, then continued along this road until we were North of the field and looking straight at the various Gate Guards.

Once we were happy that we had seen all that we could, we continued along the same road to the East of the field and then ended up to the South, near to the village of Popuvky. At this point we also saw the missing preserved aircraft on the ramp, 5320 Sukhoi Su-7 BM C/n 5320.

We were also fortunate to see a couple of live Czech Air Force Mil Mi-171’s and take a photograph or two. A well worth one hour visit as we did the slow drive around the base.

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GPS: 49.172778, 16.117500

Noted between 1423-1520hrs

Preserved Gate Guards
5317 Sukhoi Su-7 BM C/n 5317 Preserved
2418 Aero Vodochody L-39 ZA Albatros C/n 232418 Preserved Coded 18
5007 Sukhoi Su-25 K C/n 25508105007 Preserved
6016 Aero Vodochody L-159 A Alca C/n 156016 Preserved
4209 Sukhoi Su-22 M-4K C/n 42509 Preserved
2807 Aero Vodochody L-29 RS Delfin C/n 892807 Preserved
3908 Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15 bis SB C/n 623908 Preserved
0705 Mil Mi-24 V C/n 730705 Preserved

Preserved on the active ramp
5320 Sukhoi Su-7 BM C/n 5320 Preserved

5251 Aero Vodochody L-39 CM Albatros C/n 915251 Slovak Air Force
4707 Aero Vodochody L-39 ZA Albatros C/n 934707 Slovak Air Force
9926 Mil Mi-171 Sh C/n 59489619926 Czech Air Force
9799 Mil Mi-171 Sh C/n 59489619799 Czech Air Force
9904 Mil Mi-171 Sh /n 59489619904 Czech Air Force
9892 Mil Mi-171 Sh C/n 59489619892 Czech Air Force
9825 Mil Mi-171 Sh C/n 59489619825 Czech Air Force
9844 Mil Mi-171 Sh C/n 59489619844 Czech Air Force
D-CGFC Learjet 35A C/n 35-331 GFD
D-FBMT Pilatus PC-9 B C/n 165 EIS Aircraft GmbH

Photo credit: John Tomlinson