Brno-Medlanky – Wednesday 4th September 2019 (John Tomlinson)

We arrived at the penultimate field of the day which was very busy, mainly people enjoying the evening in the cafe/restaurant attached to the club house.
Initially we could not find anyone to ask for permission to view any hangars or the aircraft on the field. However after some perseverance, we eventually spoke to a club member who agreed that we could walk to each of the hangars and obtain individual permissions for each hangar. This worked very well.

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Noted between 1715-1805hrs

About the field
OK-CKR LET Z-37 A Cmelak C/n 16-26 Pavlata-Beta Air
OK-XUR 01 Direct Fly Alto C/n Unknown Private
OK-0111 Schempp-Hirth Ventus 2c C/n Unknown Private. Coded VS

Hangar near portacabin
OK-OUU 50 Tecnam P.92 Echo S C/n 1269 Private
OK-DTA Tecnam P.92-JS Echo C/n 029 Aeroklub Brno

OK-AGA Maule M-7 235C Super Rocket C/n 4048C Private
OK-2033 Schleicher ASG-32Mi C/n 32036 Private
OK-2032 Schleicher ASG-29 E C/n 29518 Private

OK-EUY 04 Aerotechnik EV-95 Fox 912 C/n Unknown Private

Hangar-Direct Fly Alto
OK-YUR 01 Direct Fly Alto 912 TG C/n 97/2019 Private
Unknown Direct Fly Alto C/n DF94 Private

Unknown Direct Fly Alto C/n 95 Private

Hangar-Large wooden door.
OK-TUR 14 Zlin Aviation Savage C/n Unknown Aeroklub Brno-Medlanky
OK-KAH Cessna 180 C/n 647 Private. 647 on tail m(Quite small) .
OK-DUR 17 Evektor EV-97 EuroStar C/n 980204 Private
OK-DUR 24 Piper J/3C 100 Cub C/n Unknown Private
OK-WWC 48 AutoGyro Europe Cavalon C/n Unknown Private. Tail broken, accident.
OK-YWC 71 AutoGyro Europe Calidus C/n Unknown Private
OK-ONY Piper J/3C 100 Cub C/n 18601 Private
OK-QUA 99 Urban Air UFM-10 XXL Samba C/n Unknown Private
OK-A416 TeST TST-10 M Atlas C/n 11204 Private
OK-2029 Schleicher ASW-15 B C/n 15399 Aeroklub Jesenik

Large Hangar. Aeroklub Brno-Medlanky
OK-1823 LET L-13 M Blanik C/n 171915 Aeroklub Brno-Medlanky Covered up.
OK-5349 Scheibe Bergfalke III C/n 5521 Aeroklub Brno-Medlanky.
OK-MLP Piper PA-25 260D Pawnee C/n 25-7405592 GAS Aviation
Unknown Glider Green covers C/n Unknown Private. Hanging up.
Unknown Glider Brown covers C/n Unknown Private. Hanging up.
OK-9781 Schleicher Ka.6 E C/n 4312 Private. Coded 2W
OK-MGM Zlin Z.226 MS Trener 6 C/n 184 Aeroklub Brno-Medlanky
OK-1730 LET L-13 AC Blanik Acro C/n 018901 Aeroklub Brno-Medlanky
OK-5550 LET L-23 Super Blanik C/n 917908 Private. Coded S2
OK-9829 LET L-13 Blanik C/n 170205 Aeroklub Brno-Medlanky
OK-6558 Schempp-Hirth HS.4 Standard Cirrus C/n 433G Aeroklub Brno-Medlanky
OK-0931 LET L-13 Blanik C/n 175119 Aeroklub Brno-Medlanky
OK-6557 Schempp-Hirth HS.4 Standard Cirrus C/n 299G Aeroklub Brno-Medlanky. 6557 on Green cover.
OK-6555 Schempp-Hirth HS.4 Standard Cirrus C/n 448 Aeroklub Brno-Medlanky
OK-0817 Letov LF-107 Lunak C/n 26 Aeroklub Brno-Medlanky
OK-5433 Grob G.102 Astir CS C/n 1279 Aeroklub Brno-Medlanky. Coded MZ
OK-2903 Matejcek M-28 C/n 10.XI Aeroklub Brno-Medlanky
OK-5977 Zlin Z.425 Sohaj 3 C/n 0424 Aeroklub Brno-Medlanky
OK-4307 Orlican VT-116 Orlik II C/n 151010 Aeroklub Brno-Medlanky
OK-OUU 34 Aerospool WT-9 Club T Dynamic C/n DY276/2008 Aeroklub Brno-Medlanky
OK-8565 Zlin Z.24 Krajanek C/n 260 Aeroklub Brno-Medlanky
OK-8406 Orlican VT-116 Orlik II ZK C/n 151906 Aeroklub Brno-Medlanky. Coded 77 (Confirmed on other Flickr photographs)
OK-3908 Letov LF-109 Pionyr C/n 115 Aeroklub Brno-Medlanky
OK-2901 Matejcek M-35 C/n 018901 Aeroklub Brno-Medlanky. Coded 35
OK-0924 Zlin Z.125 Sohaj 2 C/n 166 Aeroklub Brno-Medlanky
OK-5100 Aerotechnik L-13 SE Vivat C/n 850101 Aeroklub Brno-Medlanky
OK-2902 PZL-Bielsko SZD-36 A Cobra 15 C/n W-575 Aeroklub Brno-Medlanky
OK-1504 Orlican VSO-10 Gradient C/n Gradient Aeroklub Brno-Medlanky. 1504 on white covers.

In the rafters
OK-8439 Orlican VT-116 Orlik II ZK C/n 152009 Private
OK-0771 Zlin Z.125 Sohaj 2 C/n 572 Aeroklub Brno-Medlanky
Unknown Aero 11 C/n 01 on the tail? Private. Coded U

Over Brno-Medlanky~South Moravia
OK-8807 Kubicek Balloon BB-45Z C/n 621 Private
OK-8866 Kubicek Balloon BB- C/n 1175 Private

Over the field:
OK-UWE Cirrus Design SR-22 C/n 4216 Alpha Aviation Flying School
OK-RAV Diamond DA 42 NG C/n 42.N320 Private

Over Brno-Turany~South Moravia
OK-MAP Cessna 150 M C/n 150-78155 Bemoair Flying School

Photo credit: John Tomlinson