Zurich/Kloten – Saturday 13th April 2019 (John Tomlinson)

So now on to Zurich~Kloten, where we were to drop off one of the group for his flight home.

The rest of us would again enjoy a drive around the perimeter and some of us get a drink and something to eat from the Heligrill as we watched the aircraft.

The request:
We noted the following inside a storage hangar for cars and the helicopters
??? Robinson R-22 C/n Unknown Private
??? Bolkow Bo-105 C/n Unknown Private

Any help appreciated

Photographs at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jlt_egcc74/albums/72157691054124123



Trip Airfield Albums https://www.flickr.com/photos/jlt_egcc74/albums

Country Folders https://www.flickr.com/photos/jlt_egcc74/collections

Old scanned photographs at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jlt_egcc74/collections/72157676555557434/

Noted between 1410-1550hrs

Viewed from the business Ramp area
??? Cessna 421 Blue white Red C/n Unknown Private
2-JACK Piper PA-46500TP C/n 4697425 Private
4X-EKJ Boeing 73785P C/n 35486 El Al Israel Airlines
9A-JSC Cessna 525A C/n 525A-0049 Corporate
A7-ALY Airbus A350941 C/n 132 Qatar Airways
CS-DIY Cessna 525B C/n 525B-0146 Corporate
CS-DSE Hawker-Siddeley 125900XP C/n HA-0204 Corporate
CS-LTF Cessna 680A C/n 680A-0123 NetJets Europe
D-IAAT Embraer EMB-500 C/n 50000162 Arcus-Air-Logistic
EC-MBK Airbus A320214 C/n 2658 Vueling Airlines
EC-MES Airbus A320232(SL) C/n 6518 Vueling Airlines
HB-CFT Reims-Cessna F.172P C/n 2133 Motorfluggruppe Zurich
HB-CWA Reims-Cessna FRA.150L C/n 134 Private
HB-CYH Cessna 172P C/n 172-74157 Motorfluggruppe Zurich
HB-CZX Cessna T.182T C/n T182-08965 Private
HB-DGI Mooney M.20K C/n 25-0693 Private
HB-EFH Beech V35 C/n D-8072 Private
HB-FWG Pilatus PC-12-47E C/n 1298 Corporate
HB-JGQ Bombardier Challenger 300 C/n 20237 Execujet Europe
HB-LEL Piper PA-34200 C/n 34-7350313 EFOS Flight-Charter
HB-LEM Piper PA-34200 C/n 34-7350327 Private
HB-LVB Diamond DA 42NG C/n 42.N363 Horizon Swiss Flight Academy
HB-LWW Diamond DA 42NG C/n 42.N337 Private
HB-OHC Piper PA-28180 C/n 28-3623 EFOS Flight-Charter
HB-ZQK AgustaWestland AW139 C/n 31711 Swiss Jet AG
I-CABD Cessna 525 C/n 525-0354 Corporate
I-GGLC Cessna 550/551 C/n 550-0081 Unifly
JY-RYN Cessna 650 C/n 650-7029 Raya Jet
LX-LOE Raytheon Hawker 4000 C/n RC-46 Flying Group Luxembourg
N282SA Cessna 500/501 C/n 500-0282 Withdrawn from use
OY-TSA Cessna 525B C/n 525B-0198 Corporate
S5-AFE SAAB 2000 C/n 59 Adria Airways

Runway 34 Restaurant
EX-1146K Ilyushin IL-14P 7343408 Preserved
J-2314 Dassault Mirage IIIS 1004 Preserved

Viewed from the Heligrill Area
CCCP-22461 Mil Mi-8 C/n 232 Preserved
9H-ILY Canadair Regional-Jet850 C/n 8076 VistaJet Malta
A6-EDS Airbus A380861 C/n 86 Emirates Airlines
D-AECC Embraer Emb-190100LR C/n 19000333 Lufthansa Regional
D-AHOI Embraer ERJ-135BJ C/n 14501171 Air Hamburg
HB-IBJ Dassault Falcon2000LX C/n 340 Cat Aviation
HB-IHZ Airbus A320214 C/n 1026 Edelweiss Air
HB-IJM Airbus A320214 C/n 635 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-IJS Airbus A320214 C/n 782 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-IJW Airbus A320214 C/n 2134 Edelweiss Air
HB-JCB Bombardier CS-300BD-500-1A11 C/n 55011 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-JCG Bombardier CS-300BD-500-1A11 C/n 55020 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-JCG Bombardier CS-300BD-500-1A11 C/n 55020 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-JCR Bombardier CS-300A220-300 C/n 55044 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-JHE Airbus A330343X C/n 1084 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-JMD Airbus A340313X C/n 556 Edelweiss Air
HB-JOG Airbus A319111 C/n 3818 Germania Flug
HB-JRI Bombardier Global 5000BD-700-1A11 C/n 9627 Execujet Europe
HB-JSK Bombardier Global 6000BD-700-1A10 C/n 9805 Execujet Europe
HB-JST Dassault Falcon 7X C/n 17 Cat Aviation
HB-JVF Fokker F-100 C/n 11466 Helvetic Airways
HB-JVO Embraer Emb-190100LR C/n 19000294 Helvetic Airways
HB-JVT Embraer Emb-190100IGW C/n 19000199 Helvetic Airways
HB-ZHK Robinson R44 C/n 11283 Heli Sitterdorf AG
HB-ZKQ Eurocopter EC120B C/n 1316 Heli Sitterdorf AG
JY-AYW Airbus A320232 C/n 5367 Royal Jordanian Airlines
N213EM Boeing 73775G C/n 36852 Corporate
N770BB Boeing 7572J4 C/n 25220 Corporate
N920SA Dassault Falcon2000 C/n 120 Corporate
OE-IPE Gulfstream G550 C/n 5420 Global Jet Austria
TC-JRL Airbus A321231 C/n 3539 THY Turkish Airlines
TF-ISJ Boeing 757256 C/n 26249 Icelandair


Photo credit: John Tomlinson

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