Konstanz – Saturday 13th April 2019 (John Tomlinson)

Back to Konstanz~Baden-Wurttemberg, where we had first visited on the 10th April.
Again we checked in to the tower / club house and were kindly given permission to walk the field as well go in any open hangars.
A few more aircraft were noted on this visit as the weather had improved, plus other hangars were now accessible.
Noted between 1237-1315hrs
Parked near control Tower in poor condition
D-EKAK Beagle B121150 C/n B135 Private
On the field
9A-EMZ Robin R.1180TD C/n 271 Private
D-MMFH Evektor EV-97 C/n 2005-2413 Private
9-358 Rans S.6 C/n Unknown Private
D-EJEE SAN Jodel DR.1050M C/n 487 Private
D-EZJS Aquila A.210 C/n 235 Private
D-MEVF Rans S.7 C/n 1093123 Private
D-EBCU Reims-Cessna F.172H C/n 642 Private
D-KJBA Scheibe SF-25C C/n 44399 Private
D-MYDK Aerostyle Breezer C/n UL-108 Private
D-MXTC Evektor EV-97 C/n 2003-1805 Private
D-EETK Cessna 170B C/n 25390 Private
D-EDUF Cessna 172N C/n 172-72224 Private
D-MPKT Aerospool Dynamic C/n DY-616/2017 Private
Hangar 1
N62199 Cessna 172S C/n 172S-10833 Private
D-MFTT Dova Aircraft DV-1 C/n Jul-34 Private
D-MTMM Dova Aircraft DV-1 C/n 153/12 Private
D-MHNG Ikarus Comco C-22 C/n 9304-3500 Private
D-MJCC Ikarus Comco C-42 C/n Unknown Private
D-MBPP Ikarus Comco Cyclone C/n Unknown Private
D-MNGG Ikarus Comco Cyclone C/n Unknown Private
Hangar 2
D-MOCI Evektor EV-97 C/n 2001-1002 Private
HB-OYZ Piper PA-28R-180 C/n 28R-30014 Private
D-EHAO Piper PA-28151 C/n 28-7515278 Private
Hangar 3
D-MXII Ikarus Comco C-42 C/n 0503-6660 Private
D-MUEE Ikarus Comco C-42 C/n 0407-6613 Private
Hangar 4
D-MBKO BOT Aircraft SC-07 C/n 6 Private
D-ENPA Piper PA-28161 C/n 2816005 Private
HB-NDA Rockwell Commander 112TC C/n 13070 Private
Hangar 5
D-MJSS Evektor EV-97 C/n 2009-3511 Private
D-EDEO Reims-Cessna F.150L C/n 925 Private
D-ENCG Reims-Cessna FR.172K C/n 637 Private
D-MEBT Nando Groppo Trail C/n 80 Private
D-2631 Schleicher ASK-21 C/n 21412 Private
D-EHAA Robin DR.400180R C/n 1541 Private
D-MFWW Ikarus Comco C-42 C/n 0803-6963 Private