Tushino, Moscow – Tuesday 22nd August 2017 (John Tomlinson)

In this area, we visited a small park called Ekspozitsiya tekhniki DOSAAF (Exposition of DOSAAF equipment) which had two aircraft and a tank and military truck on display.
It is in fact in the grounds of the DOSAAF offices.
At the end of the road you can see in the distance the direlict Antonov An-26. This is situated and noted at the old Tushino Aiport, Moscow which is now closed.
The Spartak Moscow Football stadium has been built on the site.
In the grounds of the DOSAAF offices.
38 red    Aero Vodochody L-29    C/n     792633    Preserved
RF-01927    Mil Mi-2U    C/n     547149061    Preserved
Near to Spartak Moscow football ground
RA-13339    Antonov An-26    C/n     12-08    Withdrawn from use