Severnoye Tushino, Moscow – Tuesday 22nd August 2017 (John Tomlinson)

Moscow-Northern Port
Here we visited the Northern Port of Moscow. The two exhibits are actually located in Severnoye Park, Tushino district, Moscow and within the Museum-memorial complex of the history of the Russian Navy (Muzeyno-memorialnyy kompleks istorii VMF Rossii).
Across the river Volga from the park is the Northern Port Terminal. Back in 1997 I was on one of those river cruise ships whilst in Moscow and then went up the Volga to St. Petersburg.
Google Map co-ordinates are 55.851337N 37.452088E
26 white    Alexeyev A-90    C/n     S-26    Preserved
634 black    Almaz Skat    C/n     Unknown    Preserved