Stuttgart/Echterdingen – Friday 7th April 2017 (John Tomlinson)

So now time to get our first flight out towards home. We were all getting the Germanwings flight to Brussels and then some would go down to Manchester, others to Heathrow…I think!
Here at Stuttgart-Echterdingen~Baden-Wurttemberg there are a few things to look out for as listed below. The aircraft in the terminal, the fire service training area, the D-HBKB MBB/Kawasaki BK117 AVT, which is displayed on top of Rettungsflugwacht building on road outside the cargo area and visible from viewing terrace. Then there are the ‘normal’ movements!
We first looked at the hangars from the supermarket / shopping area from the South side. We saw a few of the museum bits from here, as I did not think that we would have time to view them close up. Time was against us.  From this point you can see much of the smaller aircraft, both commuter and training. We then went the North side to that area and added a few more, although it is a fast main road, so no stopping is allowed or in fact suggested!
Noted between 1615-1850hrs
Inside Terminal
E.3B-526    CASA 1.131E    C/n     Unknown    Preserved
Albatros Flugmuseum (At the public Viewing terrace area)
2613    WSK-PZL An-2T    C/n     1G26-13    Preserved
SP-SAW    Mil Mi-2    C/n     529021124    Preserved
D-FOBY    North American AT-6A    C/n     77-4176    Preserved
Fire Service
D-IBEK    Cessna 320    C/n     320-0098    Fire Service
HA-LCB    Tupolev Tu-154B2    C/n     73A046    Withdrawn from use
Displayed on top of Rettungsflugwacht building on road outside the cargo area. Visible from viewing terrace.
D-HBKB    MBB/Kawasaki BK117AVT    C/n     S-01    Preserved
About the Airport
D-ABDQ    Airbus A320214    C/n     3121    Eurowings
D-ABFR    Airbus A320214    C/n     4631    Eurowings
D-ABGQ    Airbus A319112    C/n     3700    Eurowings
D-ABHK    Airbus A320214    C/n     4581    Eurowings
D-ABKA    Boeing  73782R    C/n     29329    TUIfly
D-ABNQ    Airbus A320214(SL)    C/n     6877    Air Berlin
D-ABZK    Airbus A320216    C/n     3213    Eurowings
D-ACNR    Canadair Regional-Jet900    C/n     15263    Lufthansa Regional
D-AIPT    Airbus A320211    C/n     117    Germanwings
D-AIQB    Airbus A320211    C/n     200    Germanwings
D-AKNI    Airbus A319112    C/n     1016    Germanwings
D-AKNL    Airbus A319112    C/n     1084    Germanwings
D-ATUE    Boeing  7378K5    C/n     34686    TUIfly
D-CATZ    Dornier Do.328110    C/n     3090    Private Wings
D-CNAC    Swearingen SA.227DCMetro 23    C/n     DC-895B    Bin Air
D-CPWF    Dornier Do.328110    C/n     3112    Private Wings
D-EAAD    Cessna 152    C/n     152-81564    Private
D-EABZ    Cessna 152    C/n     152-79736    FFH Flugschule Harter
D-EBDM    Cessna 172P    C/n     172-76375    Private
D-EBOD    Reims-Cessna F.152    C/n     1618    Private
D-EBOM    Beech F33A    C/n     CE-1147    Private
D-EBTS    Cirrus Design SR-20    C/n     1026    Private
D-EDEO    Reims-Cessna F.150L    C/n     925    Private
D-EEBC    Reims-Cessna F.150M    C/n     1270    Private
D-EEBC    Reims-Cessna F.150M    C/n     1270    Private
D-EEDJ    Reims-Cessna FR.172J    C/n     355    Private
D-EEXX    Reims-Cessna F.177RG    C/n     44    Private
D-EFDN    Reims-Cessna F.152    C/n     1721    BWLV Flugschule
D-EFUI    Reims-Cessna F.152    C/n     1550    Private
D-EGLA    Piper PA-28161    C/n     2842251    Private
D-EGSC    Reims-Cessna F.172N    C/n     1898    Private
D-EHGS    Cessna 172S    C/n     172S-10119    Private
D-EHPA    Piper PA-46350P    C/n     4622057    Private
D-EIHY    Piper PA-28RT-201    C/n     28R-8018068    Private
D-EJPE    Reims-Cessna F.152    C/n     1577    Private
D-EKEH    Piper PA-28181    C/n     2890080    Private
D-EKHZ    Cessna 182Q    C/n     182-66466    Private
D-ELGD    Piper PA-12    C/n     Dec-95    Private
D-EMLH    Piper PA-28181    C/n     28-8090015    Private
D-EMRS    Reims-Cessna F.152    C/n     1511    Private
D-ERIE    Piper PA-28181    C/n     2843566    Private
D-ERPH    Cessna 172N    C/n     172-71171    Private
D-ETSE     Beech K35    C/n     D-6113    Private
D-EVID    Piper PA-28RT-201T    C/n     28R-8331045    Private
D-EWTG    Cirrus Design SR-20    C/n     1518    Private
D-GBRS    Partenavia P.68B    C/n     34    Corporate
D-GBVW    Piper PA-44180    C/n     4495004    FFH Flugschule Harter
D-GBWA    Piper PA-34200T    C/n     34-7670245    Private
D-GOSR    Piper PA-34220T    C/n     34-8133017    Private
D-IEAH    Beech C90A    C/n     LJ-1216    Corporate
D-IHHH    Cessna 421B    C/n     421B-0512    Corporate
D-IMEL     Beech E55    C/n     TE-855    Private
D-IMIC    Cessna 340A    C/n     340A-1223    Private
D-IMWM    Cessna 340    C/n     340-0095    Private
D-ISRM     Cessna 510    C/n     510-0035    Corporate
D-IXKJ    Piper PA-60601P    C/n     61P-0607-7963272    Corporate
EI-FXK    Aerospatiale ATR 72202F    C/n     256    ASL Airlines Ireland
EI-OZL    Airbus A300B4-622RF    C/n     717    DHL Worldwide Courier Express
HB-JSF    Bombardier 650    C/n     6073    Corporate
HB-LNL    Piper PA-31T    C/n     31T-8020083    Corporate
N201GW    Piper PA-46310P    C/n     46-8508055    Private
N310GG    Cessna 310R    C/n     310R-1585    Private
N768KD    CASA 235300    C/n     C182    Government of United States of America
OE-LDE    Airbus A319112    C/n     2494    Austrian Airlines
OE-LDG    Airbus A319112    C/n     2652    Austrian Airlines
OY-KFL    Canadair Regional-Jet900    C/n     15246    SAS Scandinavian Airlines
PH-EXC    Embraer Emb-190100LR    C/n     19000659    KLM cityhopper
PH-NCI    British Aerospace Jetstream 3201    C/n     844    AIS Airlines
SX-ORG    Airbus A320232    C/n     1407    Orange2fly
TC-OCF    Airbus A330223    C/n     362    Onur Air