Brussels/Zaventem – Friday 7th April 2017 (John Tomlinson)

So here we were, after a great trip starting at Geneva, we were going our separate ways from Brussels.  Well done to those on the forum who read them, hope it was enjoyable and may make some of you think of making a similar trip, even if it is only for the show at Friedrichshafen.
The company was great, the mix of aviation types and airfields was excellent, something for everyone and top marks for the organiser and sole driver Grant Robinson
However, as I mentioned in an earlier mail, some of us will shortly be meeting up to go to Moscow for the visit to the International Military Forum, which is held at the Kubinka airfield near Moscow. If anyone would like to join us,
check out Grants links at  link:
I hope that you enjoyed the tour and our visit to Friedrichshafen. Now we are back, we keep asking ourselves, why did we not visit here before!
9A-CQF    de Havilland Canada DHC-8Q-402    C/n     4301    Croatia Airlines
9V-SFO    Boeing  747412F    C/n     32900    Singapore Airlines Cargo
A6-EFH    Boeing  777F1H    C/n     35608    Emirates Airlines
A6-EYH    Airbus A330243    C/n     729    Etihad Airways
CH-10    Lockheed C-130H    C/n     4481    Belgian Air Component
CN-RNM    Boeing  7377B6    C/n     28984    Royal Air Maroc
CS-TJG    Airbus A321211    C/n     1713    TAP Portugal
CS-TRJ    Airbus A321231    C/n     1004    Belgian Air Force
D-AKNG    Airbus A319112    C/n     654    Germanwings
EC-KRH    Airbus A320214    C/n     3529    Vueling Airlines
EI-RDI    Embraer Emb-175200LR    C/n     17000340    Alitalia Cityliner
ES-ACH    Canadair Regional-Jet900    C/n     15071    LOT Polish Airlines
ET-ARF    Boeing  7878    C/n     34752    Ethiopian Airlines
ET-ARI    Boeing  777F60    C/n     42032    Ethiopian Airlines
G-DHLG    Boeing  7673JHF    C/n     37807    DHL Worldwide Courier Express
G-RJXG    Embraer ERJ-145EP    C/n     145390    bmi Regional
G-RJXH    Embraer ERJ-145EP    C/n     145442    bmi Regional
G-RJXK    Embraer ERJ-135ER    C/n     145494    bmi Regional
HB-IJQ    Airbus A320214    C/n     701    Swiss International Air Lines
HB-JJE    Boeing  757204    C/n     27219    ECAir
I-ADJU    Embraer Emb-195200LR    C/n     19000290    Air Dolomiti
JA806A    Boeing  7878    C/n     34515    All Nippon Airways
LZ-FBE    Airbus A320214    C/n     3780    Bulgaria Air
N461VA    Airbus A310222    C/n     367    Southern Aircraft Consultancy
N461WA    Airbus A310222    C/n     372    Southern Aircraft Consultancy
N740CK    Boeing  7474H6BCF    C/n     24405    Kalitta Air
N50812    Cessna 500/501    C/n     500-0036    Fire Service
OE-IEW    Airbus A320214(SL)    C/n     7148    Eurowings Austria
OE-LBN    Airbus A320214    C/n     768    Austrian Airlines
OK-NEN    Airbus A319112    C/n     3436    CSA Czech Airlines
OO-DJE    British Aerospace 146-200    C/n     E2164    Fire Service
OO-DJF    British Aerospace 146-200    C/n     E2167
OO-DWB    British Aerospace 146-RJ100    C/n     E3315    Brussels Airlines
OO-DWC    British Aerospace 146-RJ100    C/n     E3322    Brussels Airlines
OO-JAR    Boeing  7377K5    C/n     35150    TUI Airlines Belgium
OO-JEB    Embraer Emb-190190STD    C/n     19000607    TUI Airlines Belgium
OO-LTM    Boeing  7373M8    C/n     25070    Leasing Company
OO-SNB    Airbus A320214    C/n     1493    Brussels Airlines
OO-SNF    Airbus A320214    C/n     2810    Brussels Airlines
OO-SNH    Airbus A320214    C/n     2207    Brussels Airlines
OO-SSC    Airbus A319112    C/n     1086    Brussels Airlines
OO-SSD    Airbus A319112    C/n     1102    Brussels Airlines
OO-SSK    Airbus A319112    C/n     1336    Brussels Airlines
OO-SSO    Airbus A319111    C/n     2287    Brussels Airlines
OO-SSQ    Airbus A319112    C/n     3790    Brussels Airlines
OO-SSS    Airbus A319111    C/n     2030    Brussels Airlines
OO-SSX    Airbus A319111    C/n     2260    Brussels Airlines
OO-TCX    Airbus A320212    C/n     1381    Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium
OY-KAR    Airbus A320232    C/n     3159    SAS Scandinavian Airlines
PH-MYX    Cessna 650    C/n     650-7117    Air Service Liege
S5-AAO    Canadair Regional-Jet900    C/n     15215    Adria Airways
SX-JET    Dassault Falcon 7X    C/n     184    Corporate
TC-JSM    Airbus A321231(SL)    C/n     5689    THY Turkish Airlines
TC-TJT    Boeing  7378HC    C/n     36529    Corendon Airlines
YR-BGI    Boeing  73778J    C/n     28439    TAROM