Stansted, Bremen, Hamburg/Finkenwerder, Oyten, Bremen & Stansted – Monday 11th November 2019 (Darren Kellett)

Setting off from Leyland around midnight Sunday night, made it to Grant’s and then after picking Tony up, it was round to Stansted to meet Garry, Guy and Dean for the Ryanair flight to Bremen.

A few noted at STANSTED before our flight:
9H-BIG A340 Air Charter X
9H-QAH 737 Malta Air
A7-BFC 777F Qatar Cargo
B-2010 777F China Southern Cargo
EI-EMP 737 Ryanair
EI-ENX 737 Ryanair
EI-FIC 737 Ryanair
EI-FIJ 737 Ryanair
EI-GJN 737 Ryanair
G-UZHL A320N Easyjet
HA-KAD 737 ASL Airlines
N307UP 767F UPS
N894FD 777F FedEx
N939FD 757(F) FedEx
OE-LMB A320 Laudamotion
SP-RSB 737 Ryanair Sun
SP-RSF 737 Ryanair Sun
SP-RSG 737 Ryanair Sun
SP-RSI 737 Ryanair Sun
VT-ANQ 787 Air India

With the following being seen, but tied up via the Stansted googlegroup:
5N-FGT 737 Government of Nigeria
A7-MBK A320 Qatar Amiri Flight
D-CXLS Citation XLS
N4VF Falcon 7X
N5VF Falcon 7X
N6VF Falcon 900EX
N18MZ Falcon 900B
N2012C Global Express

EI-GJN of Ryanair then did the honours to Bremen in 54 minutes, getting us to Bremen at 1007hrs.


Noted upon arrival at BREMEN were the following:
C-GAWI Basler BT-67 Kenn Borek Air
D-ACNW CRJ900 Lufthansa Cityline
D-AECD Emb190 Lufthansa Cityline
D-CPMI Citation Excel
D-CTTT Citation Excel
D-EFEE Cessna 172M
D-HDDD Bk-117
D-ILHC Citationjet Lufthansa Flight Training
D-ILHD Citationjet Lufthansa Flight Training
D-ILHE Citationjet Lufthansa Flight Training
F-GSTA Beluga Airbus
HB-AZA Emb190E-2 Helvetic
M-ARDA Legacy
PH-EZO Emb190 KLM cityhopper
(SP-KWE) Jetstream – Fire Training area
TC-JYJ 737 Turkish

Upstairs, inside, near the viewing area could be spied the Junkers W-33, D-1167

With no time to lose, it was in the hire van and off towards Hamburg.


Noted at FINKENWERDER, either from the outside or on the factory tour were the following:
A319/320/321 series:
8172 D-AVVO 320N LATAM fcs (CC-BHE)
8439 D-AUBO 320 Chengdu Airlines fcs
8445 D-AUBN 320N Go Air fcs (VT-WGU)
8597 D-AUAH 320 Chengdu Airlines fcs
8923 D-AVYE 321N TAP fcs (CS-TJO)
8946 D-AVZA 321N TAP fcs (CS-TJP)
8953 D-AZAG 321N Sichuan fcs (B-30AC)
8980 D-AVYQ 321N Air Astana fcs (P4-KGB)
8987 D-AUAT 320N Indigo fcs (VT-IJG)
8992 D-AYAN 321N Indigo fcs (VT-IUI)
8993 D-AZAP 321N Chongqing Airlines fcs
9008 D-AVYM 321N Chongqing Airlines fcs
9012 D-AVWH 319N (VP-CSM)
9041 D-AUAX 320N Avianca fcs (N818AV)
9042 D-AYAH 321N Indigo tcs
9044 D-AYAP 321N Turkish fcs (TC-LSM)
9048 D-AYAS 321N China Southern fcs
9055 D-AVXZ 321N TAP fcs (CS-TXD)
9057 D-AVYV 321 Delta fcs (N389DN)
9059 D-AVZB 321N VietJetAir fcs (VN-A531)
9062 D-AUBI 320N AZUL fcs (PR-YSA)
9073 D-AYAI 321N Ural Airlines fcs (VP-BOQ)
9076 D-AYAU 321N Turkish fcs (TC-LSN)
9079 D-AUBQ 320N Indigo fcs (VT-IJL)
9083 D-AZAN 321N American fcs (N408AN)
9087 D-AZAO 321N Philippine Airlines (RP-C9938)
9089 D-AUBS 320N SAS fcs (SE-ROG)
9093 D-AUBH 320N Air China fcs (B-30C2)
9094 D-AUBU 320N Indigo fcs (VT-IJN)
9095 D-AVXD 321N Turkish fcs (TC-LSO)
9106 D-AVXF 321N Indigo fcs
9108 D-AVYN 321N Vietnam fcs (VN-A508)
9111 D-AXAU 320N Easyjet fcs (G-UZLI)
9112 D-AVZF 321N Indigo fcs (VT-IUM)
9119 D-AXAA 320N Kuwait Airways (9K-AKM)
9120 (D-AVZH) 321N TAP tcs
9121 D-AVZS 321N JetBlue fcs (N2027J)
9124 D-AVZZ 321N Air China fcs (B-30AG)
9132 D-AXAC 320N Bamboo Airways (all white) (VN-A593)
9134 D-AYAO 321N American fcs (N410AN)
9135 D-AXAD 320N Salam Air fcs (A4O-OVG)
9145 D-AZAD 321N JetBlue fcs (N2038J)
9147 (D-AZAJ) 321N (for Starlux) full fuselage
9149 D-AXAQ 320N Jazeera Airways fcs (9K-CBC)
9150 D-AZAM 321N Cebu Pacific fcs
9154 D-AXAW 320N Ural Airlines fcs (VP-BRY)
9157 (D-AZAE) 321N (for Turkish) full fuselage (TC-LSS)
9161 D-AZAQ 321N Vietnam fcs (VN-A509)
9162 D-AZAS 321N BA fcs (G-NEOX)
9165 D-AXAX 320N Salam Air fcs (A4O-OVH)
9167 D-AXAY 320N Viva Aerobus fcs (XA-VIT)
9173 D-AVVC 320N SAS fcs (SE-ROH)
9174 D-AVVD 320N Jazeera Airways fcs (9K-CBD)
9187 D-AVZP 321N Aer Lingus tcs (EI-LRD)
9196 D-AVZY 321N Cebu Pacific fcs
9198 (D-AVYS) 321N Air Transat tcs
9199 D-AVVJ 320N Capital Airlines fcs
9207 D-AVVF 320N Air New Zealand fcs (ZK-NHD)
9209 D-AVZW 321N BA fcs (G-NEOY)
9210 (D-AVYY) 321N Capital Airlines tcs
9212 D-AVVL 320N Indigo fcs (VT-IJQ)
9213 D-AVVN 320N Indigo fcs (VT-IJR)
9214 D-AVXI 321N Easyjet fcs (G-UZMH)
9216 D-AVVR 320N Viva Aerobus fcs
9217 (D-AVXP) 321N Thai Air Asia tcs
9218 D-AVVV 320N Go Air fcs (VT-WJM)
9219 D-AVVX 320N China Eastern fcs (B-30CX)
9225 D-AVVY 320N Flynas fcs (HZ-NS26)
9227 (D-AVXK) 321N Easyjet tcs (OE-ISB)
9231 D-AVVK 320N Sky Airline fcs (CC-AZN)
9235 D-AVVS 320N Interjet fcs (XA-CEO)
9238 (D-AVVZ) 320N (for Interjet) full fuselage
9242 D-AVXF 321N Vietnam fcs (VN-A511)
9243 D-AVXG 321N AZUL fcs (PR-YJB)
9248 D-AVXV 321N Air Asia fcs (9M-VAB)
9251 D-AXAE 320N Lufthansa fcs (D-AINW)
9261 D-AXAH 320N China Eastern fcs (B-30CY)
9262 D-AXAJ 320N SAS fcs (SE-ROU)
9263 D-AYAV 321N Air Macau fcs (B-MBQ)
9268 D-AXAG 320N China Eastern fcs (B-30C3)
9275 D-AXAK 320N Citilink Express fcs (PK-GTJ)
9276 D-AVYG 321N Air China fcs
9279 D-AXAO 320 Chengdu Airlines fcs
9282 D-AXAP 320N China Southern fcs (B-30CC)
9284 (D-AVYZ) 321N Thai Air Asia tcs
9288 (D-AVXW) 321N (for China Southern) full fuselage
9294 D-AYAF 321N Vietnam fcs (VN-A512)
9302 (D-AVZE) 321N (for China Southern) full fuselage sections
9310 (D-A…) 321N Easyjet tcs (OE-ISD)
9316 (D-A…) 320N SAS tcs (SE-ROY)
9318 (D-A…) 321N (for American) full fuselage sections
9319 D-AUBA 320 Chengdu Airlines fcs
9322 (D-A…) 321N Air China tcs (B-30C6)
9325 (D-AVXS) 321N China Southern tcs
9330 D-AXAS 320N SAS fcs (SE-ROX)
9332 (D-A…) 320N Go Air tcs
9334 D-AXAR 320N Spring Airlines fcs (B-30D5)
9345 (D-AVXE) 321N Air China tcs
9346 D-AUBD 320N Air China fcs
9353 (D-AUAW) 320N (for Cebu Pacific) full fuselage sections
9356 D-AUBB 320N JetSMART fcs (CC-AWL)
9363 D-AVVT 320N Vistara fcs
9380 (D-A…) 320N (for Gulf Air) full fuselage
10001 D-AVZL 321N Air China fcs (B-30AF)

For the above:
If test reg is in brackets, then it wasn’t being carried
fcs = full colour scheme
tcs = tail colour scheme
If airline is in brackets, then it is due to go to that airline but there were no colours noted
If it says ‘full fuselage’ then all fuselage sections were mated together
If it says ‘full fuselage sections’ then all sections were noted, but not yet mated together
Reg in brackets at the end is the future allocation

0260 F-WWSD Emirates fcs (A6-EVK)
0266 F-WWAL All Nippon tcs (JA383A)

157 Nord 2501F Noratlas French Air Force
50+62 C-160D German Air Force
D-BABK VFW-614 (really D-ASAX)
D-CARA HFB-320 Hansa Jet
F-GDSG Aero Spacelines Super Guppy

Other noted on the airfield or overhead:
D-EGYM Cessna F172M
D-EOCM PA-28-181
D-HOON Jet Ranger
EC-NDG A319 Volotea (used as Airbus shuttle)

Others noted overhead outbound from Hamburg:
OH-LXA A320 Finnair
TC-COH 737 Corendon
TC-JMM A321 Turkish
VP-BIF A320 Aeroflot


It was then time to head back to Bremen, but at quick stop at OYTEN found the following:
24+03 MiG-21US


Then it was back to BREMEN where the following were gleaned from a biz hangar, ramp or on the terminal before our departure:
D-ASEE A320 Sundair
D-CCVD Citation Excel
D-CECH Citation Excel
D-CJUG Citation Excel
D-CWIT Citationjet 4
D-EKBT Beech B36TC Bonanza
D-ILHA Citationjet Lufthansa Flight Training
D-IOSA PA-42-720 (preserved on pole)
D-IVVB Citationjet 2
D-IXAA King Air C90
HB-JBB A220 Swiss
M-PIRA Legacy
OE-HLA Legacy 500
OE-LLG Legacy
OO-PHI Citationjet
(OY)-NDP Citationjet 2
RA-67560 Citation II
(SX)-DGM Legacy


EI-DWJ of Ryanair did the honours back to STANSTED were the following were noted on the taxi back in:
A6-EQL 777 Emirates
EC-JKH Emb120 Swiftair
EI-SLX ATR72 ASL Airlines
G-LGNE SF340 Loganair
G-JMCU 737 West Airlines
TF-AMI 747 Air Atlanta / Magma

Then it was back round to Oxford for about 5 hours sleep before the Toulouse Airbus trip the next day.

Darren Kellett


Photo credit: Tobias Gudat