Heathrow, Toulouse/Blagnac (Airfield, Airbus, Ailes Anciennes Toulouse & Aeroscopia), Toulouse/Francazal & Heathrow – Tuesday 12th November 2019 (Darren Kellett)

What started off as a long couple of days (left home around midnight on Sunday night) ended up with the Toulouse Airbus day trip……

First stop, Heathrow, and noted whilst waiting to board G-EUUJ down to TLS, and whilst on the taxi out, were the following:
9M-MAD A350 Malaysia
9V-SKZ A380 Singapore
9V-SWJ 777 Singapore
A4O-SG 787 Oman
A9C-FF 787 Gulf Air
A6-APC A380 Etihad
A6-EOU A380 Emirates
A7-AMF A350 Qatar
A7-APC A380 Qatar
C-FVNF 787 Air Canada
D-AIWH A320 Lufthansa
ET-AVD A350 Ethiopian
G-VLUX A350 Virgin
HB-JCJ A220 Swiss
HS-TUD A380 Thai
HZ-AK42 777 Saudia
JA839J 787 JAL
N659UA 767 United
N819NW A330 Delta
N858NW A330 Delta
N860NW A330 Delta
N12116 757 United
N29907 787 United
TC-LSJ A321N Turkish
VH-ZNF 787 Qantas
VN-A862 787 Vietnam
VT-ANS 787 Air India
ZS-SXI A330 South African

After clearing the formalities at TLS, it was up on top of the car park for our first look across the field, followed by a circuit of the nooks and crannies produced these:

1403 F-WWLC Silver Airways fcs (to become N405SV) – not read off
1414 F-WWLN Japan Air Commuter fcs (to become JA09JC)
1569 F-WWEX (all white)
1574 F-WWEH Braathens fcs (to become SE-MKL)
1582 F-WWEQ Tunisair fcs (to become TS-LBF)

Two more (1629 and 1632) were noted in primer and with white tail, with one other out on its own centre field which escaped id

868 F-WWSX UPS fcs (previously N173UP)

A319 / A320’s
6101 F-WNEO Airbus
6464 D-AVWA Airbus
9037 F-WTAM (all white)
9237 F-WWBH (all white) (to become D-AFLU) – not read off
9309 F-WWBF Air China fcs (to become B-30C1)
9312 F-WWBC SAS fcs (to become SE-ROJ) – not read off
9328 F-WWBY Jetsmart fcs (to become CC-AWK) – not read off
9331 F-WWDU Gulf Air fcs (to become A9C-TE)
9343 N544VL Volaris fcs
9348 F-WWIP Corsica fcs (to become F-HXKB) – not read off
9351 F-WWDT Air China fcs (to become B-30C8)
9354 F-WWDZ TAP fcs (to become CS-TVG) – not read off
9358 F-WWDC Go Air fcs – not read off
9361 F-WWBE Bamboo fcs (to become VN-A598)
9362 F-WWIG Azul fcs (to become PR-YSB)
9367 F-WWIX Vistara fcs – not read off
9372 F-WWIJ Sky Airlines fcs (to become CC-AZP) – not read off
9375 F-WWDJ Go Air fcs
9381 F-WWIF Vistara fcs – not read off
9384 F-WWDY Interjet fcs (to become XA-DJM) – not read off
9392 F-WWDD Corsica fcs (to become F-HXKJ)

Also seen were a Spring Airlines and an S7 Airlines in primer with tail colours, and another SAS machine in primer with tail colours.

1795 F-WTTN Airbus
1813 F-WTTE Airbus
1824 F-WBXL Airbus
1863 F-WWKI Hong Kong Airlines fcs (to become B-LHF)
1887 F-WWCU WOW fcs (to become PK-GYC with Citylink)
1888 F-WTTO Airbus
1923 6V-ANB Air Senegal fcs
1924 F-WWCK Azul fcs (to become PR-ANX)
1934 F-WWYF Azul fcs (to become PR-ANW)
1941 F-WWKA TAP fcs (to become CS-TUQ)
1943 F-WWCC TAP fcs (to become CS-TUR)
1945 F-WWKD primer (for NATO)
1947 PK-GHE Garuda fcs
1948 F-WWYC Garuda fcs (to become PK-GHF)
1950 F-WWCR Aer Lingus fcs (to become EI-EIM)
1951 F-WWCH primer, Aer Lingus tcs (to become EI-EIN)
1956 F-WWKM primer, Thai Lion Air tcs (to become HS-LAM)

0002 F-WWCF Airbus
0003 F-WZGG Airbus
0059 F-WMIL Airbus
0065 F-WLXV Air Caraibes fcs
0285 F-WZNZ Hainan fcs – not read off
0299 DQ-FAI Fiji fcs
0308 F-WZFU primer, Hainan tcs (went TLS-LDE for storage)
0313 A7-AQC LATAM fcs
0320 F-WZFW Fiji fcs (to become DQ-FAJ)
0332 A7-ANK Qatar fcs
0338 F-WZFG primer
0346 A7-ANL Qatar fcs
0350 F-WZNN Qatar fcs (to become A7-ANM)
0354 ZS-SDE Air Mauritius fcs (for South African)
0355 F-WZGU Hainan fcs
0356 F-WZNQ Qatar fcs (to become A7-ANN)
0357 B-30C0 China Southern fcs
0358 F-WZHJ SAS fcs (to become SE-RSA)
0359 F-WZGO Air France fcs (to become F-HTYC)
0362 F-WZFK BA fcs (to become G-XWBC)
0364 F-WZNT Singapore fcs (to become 9V-SJA)
0365 F-WZGF Air Mauritius fcs (to become ZS-SDF for South African)
0366 F-WZGM Iberia fcs (to become EC-NGT)
0369 F-WZGZ Singapore fcs (to become 9V-SHK)
0371 F-WZGK Singapore fcs (to become 9V-SHL)
0380 F-WZGQ primer, Cathay tcs (to become B-LXM)
0385 F-WZHK Singapore fcs (to become 9V-SHN)
0388 F-WZFL primer, Etihad tcs (to become A6-XWE)
0390 F-WZGC primer, Lufthansa tcs (to become D-AIXP)
0391 F-WZNL primer, SAS tcs (to become SE-RSC)
0393 F-WZHE primer, Cathay tcs (to become B-LQC)
0394 F-WWTW primer, Singapore tcs (to become 9V-SHO)
0395 F-WZGA primer, Delta tcs (to become N514DN)
0396 F-WZFD primer, Cathay tcs (to become B-LQD)

264 F-WWSZ primer, Emirates tcs (to become A6-EVN)
267 F-WWAU primer, Emirates tcs (to become A6-EVM) – not read off

If stated as not read off, these have been assumed based on a report from the 2 days before we were there from Martin Cox (thanks to Martin for his help with these and the Hamburg log), along with the following websites:


It was then off down the road to Francazal where the following were noted:

A320 / 321’s
4589 F-HBAO Aigle Azur fcs
4675 F-HBAP Aigle Azur fcs
6012 F-HBIX Aigle Azur fcs
6468 EI-GRC Thomas Cook fcs
8845 F-WWIH Chengdu fcs
9122 F-WTAN (all white)
9185 F-WWBS Chengdu fcs
9206 F-WWBU Air Macau fcs (to become B-MBP)

061 (YV2308) Venescar / DHL fcs – no reg showing
291 SX-NIK Sky Express fcs – not read off
608 XA-TRJ Aeromar fcs
811 F-WWLY ATR – this was noted departing as we were on top of the car park at TLS
1405 F-WWLE Silver fcs (to become N406SV)
1411 F-WWLK Silver fcs (to become N407SV)

Also seen was G-LMRA in Loganair fcs, need confirmation of the con number.


565 F-WKVE (all white)
707 2-GPIB (all white)
786 F-WTBA (all white)
829 F-WKVD (all white)
919 M-IBAM Jet Airways fcs
924 M-IBAO Jet Airways fcs
928 M-IBAP Jet Airways fcs
932 M-IBAQ Jet Airways fcs
933 M-IBAR Jet Airways fcs
1072 F-WNUD Bestfly fcs
1545 F-WWEB Indigo fcs (to become VT-IYU)
1552 F-WWEI Indigo fcs (to become VT-IYX)
1553 F-WWEV Silver fcs (to become N702SV)
1555 F-WWEL Silver fcs (to become N703SV)
1556 F-WWEM Wings fcs
1564 F-WWEY Cubana fcs
1565 F-WWEW Silver fcs (to become N704SV)
1570 F-WWED Indigo fcs
1575 F-WWEI Cubana fcs

F-GZHS 737 Transavia France
071 CN235M French Air Force
I-SKYB Emb120 Skybridge
A6-RRA ERJ145 Rotana Jet
115 Nord 2501 Noratlas French Air Force (preserved)


And if that wasn’t enough for the day, the following scheduled traffic was seen at TLS throughout the day:
7T-VKF 737 Air Algerie
9H-QAL 737 Malta Air
9H-QAM 737 Malta Air
9H-QDG 737 Malta Air
CS-TPP Emb190 TAP Express
D-AINE A320N Lufthansa
D-AINO A320N Lufthansa
EC-KAI ATR42 Swiftair / FedEx
EC-MRI CRJ1000 Iberia Regional
EC-MTE A319 Volotea
EC-MTZ CRJ1000 Iberia Regional
EC-NBC A319 Volotea
EC-NDG A319 Volotea
EC-NDH A319 Volotea
EI-DSA A320 Alitalia
EI-EVS 737 Ryanair
F-BVBI Cessna F172M
F-GLND Beech 1900 TwinJet
F-GIXB 737 ASL Airlines
F-GKXE A320 Air France
F-GKXK A320 Air France
F-GMZA A321 Air France
F-GMZC A321 Air France
F-GTAD A321 Air France
F-HAIB ATR42 Corsica
F-HBNL A320 Air France
F-HBXO Emb170 Hop
F-HCEV King Air 200
F-HJLP Emb550 Praetor 600
F-HMLI CRJ1000 Hop
F-HMLK CRJ1000 Hop
G-JMCY 737 West Atlantic
G-SAJS ERJ145 Loganair
M-AMRM ATR72 (Fly540) – stored
N625SC Global 5000
OE-IJE A320 Easyjet Europe
OE-INH A320 Easyjet Europe
OE-LQO A319 Easyjet Europe
OY-JJG Do328Jet Sun-Air
OY-NCI Do328Jet Sun-Air / BA
OY-SRV 767 Star Air
TC-JHN 737 Turkish
UR-CBG An12 Cavok Air
VP-CSM JetStar – stored


Whilst we didn’t have time to go into either of the two museums, some 45 aircraft were noted down from a slow drive past. Some were missed and there are plenty inside…..one for another day!

On display outside:
F-BVFC, Aerospatiale/BAC Concorde 101, Aeroscopia, Air France (101)
F-WWAI, Airbus A320 111, Aeroscopia, Airbus Industries (1)
F-WWCA, Airbus A340 642, Aeroscopia, Airbus Industries (360)
F-WXXL, Airbus A380 841, Aeroscopia, Airbus Industries (2)
F-WWMT, Airbus A400M, Aeroscopia, Airbus Military (1)
(EC-IDG), Avions de Transport Régional ATR-42-300 (003)
F-WWEY, Avions de Transport Régional ATR-72-600, Aeroscopia, Avions de Transport Régional (098)
(F-BTOE), Sud-Est SE.210 Caravelle 12, Aeroscopia, Air Inter (280)

On display outside:
(504), Breguet 765 Sahara, Ailes Anciennes Toulouse, French (765-504)
(3)/305, Breguet 941S, Ailes Anciennes Toulouse, French (941S-03)
513/BE, Cessna 310Q, Ailes Anciennes Toulouse, French (310Q-0513)
693/BI, Cessna 310Q, Ailes Anciennes Toulouse, French (310Q-0693)
06, Dassault Etendard IVM, Ailes Anciennes Toulouse, French (06)
(227), Dassault Flament, Ailes Anciennes Toulouse, French (227)
90, Dassault Mirage IIIC, Ailes Anciennes Toulouse, French (90)
491/3-XT, Dassault Mirage IIIE, Ailes Anciennes Toulouse, French (491)
26/AY, Dassault Mirage IVA, Ailes Anciennes Toulouse, French (26)
261/30-QY, Dassault Mirage F.1CT, Ailes Anciennes Toulouse, French (unknown)
(44), Dassault Mystere IVA, Ailes Anciennes Toulouse, French (44)
25, Dassault Super Etendard, Ailes Anciennes Toulouse, French (25)
48/12-UA, Dassault Super Mystere B.2, Ailes Anciennes Toulouse, French (48)
XE950, de Havilland Vampire T.11, Ailes Anciennes Toulouse, United Kingdom (15463)
G-ALWC, Douglas DC-3 (13590)
(208), Fouga CM.170R Magister, Ailes Anciennes Toulouse, French (208)
(457), Fouga CM.170R Magister, Ailes Anciennes Toulouse, French (457)
NF.11-(8)/BG, Gloster Meteor NF.11, Ailes Anciennes Toulouse, French (WM303)
J-4065, Hawker Hunter F.58, Ailes Anciennes Toulouse, Swiss (41H/697432)
(14230)/80468, Lockheed T-33A Shooting Star, Ailes Anciennes Toulouse, French (580-5524)
(139)/F-BJLR, Max Holste MH.1521M Broussard, Ailes Anciennes Toulouse, French (188)
22+86, Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21M Fishbed, Ailes Anciennes Toulouse, German (960513)
770, Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21SPS Fishbed , Ailes Anciennes Toulouse, East German (94A4509)
201/62-KM, Nord N.2501F Noratlas, Ailes Anciennes Toulouse, F-GFLJ, French (201)
54-2239/FW-239, North American F-100D Super Sabre, Ailes Anciennes Toulouse, United States (223-119)
92975/OJ, North American T-6G Texan, Ailes Anciennes Toulouse, French (168-79)
(FR106)/16D, Piasecki CH-21C Workhorse, Ailes Anciennes Toulouse, French (FR-106)
F-BHPM, Piper PA-23-150 Apache (23-713)
26789/789, Republic F-84F Thunderstreak, Ailes Anciennes Toulouse, Greek (unknown)
(FU-125), Republic F-84F Thunderstreak, Ailes Anciennes Toulouse, Belgian (53-6760)
(51-0809)/110437/FS-437, Republic F-84G Thunderjet, Ailes Anciennes Toulouse, United States (unknown)
525/PF, Robin HR.200/250TR, Ailes Anciennes Toulouse, French (525)
02, SAAB J 35D Draken, Ailes Anciennes Toulouse, Austrian (351402)
(52-7615)/AVV, Sikorsky H-19D Chickasaw, Ailes Anciennes Toulouse, French (55-623)
SA116/116-RB, Sikorsky H-34A Choctaw, Ailes Anciennes Toulouse, French (SA116)
F-GHMU, Sud-Est SE.210 Caravelle 10B3, Ailes Anciennes Toulouse, Air Toulouse International (249)
640, Sud-Ouest SO.4050 Vautour IIB, Ailes Anciennes Toulouse, French (119)


After all that, G-EUXK took us back to LHR were the following were noted:
9M-MAC A350 Malaysia
A6-APC A380 Etihad
A6-BLF 787 Etihad
A7-ALY A350 Qatar
A9C-FC 787 Gulf Air
B-2022 777 China Eastern
B-6515 A330 China Southern
EC-NCM A320N Iberia
HL8347 777 Korean
OH-LWN A350 Finnair
UK78705 787 Uzbekistan

Coach back to Oxford and then the long drive north (via Birmingham for a DC-8!). Long couple of days, but well worth it 🙂

Darren Kellett


Photo credits: Derek Smith