Stans/Buochs – Monday 3rd April 2017 (report by John Tomlinson)

The next stop was somewhere I had always wanted to visit, the Pilatus factory at Stans Buochs~Nidwalden.
However I was surprised that we did not see as many as I had expected. Never mind, still an interesting look around.
Noted between 0956-1035hrs.
Items to resolve:
269    PC21? French AF    C/n         Pilatus
01 (C/n1420)    probably PC12?    C/n     1420    Pilatus
C/n 1709    Pilatus PC-12    C/n     1709    Pilatus
J-2313    Dassault Mirage IIIS    C/n     1003    Preserved
About the field:
HB-FJI    Pilatus PC-6B2-H4    C/n     1004    Pilatus Flugzeugwerke AG
HB-FOW    Pilatus PC-12-45    C/n     411    Corporate
HB-FRL    Pilatus PC-12-47E    C/n     1697    Pilatus
HB-FRO    Pilatus PC-12-47E    C/n     1699    Pilatus
HB-FRP    Pilatus PC-12-47E    C/n     1700    Pilatus
HB-FWT    Pilatus PC-12-47    C/n     775    Corporate
HB-FXM    Pilatus PC-12-45    C/n     547    Pilatus
HB-HTC    Pilatus PC-7    C/n     520    Private
HB-VSA    Pilatus PC-24    C/n     PO3    Pilatus
HB-WAB    Ikarus Comco C-42    C/n     0803-6959    Private
M-OLTT    Pilatus PC-12-47E    C/n     1063    Corporate
N477EU    Cirrus Design SR-22T    C/n     1477    Private