Luzern (Verkehrshaus der Schweiz) – Monday 3rd April 2017 (report by John Tomlinson)

The Verkehrshaus der Schweiz in Lucerne-Centre
It was great to get to this museum and see the beautiful Convair 990 in such good condition and also next to a just as good DC3.
Quite expensive at CHF30 / £23.50, however if you are into all types of transport, it would give you a full days entertainment. We obviously had a timescale to work to, so less than an hour and we were gone…shame in some respects.
Noted between 1115-1150
HB-ICC    Convair 99030A-6    C/n     30/10/2012    Preserved
HB-IRN    Douglas DC-3C-47B-35-DK    C/n     16645/33393    Preserved
HB-YKU    Zenair CH.300    C/n     3-547    Preserved
23    Bleriot XI-B    C/n     Unknown    Preserved
HB-3000    Aviafiber Canard2FL    C/n     2    Preserved
HB-307    Spalinger S-21H    C/n     Unknown    Preserved
HB-BEA    Ballonfabrik Stuttgart K-780/2-STU    C/n     235    Preserved
HB-BOG    Semco 30-AL    C/n     SEM-21    Preserved
HB-FAN    Pilatus PC-6    C/n     337    Preserved
HB-HFB    FFA AS 20215    C/n     21    Preserved Marked HB-FFA
HB-HPA    Pilatus PC-9    C/n     1    Preserved
HB-LBO    Fokker F.VIIa    C/n     5005    Preserved
HB-MH8    Mignet HM.14    C/n     RP.1    Preserved
HB-MSC    Mudry CAP-231EX    C/n     6    Preserved
HB-OPR    Piper PA-18150    C/n     18-5786    Preserved
HB-QBV    Cameron BalloonR-500    C/n     4129    Preserved
HB-XAE    Bell Helicopters 47G    C/n     Unknown    Preserved
HB-XDF    Sud Aviation SE.3160    C/n     1216    Preserved
HB-XWG    Agusta A-109K2    C/n     10007    Preserved
N12222    Lockheed 9C    C/n     180    Preserved
Unmarked    Dufaux IV     C/n     4    Preserved
Unmarked    Lilienthal Normal-Segelapparat     C/n     Unknown    Preserved
Unmarked    EKW N.20 Arbalete    C/n     N.20-001    Preserved
X-HB-XVB    Stierlin RS.40    C/n     1    Preserved