Nové Mesto nad Metuji – Sunday 1st September 2019 (John Tomlinson)

A friendly welcome at this parachute and gliding club provided us with free and full access. A very welcome cold drink on this hot day was had by us all in the club bar, a few had a beer……
Two aircraft here are still outstanding and not in databases that I use. So If anyone can help with the two highlighted aircraft with regard to confirmation of type and maybe C/n’s, that would be great.

My photographs at:


GPS: 50°21’51.19″N 16°6’46.6″E
Noted between 1530-1615hrs

On the field
OK-GIB An-2 C/n 1G168-01
OK-7106 Aerotechnik L-13 SW Vivat C/n 870204
OK-XUA 60 Savage C/n Unknown Photo:
OK-SUL 03 Jora JORA UA-2 C/n Unknown
OK-EOD Zlin Z.43 C/n 0049

OK-MUL 23 Profe Banjo MH C/n Unknown
OK-VOU 01 Airlony Skylane C/n Unknown
OK-AUA 03 Toresi Straton D8 Moby Dick C/n Unknown
OK-NUA 29 Profe Duo Banjo C/n Unknown

Glider Hangar
OK-4504 Orlican VSO-10 B Gradient C/n 150089 Coded 18
OK-6526 Orlican VSO-10 B Gradient C/n 150156 Coded 30
OK-NUU 70 Pipistrel Taurus C/n 022T503
OK-7445 Orlican VT-116 Orlik II ZK C/n 151825
OK-7424 Orlican VT-116 Orlik II ZK C/n 151804
OK-6445 Orlican VT-116 Orlik IIZK C/n 151625
OK-5042 LET L-13 Blanik C/n 026248
OK-DUL 11 Let Mont TUL-01 Tulak Unknown
OK-GZC 07 Unknown Kite C/n Unknown Photo:
OK-OPE Zlin Z.142 C/n 0363

Photo credit: John Tomlinson