Northolt, Greenford, London City, Luxembourg/Findel, Luxembourg City & Chambley/Bussières – Saturday 22nd July 2017 (Grant Robinson)

Hi all,

The first day of eight away in France saw us travelling to London, flying to Luxembourg and then driving down into France…..


ZM415/415, Airbus Atlas C.1, 24/70 Sqns, Royal Air Force (052)
ZK553, Boeing-Vertol Chinook HC.6, Odiham Wing, Royal Air Force (M7704)
CS-DPL, Bombardier Aerospace Global 6000 (9514)

Greenford, London

WT555, Hawker Hunter F.1, United Kingdom (41H-665405)

London City

D-IVIN, Piaggio P.180 Avanti II (1159)
EI-RJN, British Aerospace Avro 146 RJ85, CityJet (E2351)
EI-RJX, British Aerospace Avro 146 RJ85, CityJet (E2372)
EI-RNC, EMBRAER ERJ-190LR, Alitalia CityLiner (19000503)
EI-RND, EMBRAER ERJ-190LR, Alitalia CityLiner (19000512)
G-CIXW, EMBRAER ERJ-170LR, Eastern Airways (17000230)
G-EUNA, Airbus A318-121, British Airways (4007)
G-FLBD, Bombardier DHC-8-402Q Dash 8, Flybe (4259)
G-JEDP, Bombardier DHC-8-402Q Dash 8, Flybe (4085)
G-LCYD, EMBRAER ERJ-170STD, BA CityFlyer (17000294)
G-LCYE, EMBRAER ERJ-170STD, BA CityFlyer (17000296)
G-LCYF, EMBRAER ERJ-170STD, BA CityFlyer (17000298)
G-LCYJ, EMBRAER ERJ-190LR, BA CityFlyer (19000339)
G-LCYL, EMBRAER ERJ-190LR, BA CityFlyer (19000346)
G-LCYU, EMBRAER ERJ-190SR, BA CityFlyer (19000674)
LX-LGG, Bombardier DHC-8-402Q Dash 8, Luxair (26437)

On airways:
A7-APG, Airbus A380-861, Qatar Airways (193)
D-ABHA, Airbus A320-214, Air Berlin (3540)
D-AIWB, Airbus A320-214, Lufthansa (7699)
HS-TUE, Airbus A380-841, Thai Airways International (125)
VN-A864, Boeing 787-9, Vietnam Airlines (35154)
VT-ANA, Boeing 787-8, Air India (36273)


A7-BFE, Boeing 777-FDZ, Qatar Airways Cargo (39644)
C-GIXT, Canadair Regional Jet CRJ-200LR (7393)
CS-TJH, Airbus A321-211, TAP Portugal (2270)
D-ACNO, Canadair Regional Jet CRJ-900, Lufthansa Cityline/Lufthansa Regional (15255)
D-CEMS, Cessna 525B CitationJet CJ3 (525B-0107)
D-EHMA, Dornier Do.27A-4 (388)
(D-HPNB/D-HPND)/LX-RHC, McDonnell Douglas Helicopters MD.900 Explorer (900-00061 & 900-00087)
EI-DYF, Boeing 737-8AS, Ryanair (36569)
F-GBDR, Beechcraft F33A Bonanza (CE-740)
F-GRID, Cirrus Design Corp SR20 (1347)
HB-JBF, Bombardier CSeries CS100, Swiss International Air Lines (50015)
LX-AIW, Piper PA-28-161 Warrior III (28-42153)
LX-AWY, Grumman-American AA-5 Traveler (AA5-0723)
LX-FDI, Pilatus PC-12/47E (1522)
LX-HAR, McDonnell Douglas Helicopters MD.900 Explorer (900-00105)
LX-JNC, Bombardier Challenger 605 (5754)
LX-LAR, Bombardier Aerospace Learjet 45 (45-097)
LX-LBB, Boeing 737-86J, Luxair (36875)
LX-LGG, Bombardier DHC-8-402Q Dash 8, Luxair (26437)
LX-LGN, Bombardier DHC-8-402Q Dash 8, Luxair (20907)
LX-LGQ, Boeing 737-7C9, Luxair (33802)
LX-LGS, Boeing 737-7C9, Luxair (27425)
LX-LGV, Boeing 737-8C9, Luxair (41190)
LX-LQA, Bombardier DHC-8-402Q Dash 8, Luxair (4468)
LX-LQB, Bombardier DHC-8-402Q Dash 8, Luxair (4512)
LX-LQC, Bombardier DHC-8-402Q Dash 8, Luxair (4513)
LX-LQI, Bombardier DHC-8-402Q Dash 8, Luxair (4534)
LX-OCV, Boeing 747-4R7F(SCD), Cargolux Italia (29731)
LX-PGA, McDonnell Douglas Helicopters MD.900 Explorer (900-00106)
LX-VCL, Boeing 747-8R7F, Cargolux Airlines International (35823)
LX-VCN, Boeing 747-8F, Cargolux Airlines International (38076)
N429MC, Boeing 747-481BCF, Atlas Air (24833)
TC-JHL, Boeing 737-8F2, Turkish Airlines (40976)

Luxembourg City (on airways above)

9H-INV, Canadair Challenger 604 (5628)
B-6541, Airbus A330-243, Air China (1304)
B-6548, Airbus A330-223, China Southern Airlines (1335)
B-7368, Boeing 777-39PER, China Eastern Airlines (43282)
C-FDBD, Boeing 737-8Q8, SmartWings (30703)
D-ABHI, Airbus A320-214, Air Berlin/Niki (2668)
D-ABNT, Airbus A320-214, Eurowings (2562)
D-ABUZ, Boeing 767-330ER, Condor (25209)
D-AEWO, Airbus A320-214, Eurowings (7394)
D-AIAA, Airbus A321-211, Condor (021)
D-ASBG, Dassault Falcon 900EX (141)
D-ATUJ, Boeing 737-8K5, TUIfly (39923)
D-AWBA, British Aerospace 146-300, WDL Aviation (E3134)
ER-AXM, Airbus A319-112, Air Moldova (1786)
EZ-A016, Boeing 737-82K, Turkmenistan Airlines (39775)
F-GRHU, Airbus A319-111, Air France (1471)
F-HBLC, EMBRAER ERJ-190LR, HOP! (19000080)
F-HBXK, EMBRAER ERJ-170LR, HOP! (17000008)
F-HEPD, Airbus A320-214, Air France (4295)
G-FXKR, Beechcraft 400NXT Beechjet (RK-279)
HB-IJF, Airbus A320-214, Swiss International Air Lines (0562)
OE-GDM, Cessna 560 Citation Encore+ (560-0814)
OE-LCC, Airbus A321-211, niki/Air Berlin (4334)
OE-LCH, Airbus A321-211, niki/Air Berlin (4728)
OK-NEO, Airbus A319-112, CSA Czech Airlines (3452)
OK-TSM, Boeing 737-9GJER, Travel Service Airlines (34952)
OO-JVA, EMBRAER ERJ-190STD, TUI Airlines Belgium (19000689)
OO-MLG, Cessna 560XL Citation Excel (560-5028)
OO-SNG, Airbus A320-214, Brussels Airlines (1885)
OO-SSI, Airbus A319-112, Brussels Airlines (1283)
OO-SSL, Airbus A319-111, Brussels Airlines (1803)
PH-HZE, , Transavia (28377)
PH-KZM, Fokker 70, KLM cityhopper (11561)
TC-JRO, Airbus A321-231, Turkish Airlines (4682)
TC-LOD, Airbus A330-343X, Turkish Airlines (1554)
VQ-BAT, Airbus A319-112, Rossiya-Russian Airlines (1876)
VQ-BEA, Airbus A321-211, Aeroflot Russian Airlines (4058)


Each day, our group entered the non-public “Ballonville Partenaire” and made our way to the press marquee. On signing in, we were handed our red bibs and then freely allowed to wander all of the site to our hearts desire.

On our first arrival on Saturday afternoon, that days Aerofil newsletter said that 230 balloons had launched on the previous night. We were also informed that Saturday morning had seen a good launch too, so we waited around hopefully as the wind was still quite strong.

It died down around 8pm and that allowed us to strike lucky with our very first opportunity. Around 260 were launched and the log and photograph link follow;

Around the airfield:
F-CEAC, Schleicher ASK-13 (13339)
F-GGZX, Aviat Aircraft A-1 Husky (1159)
F-GPFN, Schweizer 269C (S-1627)
F-HMEP, Robinson R-44 Raven II (12961)
54-AQX, ICP MXP-740 Savannah (13-03-54-0258)
54-ARL, Comco-Ikarus C42B Cyclone (unknown)
54-AGN, Best Off SkyRanger (unknown)
54-ARM, Jodel D.18, F-JAUO (unknown)

Evening launch:
9A-OMG, Kubicek BB-30XR (1025)
D-OBKM, Kubicek BB-30Z (216)
D-OBMB, Kubicek BB-30Z (294)
D-OBRB, Schroeder Fire Balloons G (1319)
D-OEMA, Schroeder Fire Balloons G (1534)
D-OGFB, Schroeder Fire Balloons G (1246)
D-OGSC, Head Ax8-105S2 (4029)
D-OHAN, Ultramagic M-105 (105/76)
D-OHCC, Raven S-60A (S60A-3222)
D-OKLD, Cameron N-133 (4722)
D-OKWD, Ultramagic M-120 (120/29)
D-OLEG, Schroeder Fire Balloons SS Clown-Kopf (1027)
D-OMHR, Schroeder Fire Balloons G (1292)
D-OOAH, Ultramagic M-120 (120/10)
D-OOCB, Ultramagic M-120 (120/51)
D-OOFB, Schroeder Fire Balloons G (1705)
D-OOIN, Schroeder Fire Balloons G (899)
D-OONB, Ultramagic S-50 (50/05)
D-OQIH, Kubicek BB-30Z (217)
D-OQKG, Kubicek BB-20 (242)
D-ORUB, Cameron N-105 (10662)
D-OSTW, Schroeder Fire Balloons G (1564)
D-OTBJ, Kubicek BB-26E (1311)
EC-041, Ultramagic MV-65 (65/138)
EC-KDM, Ultramagic M-105 (105/152)
EC-LVZ, Ultramagic M-77 (77/365)
EC-MBZ, Ultramagic S-70 (70/07)
EC-MHH, Ultramagic M-65C (65/205)
EI-ECC, Cameron Z-90 (11213)
F-GEMT, Cameron C-90 (12087)
F-GHMF, Ultramagic M-120 (120/77)
F-GJJD, Cameron A-105 (2537)
F-GJKC, Llopis MA-26 (199)
F-GKDO, Ultramagic M-90 (90/108)
F-GKMM, Ultramagic M-65 (65/76)
F-GLAU, Schroeder Fire Balloons G 30/24 (1666)
F-GMDE, Llopis MA-26 (196)
F-GMGE, Cameron Z-105 (12104)
F-GMGO, Aerostar RX-8 (RX8-3296)
F-GMNJ, Raven-Europe S-60A (E-336)
F-GMTP, SIGA MA-26 Pilatre de Rozier (154)
F-GNOT, SIGA MA-26 Pilatre de Rozier (157)
F-GPAV, SIGA MA-26 Pilatre de Rozier (165)
F-GPFS, Llopis MA-26 (174)
F-GPGF, Cameron C-80 (10416)
F-GPLL, SIGA MA-30 Pilatre de Rozier (155)
F-GROY, Ultramagic S-90 (90/41)
F-GSMM, Cameron C-70 (10112)
F-GSYM, Ultramagic M-105 (105/141)
F-GTHP, Cameron Z-160 (11310)
F-GTJG, Ultramagic M-90 (90/112)
F-GUAG, Cameron C-90 (11034)
F-GUJL, SIGA MA-26 Pilatre de Rozier (126)
F-GVBD, Kubicek BB-30Z (484)
F-GVEA, Kubicek BB-22 (1232)
F-GXLK, Cameron Z-275 (11379)
F-GXMG, Chaize CS.3000F16 (190)
F-GXSP, Kubicek BB-22E (684)
F-GYBI, Llopis MA-35 (178)
F-GYEL, Ultramagic N-425 (425/06)
F-GYTC, Llopis MA-30 (198)
F-GZDS, Ultramagic S-90 (90/77)
F-GZHH, Cameron Z-150 (10347)
F-HABS, Cameron Z-90 (11906)
F-HAFM, Schroeder Fire Balloons G 26/24 (1472)
F-HAJO, Llopis MA-30 (208)
F-HALN, Llopis MA-26 (203)
F-HANI, Cameron V-90 (11361)
F-HANY, Llopis MA-30 (200)
F-HBBO, Llopis MA-30 (241)
F-HBDT, Llopis MA-30 (222)
F-HBOP, Cameron N-90 (3969)
F-HBPK, Cameron Z-90 (10661)
F-HBPO, Schroeder Fire Balloons G 30/24 (1045)
F-HBRL, Llopis MA-30 (195)
F-HCBV, Schroeder Fire Balloons G 30/24 (597)
F-HCCL, Cameron C-90 (11358)
F-HCCV, Kubicek BB-30Z (1349)
F-HCHQ, Raven-Europe S-66A (E-395)
F-HCKV, Cameron Z-77 (4946)
F-HCLE, Chaize CS.3000F16 (229)
F-HCRL, SIGA MA-30 Pilatre de Rozier (166)
F-HDBS, Llopis MA-26 (224)
F-HDLE, Cameron C-90 (11200)
F-HDLO, Llopis MA-30 (201)
F-HDRD, SIGA MA-30 Pilatre de Rozier (167)
F-HDRV, Llopis MA-26 (219)
F-HDUO, Ultramagic M-56 (56/46)
F-HDVM, Llopis MA-26 (206)
F-HEAC, Schroeder Fire Balloons G 30/24 (760)
F-HECL, Llopis MA-26 (187)
F-HEEA, Cameron Z-105 (11088)
F-HELC, Cameron TR-70 (11539)
F-HEMG, Llopis MA-30 (213)
F-HERB, Cameron Z-105 (11236)
F-HFON, Cameron A-275 (11945)
F-HGMP, Kubicek BB-26Z (1202)
F-HHUN, Schroeder Fire Balloons G 40/24 (1202)
F-HJBG, Ultramagic N-210 (210/64)
F-HJBP, Ultramagic N-210 (210/26)
F-HKSS, Llopis MA-30 (215)
F-HKUB, Kubicek BB-26E (1375)
F-HLBA, Llopis MA-30 (221)
F-HLBL, Kubicek BB-30Z (221)
F-HLMA, Chaize CS.3000F16 (NG-001)
F-HMAB, Ultramagic M-90 (90/166)
F-HMPC, Cameron Z-90 (11985)
F-HMRV, Kubicek BB-26N (780)
F-HOFA, Cameron Z-105 (11964)
F-HOHO, Libert L.2200 (339-063)
F-HPDR, SIGA MA-35 Pilatre de Rozier (409)
F-HPGZ, Llopis MA-35 (240)
F-HPOX, Ultramagic H-77 (77/396)
F-HPRO, Chaize JZ.25F24 (NG-014)
F-HPVL, Cameron Z-105 (11922)
F-HRAA, Chaize JZ.25 (NG-004)
F-HRCE, Cameron Z-105 (12060)
F-HSBJ, Cameron SS (12008)
F-HSCC, Schroeder Fire Balloons G 34/24 (1522)
F-HTMO, Llopis MA-35 (239)
F-HVER, Llopis MA-30 (234)
F-HVEZ, Cameron A-315 (11944)
F-HZAA, Schroeder Fire Balloons G 34/24 (1465)
F-PECP, Air Piston AP20/3000P (1)
F-PHCC, Heenetier Gold 2190 (1)
F-PUNS, Deramecourt 2600 (2)
G-BLTN, Thunder & Colt Ax7-65 (621)
G-BOWV, Cameron V-77 (1800)
G-BROY, Cameron O-90 (2173)
G-BSNU, Thunder & Colt 105A (1811)
G-BTSX, Thunder & Colt Ax7-77 (2027)
G-BUWU, Cameron V-77 (3053)
G-BUYC, Cameron C-80 (3095)
G-BVHV, Cameron N-105 (3215)
G-BXCO, Thunder & Colt 120A (4086)
G-BXDR, Lindstrand LBL-77A (441)
G-BXXO, Lindstrand LBL-90A (534)
G-BYNN, Cameron V-90 (4643)
G-BYNU, Cameron Thunder Ax7-77 (3520)
G-CBKK, Ultramagic S-130 (130/32)
G-CBMK, Cameron Z-120 (10293)
G-CBNI, Lindstrand LBL-90A (857)
G-CCSS, Lindstrand LBL-90A (973)
G-CESH, Cameron Z-90 (11061)
G-CFEB, Cameron C-80 (11174)
G-CFNB, Cameron TR-70 (11140)
G-CFWI, Kubicek BB-22Z (686)
G-CGPV, Cameron C-80 (11466)
G-CGWU, Ultramagic S-90 (90/117)
G-CHJM, Cameron C-80 (11684)
G-CIDH, Cameron C-80 (11804)
G-CIHG, Cameron Z-90 (11841)
G-CIJJ, Cameron O-31 (11858)
G-CIRL, Ultramagic S-90 (90/140)
G-CIRN, Cameron Z-120 (11928)
G-CIUK, Cameron O-65 (11923)
G-CJES, Cameron TR-77 (11972)
G-CJIX, Cameron O-31 (12011)
G-CJOI, Cameron O-31 (11638)
G-CJYJ, Cameron O-31 (12039)
G-CKGI, Ultramagic M-77C (77/300)
G-EOLE, Cameron O-84 (12098)
G-GOAL, Lindstrand LBL-105A (420)
G-HERD, Lindstrand LBL-77B (707)
G-HOPR, Lindstrand LBL-25A Cloudhopper (999)
G-LEMM, Ultramagic Z-90 (90/102)
G-OBUY, Thunder & Colt 69A (2031)
G-OCTS, Cameron Z-90 (11108)
G-OJEN, Cameron V-77 (3302)
G-OJMS, Cameron Z-90 (10860)
G-OWLY, Cameron C-70 (12092)
G-RAYO, Lindstrand LBL-90A (949)
G-ROEN, Cameron C-70 (11122)
G-SATL, Cameron 105 SS Sphere (2696)
G-SERV, Cameron N-105 (10382)
G-STAV, Cameron O-84 (2913)
G-SUED, Thunder & Colt Ax8-90 (1546)
G-TIBF, Kubicek BB-34Z (566)
G-TIPJ, Cameron Z-77 (11456)
G-ULIA, Cameron V-77 (2860)
G-VKUP, Cameron Z-90 (10803)
G-WIFI, Cameron Z-90 (10624)
G-WILB, Ultramagic M-105 (105/161)
G-WOOL, Thunder & Colt 77A (2044)
G-WSTY, Lindstrand LBL-77A (1461)
G-ZINT, Cameron Z-77 (10488)
G-ZSKD, Cameron Z-90 (10749)
HA-726, Tomi Balloons AX-7 (05/1992)
HA-851, Tomi Balloons AX-8 (003/1991)
HA-879, Cameron Z-90 (10046)
HB-QBI, Lindstrand LBL-120A (303)
HB-QGF, Cameron RX-120 (4748)
HB-QUM, Ultramagic M-90 (90/138)
I-LEGS, Ultramagic S-90 (90/68)
I-RIKY, Thunder & Colt Ax7-77 (11317)
LX-BIL, Cameron Z-105 (11679)
LX-BLO, Kubicek BB-34Z (1348)
LX-BPL, Schroeder Fire Balloons G 26/24 (1591)
LY-BDO, Cameron TR-70 (12025)
LY-OEB, Schroeder Fire Balloons G 30/24 (812)
LY-VNO, Ultramagic M-65C (65/158)
N56HZ, Lavoie MT/Lavoie TL 56K12G (004)
N919KD, Lindstrand LBL-69A (5165)
OE-SHB, Kubicek BB-34Z (523)
OE-SLL, Ultramagic S-105 (105/175)
OK-1209, Kubicek BB-6SS Fish (845)
OK-1367, Kubicek BB-17XR (1367)
OM-2002, Kubicek BB-37 (119)
OM-2468, Kubicek BB-30Z (646)
OO-BAO, Ultramagic S-90 (90/42)
OO-BBO, Libert L.3000 (332-056)
OO-BCL, Libert L.2200 (337-061)
OO-BCY, Libert L.3000 (286-011)
OO-BDI, Lindstrand LBL-150A (616)
OO-BEE, Libert L.3000 (320-044)
OO-BEU, Libert L.3000 (286-009)
OO-BFE, Schroeder Fire Balloons G (974)
OO-BFW, Cameron Z-160 (11385)
OO-BJX, Cameron Z-160 (10372)
OO-BKP, Cameron Z-120 (10418)
OO-BLX, Ultramagic M-145 (145/13)
OO-BLY, Kubicek BB-60Z (1327)
OO-BQS, Cameron Z-120 (10445)
OO-BSP, Ultramagic N-355 (355/36)
OO-BUY, Cameron Z-160 (11389)
OO-BXJ, Cameron N-160 (10851)
OO-BXV, Cameron Z-120 (10708)
OO-BYJ, Ultramagic M-160 (160/50)
OO-BZH, Cameron 115SS Paint Can (10572)
OY-KOJ, Kubicek BB-22E (1343)
PH-CBP, Cameron N-90 (2911)
PH-DWB, Cameron A-105 (2134)
PH-EJN, Thunder & Colt 105A (1452)
PH-ENH, Lindstrand LBL-105A (844)
PH-EPC, Lindstrand LBL-105A (1384)
PH-LJQ, Ultramagic H-77 (77/333)
PH-LOX, Thunder & Colt 105A (2341)
PH-MAD, Cameron Z-77 (11166)
PH-SJK, Cameron Z-56 (11316)
PH-TBL, Cameron N-105 (4089)
PH-TRE, Cameron Z-150 (11909)
PH-VAT, Schroeder Fire Balloons G (666)
PH-VTF, Cameron N-105 (4314)
PH-ZKB, Cameron A-140 (11951)
RA-0419G, Interavia Russian Doll SS Interavia 90 Matroschka special shape (unknown)
RA-0940G, Rusbal Ax-7 (YeEVS.02.0351)
RA-1726G, Aeronatc AX-8 (unknown)
S5-OAU, Tomi AX-7 (21/1995)
S5-OBL, Kubicek BB-22 (164)
SE-ZHP, Lindstrand LBL-77A (209)
SP-BEZ, Lindstrand LBL-105A (1386)
SP-BHA, Cameron Z-77 (10426)
SP-BLK, Ultramagic F-10 (70/18)
SP-BYZ, Lindstrand LBL-105A (136)

Best regards,

Grant Robinson