Doncourt-lès-Conflans & Chambley/Bussières – Sunday 23rd July 2017 (Grant Robinson)

Hi all,



Second day of the trip and quickly bitten by the reality of attending a balloon meet – nothing is ever guaranteed to happen. The winds were too strong this morning and so we consoled ourselves with the few things to be found outside around the hangars;

65, Dassault Super Etendard, Lycée Polyvalent Jean Zay, French (79)
F-CDSJ/830, Wassmer WA.26 Squale  Squale (30)
F-CGAF, Valentin Taifun  17E (1073)
F-PRRV, One off design  RV02 (01)


Despite it being a Sunday, this place was mostly locked up with just these few seen outside;

D-GLAC, Piper PA-34 Seneca  220T Seneca V (3449338)
F-BLON, Cessna 206 (206-0081)
F-GFUM, Pilatus PC-6  B2-H2 (740)


The afternoon/evening return was far more productive as not only was there a fairly large balloon launch (we logged 186) but most of the hangars could be accessed giving us 77 general aviation items…..

Photographs of the GA items;

The requests are for the type regarding 54-XO please and the identity of what looks to be a Fokker E1 replica marked “94/1”

158/315-ZS, Aerospatiale TB-30 Epsilon, Lycée Polyvalent Jean Zay, French (158)
(E150)/8-NC, Dassault-Breguet/Dornier Alpha Jet E, Lycée Polyvalent Jean Zay, French (E150)
D-KGWL, Hoffmann H 36 Dimona  Dimona (3514)
F-CEAC, Schleicher ASK 13 (13339)
F-CHSC, Scheibe SF-25 Falke  Super Falke (4323)
F-GLFI, SOCATA TB Series  Tampico Club (1436)
F-GORU, Robin HR.200  120B (294)
F-GPFN, Hughes 269  C (S1627)
F-HMEP, Robinson R44  Raven II (12961)
16-SC, Magni Gyro M-16 Tandem Trainer (unknown)
54-AGN, Best Off SkyRanger (unknown)
54-AMC, Comco Ikarus C42 (unknown)
54-ARL, Comco Ikarus C42  B Cyclone (unknown)
54-TL, Aerotrophy Trophy  STOL (unknown)

D-7351, Rolladen-Schneider LS6  c (6256)
F-CAAB, Scheibe SF-28 Tandem-Falke  Tandem-Falke (5772)
F-CAGU, Breguet Br.904 Nymphale  S Nymphale (11)
F-CDYG, Schleicher Ka 6 Rhonsegler  E Rhonsegler (4367)
F-CGBA/B316, Centrair C101 Pegase  A Pegase (101A0136)
F-CHPT/RL, Schempp-Hirth Janus  c (199)
F-CNCA, Schleicher ASK 13 (13280)
F-GGZX, Christen Husky  A-1 (1159)

01-VE, Air Creation GT-BI (unknown)
26-AFF, Quad City Challenger (unknown)
27-ACP, Fisher FP-404 (unknown)
31-BK, Pipistrel Sinus (unknown)
35-LK, Aero Services SG 10  A (unknown)
54-ABC, DTA Weightshift  15/430 (unknown)
54-ACT, B & F Funk FK-14 Polaris, F-JZGE (unknown)
54-AGH, ICP Bingo  503 (01-05-52-014)
54-AHT, Aerospool WT9 Dynamic, F-JXIA (DY203/2007)
54-AIV, ICP MXP-740 Savannah (unknown)
54-AIW, Zenith Zenair CH 600 Zodiac  CH 601, F-JJNY (unknown)
54-AJE, Fantasy Air Allegro (unknown)
54-AJS, Huntair Pathfinder (unknown)
54-AJW, Air Creation Weightshift  iXess 13 (unknown)
54-AQM, ICP MXP-740 Savannah (11-09-54-0122)
54-AQX, ICP MXP-740 Savannah  S, F-JUSU (13-03-54-258)
54-ARM, Jodel D.18, F-JAUO (unknown)
54-ASC, Morane-Saulnier Type H  Replica (unknown)
54-ATS, Amateur Built Microlight (unknown)
54-BX, Huntair Pathfinder (unknown)
54-LT, Denney Kitfox  Mk.IV Minifox, F-JBRX (unknown)
54-SF, Croses EC-6 Criquet (38)
54-SH, Cosmos Weightshift (unknown)
54-TN, Air Creation Weightshift  Mild (unknown)
54-VP, Humbert Tetras (unknown)
54-XN, Aviakit Vega (unknown)
54-XO, type unknown (unknown)
54-YH, Humbert Moto Du Ciel (unknown)
54-ZC, Comco Ikarus C22  Fox (unknown)
54-ZD, Best Off SkyRanger, F-JGFK (unknown)
55-HN, Humbert Moto Du Ciel, F-JBAL (unknown)
55-KL, Air Creation Clipper (unknown)
55-MG, Zenith Zenair CH 600 Zodiac  CH 601 XL, F-JQCL (unknown)
55-RL, ICP MXP-740 Savannah  VG XL (11-06-51-941)
57-ALQ, Jodel D.18, F-PYYO (unknown)
57-APE, Flight Design CT  SW, F-JYPZ (unknown)
57-AUT, B & F Funk FK-12 Comet, F-JWXP (12-009)
57-AVR, P & M Aviation QuikR (unknown)
57-BCJ, Air Creation GTE Trek (unknown)
77-ALR, ICP Bingo  4S (04-05-52-149)
77-AVH, Alpi Aviation Pioneer  200 (unknown)
G-CINO, Grob G 109 (6355)
I-6271, Iniziative Industriale Italian Sky Arrow  650 (072A)

F-BOXU, Piper PA-28R Arrow  180 Cherokee Arrow (28R-30290)
F-BROA, Robin DR.360  Chevalier (376)
F-GAXQ, Robin R.2160  Alpha Sport (155)
F-GNNF, Robin HR.200  120B (280)
F-GORL, Robin DR.400  140B Dauphin 4 (2288)
F-GUXU, Robin R.2120  U (368)
F-HDKK, Piper PA-28 Cherokee  180 Cherokee C (28-3671)
F-PJOB, Lucas L-5  200 (2)
77-AQX, Aerospool WT9 Dynamic, F-JZGW (DY134/2006)

54-ATY, Pipistrel Virus (unknown)
54-AVZ, Magni Gyro M-24 Orion  M-24 (24-17-0704)
F-GYBD, Robinson R44  Clipper II (12008)

Photographs of the balloons;

Evening launch:
D-OEMA, Schroeder Fire Balloons G (1534)
D-OEPA, Kubicek BB-20SS Humpty Dumpty (400)
D-OKLD, Cameron N-133 (4722)
D-OLEG, Schroeder Fire Balloons SS Clown-Kopf (1027)
D-OMHR, Schroeder Fire Balloons G (1292)
D-OOAH, Ultramagic M-120 (120/10)
D-OOFB, Schroeder Fire Balloons G (652)
D-OQKG, Kubicek BB-20 (242)
D-OTBG, Kubicek BB-22E (1131)
EC-041, Ultramagic MV-65 (65/138)
EC-GFC, Ultramagic M-105 (105/32)
EC-MHH, Ultramagic M-65C (65/205)
EI-ECC, Cameron Z-90 (11213)
22-KD, type unknown (unknown)
F-GJKC, Llopis MA-26 (199)
F-GKDO, Ultramagic M-90 (90/108)
F-GKMM, Ultramagic M-65 (65/76)
F-GLSP, Ultramagic H-77 (77/193)
F-GMDE, Llopis MA-26 (196)
F-GMGE, Cameron Z-105 (12104)
F-GMHM, SIGA MA-26 Pilatre de Rozier (101)
F-GMTP, SIGA MA-26 Pilatre de Rozier (154)
F-GNOT, SIGA MA-26 Pilatre de Rozier (157)
F-GPAV, SIGA MA-26 Pilatre de Rozier (165)
F-GPFS, Llopis MA-26 (174)
F-GPFT, Llopis MA-26 (175)
F-GROY, Ultramagic S-90 (90/41)
F-GRTT, SIGA MA-26 Pilatre de Rozier (164)
F-GSAV, SIGA MA-26 Pilatre de Rozier (161)
F-GTJG, Ultramagic M-90 (90/112)
F-GTLC, Ultramagic N-210 (210/08)
F-GTVF, Cameron Z-77 (11452)
F-GUAG, Cameron C-90 (11034)
F-GVBL, Cameron C-80 (11044)
F-GXLK, Cameron Z-275 (11379)
F-GXSP, Kubicek BB-22E (684)
F-GYBI, Llopis MA-35 (178)
F-GYEL, Ultramagic N-425 (425/06)
F-GYTC, Llopis MA-30 (198)
F-GZDS, Ultramagic S-90 (90/77)
F-GZHH, Cameron Z-150 (10347)
F-HALN, Llopis MA-26 (203)
F-HBDT, Llopis MA-30 (222)
F-HBOP, Cameron N-90 (3969)
F-HBRL, Llopis MA-30 (195)
F-HCBV, Schroeder Fire Balloons G 30/24 (597)
F-HCHQ, Raven-Europe S-66A (E-395)
F-HCKV, Cameron Z-77 (4946)
F-HCRL, SIGA MA-30 Pilatre de Rozier (166)
F-HDBS, Llopis MA-26 (224)
F-HDDC, Cameron Z-105 (11284)
F-HDLE, Cameron C-90 (11200)
F-HDLO, Llopis MA-30 (201)
F-HDLR, Llopis MA-30 (233)
F-HDPC, Lindstrand LBL-105A (1343)
F-HDRD, SIGA MA-30 Pilatre de Rozier (167)
F-HDVM, Llopis MA-26 (206)
F-HECL, Llopis MA-26 (187)
F-HEEA, Cameron Z-105 (11088)
F-HELC, Cameron TR-70 (11539)
F-HEMG, Llopis MA-30 (213)
F-HERB, Cameron Z-105 (11236)
F-HFON, Cameron A-275 (11945)
F-HGER, Chaize CS.2200 (231)
F-HHUN, Schroeder Fire Balloons G 40/24 (1202)
F-HKSS, Llopis MA-30 (215)
F-HMAB, Ultramagic M-90 (90/166)
F-HMAM, Kubicek BB-30Z (992)
F-HOFA, Cameron Z-105 (11964)
F-HOHO, Libert L.2200 (339-063)
F-HPDR, SIGA MA-35 Pilatre de Rozier (409)
F-HPLB, Libert L.2200 (330-054)
F-HPOX, Ultramagic H-77 (77/396)
F-HPRO, Chaize JZ.25F24 (NG-014)
F-HRCE, Cameron Z-105 (12060)
F-HSCC, Schroeder Fire Balloons G 34/24 (1522)
F-HTIM, Kubicek BB-30Z (1372)
F-HTMO, Llopis MA-35 (239)
F-HVEZ, Cameron A-315 (11944)
F-HVIT, Cameron Z-105 (11848)
F-PASR, Rolland RS-3000 (01)
F-PECP, Air Piston AP20/3000P (1)
F-PHCC, Heenetier Gold 2190 (1)
F-PYRO, Boufflert B8-1800 (01)
G-BOWB, Cameron V-77 (1767)
G-BOWV, Cameron V-77 (1800)
G-BSNU, Thunder & Colt 105A (1811)
G-BTSX, Thunder & Colt Ax7-77 (2027)
G-BUYC, Cameron C-80 (3095)
G-BVHV, Cameron N-105 (3215)
G-BZOX, Cameron Colt 90B (10000)
G-BZXR, Cameron N-90 (10124)
G-CBMK, Cameron Z-120 (10293)
G-CFWI, Kubicek BB-22Z (686)
G-CGWU, Ultramagic S-90 (90/117)
G-CIDH, Cameron C-80 (11804)
G-CIDU, Kubicek BB-22E (1058)
G-CIRN, Cameron Z-120 (11928)
G-CJIH, Lindstrand LTL 1-105 (016)
G-CJVH, Lindstrand LTL Series 1-105 (23)
G-CKGI, Ultramagic M-77C (77/300)
G-GOAL, Lindstrand LBL-105A (420)
G-HBEE, Lindstrand LTL Series 2-80 (47)
G-HOPR, Lindstrand LBL-25A Cloudhopper (999)
G-LEMM, Ultramagic Z-90 (90/102)
G-OBUY, Thunder & Colt 69A (2031)
G-OJEN, Cameron V-77 (3302)
G-OJMS, Cameron Z-90 (10860)
G-OURT, Lindstrand LTL Racer 56 (19)
G-OWLY, Cameron C-70 (12092)
G-SATL, Cameron 105SS Sphere (2696)
G-SCFC, Ultramagic S-90 (90/148)
G-SMIL, Lindstrand LBL-105A (1425)
G-STAV, Cameron O-84 (2913)
G-ULIA, Cameron V-77 (2860)
G-WIFI, Cameron Z-90 (10624)
G-XHOT, Cameron Z-105 (10999)
G-ZINT, Cameron Z-77 (10488)
G-ZSKD, Cameron Z-90 (10749)
HA-726, Tomi Balloons AX-7 (05/1992)
HB-QBI, Lindstrand LBL-120A (303)
HB-QGF, Cameron RX-120 (4748)
HB-QUM, Ultramagic M-90 (90/138)
HB-QWP, Schroeder Fire Balloons G 34/24 (1699)
I-C256, Adams Balloons A-50S Bonanno Sky Hopper XP (unknown)
I-LEGS, Ultramagic S-90 (90/68)
I-RIKY, Thunder & Colt Ax7-77 (11317)
LX-BCW, Cameron Z-120 (11374)
LX-BIL, Cameron Z-105 (11679)
LX-BLO, Kubicek BB-34Z (1348)
LX-BOT, Cameron O-105 (10428)
LY-BDO, Cameron R-70 (12025)
LY-OEB, Schroeder Fire Balloons G 30/24 (812)
LY-VNO, Ultramagic M-65C (65/158)
N56HZ, Lavoie MT/Lavoie TL 56K12G (004)
N919KD, Lindstrand LBL-69A (5165)
OE-RCB, Lindstrand LBL-35A (1364)
OE-SLL, Ultramagic S-105 (105/175)
OO-BBO, Libert L.3000 (332-056)
OO-BBX, Schroeder Fire Balloons G 45/24 (565)
OO-BCQ, Schroeder Fire Balloons G 40/24 (976)
OO-BDI, Lindstrand LBL-150A (616)
OO-BEE, Libert L.3000 (320-044)
OO-BEI, Kubicek BB-26 (964)
OO-BEK, Cameron 120SS Head (11744)
OO-BEU, Libert L.3000 (286-009)
OO-BFE, Schroeder Fire Balloons G (974)
OO-BFW, Cameron Z-160 (11385)
OO-BGG, Libert L.3000 (343-067)
OO-BJX, Cameron Z-160 (10372)
OO-BLT, Ultramagic M-145 (145/13)
OO-BLY, Kubicek BB-60Z (1327)
OO-BNK, Cameron A-160 (11892)
OO-BOE, Cameron Z-105 (4891)
OO-BSC, Libert L.4000+ (334-058)
OO-BSP, Ultramagic N-355 (355/36)
OO-BUJ, Schroeder Fire Balloons G 45/24 (1249)
OO-BUY, Cameron Z-160 (11389)
OO-BXJ, Cameron N-160 (10851)
OO-BYJ, Ultramagic M-160 (160/50)
OO-BZH, Cameron 115SS Paint Can (10572)
OO-BZJ, Ultramagic T-210 (210/49)
OY-JOY, Lindstrand LBL-77A (1295)
OY-KOJ, Kubicek BB-22E (1343)
PH-ARR, Cameron N-120 (11145)
PH-BAP, Ultramagic M-145 (145/68)
PH-CBP, Cameron N-90 (2911)
PH-EJN, Thunder & Colt 105A (1452)
PH-ENH, Lindstrand LBL-105A (844)
PH-EPC, Lindstrand LBL-105A (1384)
PH-GPI, Lindstrand LBL-120A (664)
PH-GPU, Cameron N-90 (3934)
PH-HDK, Cameron Z-225 (11384)
PH-HEC, Cameron Z-120 (10425)
PH-LJQ, Ultramagic H-77 (77/333)
PH-LOX, Thunder & Colt 105A (2341)
PH-LVC, Cameron Z-120 (12014)
PH-MAD, Cameron Z-77 (11166)
PH-MOI, Cameron C-80 (4469)
PH-SJK, Cameron Z-56 (11316)
PH-TRE, Cameron Z-150 (11909)
PH-VTF, Cameron N-105 (4314)
PH-ZKB, Cameron A-140 (11951)
PH-ZSL, Sky 25-16 (138)
RA-0940G, Rusbal Ax-7 (YeEVS.02.0351)
SP-BYZ, Lindstrand LBL-105A (136)

Best regards,

Grant Robinson