Moscow/Vnukovo – Tuesday 22nd August 2017 (John Tomlinson)

Moscow-Vnukovo 22nd August 2017
Our first stop at the airport at Vnukovo. As we were going to be here for two nights, our first look would be from well known vantage points, mainly for the business Jets and the Government ramps. It is not easy to view the airliners here, however many would be noted when they were on the move.

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Preserved on plinth on a major road junction on approach to airport
CCCP-42507 Tupolev Tu-104B C/n 21905 Preserved


Perimeter of field and viewing spots, in order as seen.

VQ-BWH Boeing 7378LJ C/n 41206 Pobeda
CS-TFV Bombardier Challenger 300 C/n 20252 Corporate
VQ-BTS Boeing 7378FZ C/n 41991 Pobeda
VP-CBP No Type Noted C/n
VP-BYM Boeing 737524 C/n 28917 UTair Aviation
M-NJSS Embraer ERJ-135BJ C/n 145686 Corporate
YR-TYA Cessna 560 C/n 560-6075 Corporate
LY-ZAB Canadair Regional-Jet 200LR C/n 7248 KlasJet
RA-67227 Bombardier 605 C/n 5803 Corporate
9H-VFD Bombardier 605 C/n 5973 VistaJet Malta
9H-ZSN Dassault Falcon 7X C/n 228 Elit Avia Malta
VQ-BTE Boeing 73781D C/n 39441 Pobeda
SP-EAR Cessna 680 C/n 680-0213 Blue Jet
9H-TOR Bombardier Global 5000BD-700-1A11 C/n 9547 Avcon Jet Malta
A7-CEB Bombardier 605 C/n 5784 Qatar Executive
G-OGSE Gulfstream G550 C/n 5453 TAG Aviation (UK)
CS-GLD Bombardier Global 6000BD-700-1A10 C/n 9538 NetJets Europe
9H-VFA Bombardier 605 C/n 5970 VistaJet Malta
9H-CLG Canadair Regional-Jet850 C/n 8063 Air X Charter
VQ-BBQ Hawker-Siddeley 125750 C/n HB-65 Sirius Aero
HB-JGB Gulfstream G450 C/n 4130 Corporate
EI-EYM Airbus A319111 C/n 2497 Rossiya Airlines
HZ-SK2 Gulfstream G450 C/n 4067 Sky Prime Aviation Services
M-IAMI Dassault Falcon 7X C/n 230 Corporate
RA-85740 Tupolev Tu-154M C/n 91A895 Withdrawn from use
T7-ZZZ Gulfstream G450 C/n 4273 Corporate
RA-01976 AgustaWestland AW139 C/n 31462 Art Avia
LX-GVV Airbus A319115CJ C/n 3542 Global Jet Luxembourg
RA-89067 Sukhoi SSJ-10095LR C/n 95069 MCHS Rossii Guap
D-AROM Embraer ERJ-135BJ C/n 14501132 Corporate
VQ-BJV Boeing 737524 C/n 28914 UTair Aviation
9H-ILZ Canadair Regional-Jet850 C/n 8086 VistaJet Malta
RA-67224 Bombardier Challenger 300 C/n 20065 Corporate
RA-42423 Yakovlev Yak-42D C/n 4520424216606 Sirius Aero
M-SKSM Bombardier Global 5000BD-700-1A11 C/n 9227 Corporate
VP-BGL Embraer ERJ-135BJ C/n 14500961 Sirius Aero
N300MY Bombardier Challenger 300 C/n 20062 Corporate
RA-89053 Sukhoi SSJ-10095B C/n 95009 RusJet
RA-73000 Boeing 73776N C/n 28630 Gazpromavia
M-AFAJ Dassault Falcon900EX EASy C/n 200 Corporate
P4-MES Boeing 76733A(ER) C/n 33425 Global Jet Concept
RA-42412 Yakovlev Yak-42D C/n 4520422219055 RusJet
VQ-BJQ Boeing 737524 C/n 28902 UTair Aviation
OE-GAS IAI Gulfstream 150 C/n 242 Avcon Jet
EI-XLJ Boeing 747446 C/n 27646 Leasing Company
EI-CXZ Boeing 767216(ER) C/n 24973 Leasing Company
EI-UNX Boeing 777222(ER) C/n 30213 Leasing Company
VQ-BJN Boeing 737524 C/n 28911 UTair Aviation
OE-IGA Bombardier 650 C/n 6070 International Jet Management
9H-BVJ Canadair Regional-Jet850 C/n 8071 Corporate
VP-BNN Airbus A319111 C/n 1841 Rossiya Airlines
M-DADI Dassault Falcon900DX C/n 622 Corporate
M-FINE Bombardier Global 5000BD-700-1A11 C/n 9594 Corporate
4L-TGU Embraer Emb-190100IGW C/n 19000064 Georgian Airways
RA-65995 Tupolev Tu-134A-3 C/n 66400 Russian Border Guard Service
VP-BYK Boeing 737524 C/n 28918 UTair Aviation
OY-LNA Bombardier Global ExpressBD-700-1A10 C/n 9331 Execujet Scandinavia
RA-65700 Tupolev Tu-134B-3M C/n 64783 Sirius Aero
N888DC Gulfstream G450 C/n 4256 Corporate
RA-96018 Ilyushin IL-96300 C/n 74393202018 Rossiya Special Flight Detachment
D-ADCP Embraer ERJ-135BJ C/n 14501067 DC Aviation
CS-GLF Bombardier Global 6000BD-700-1A10 C/n 9670 NetJets Europe
RA-09606 Dassault Falcon 8X C/n 408 Corporate
RA-65719 Tupolev Tu-134AK C/n 63637 Kosmos Airlines
RA-64059 Tupolev Tu-204300 C/n 1.45074E+12 Rossiya Special Flight Detachment
RA-65727 Tupolev Tu-134B-3 C/n 64820 Withdrawn from use
VP-BIS Airbus A319112 C/n 1808 Rossiya Airlines
EI-XLE Boeing 747446 C/n 26362 Rossiya Airlines
VP-BJC Gulfstream G650 C/n 6047 Corporate
VP-BCK Boeing 73746Q C/n 28758 ATRAN-Aviatrans Cargo Airlines
VQ-BPY Boeing 757236(PCF) C/n 25597 Yakutia Air
VP-BAE Airbus A321211(SL) C/n 7193 Aeroflot Russian Airlines
VQ-BVF Boeing 73743Q C/n 29001 AirBridgeCargo
VQ-BJU Boeing 737524 C/n 28899 UTair Aviation
VQ-BJO Boeing 737524 C/n 28910 UTair Aviation
VP-BXU Boeing 737524 C/n 27318 UTair Aviation
VP-BUS Boeing 7378MC C/n 44435 Rossiya Airlines
VP-BYL Boeing 737524 C/n 28920 UTair Aviation
VP-BFS Boeing 737524 C/n 27532 UTair Aviation
VP-BYK Boeing 737524 C/n 28918 UTair Aviation
CS-DLH Dassault Falcon2000EX EASy C/n 149 NetJets Europe
VP-BOA Boeing 737800 C/n 41232 Rossiya Airlines
VQ-BQP Boeing 7378GU C/n 37553 UTair Aviation
VQ-BTE Boeing 73781D C/n 39441 Pobeda
VQ-BPR Boeing 737524 C/n 28908 UTair Aviation


Government Ramp

RA-96022 Ilyushin IL-96300PU C/n 74393202022 Rossiya Special Flight Detachment
RA-96023 Ilyushin IL-96300 C/n 74393202023 Rossiya Special Flight Detachment
RA-65905 Tupolev Tu-134A-3 C/n 63965 Rossiya Special Flight Detachment
RA-61719 Antonov An-148100EA C/n 27015042019 Russian Federal Security Service
RA-64528 Tupolev Tu-214SR C/n 42306028 Rossiya Special Flight Detachment
RA-64505 Tupolev Tu-214 C/n 42204005 Rossiya Special Flight Detachment
RA-64522 Tupolev Tu-214SUS C/n 43911022 Rossiya Special Flight Detachment
RA-64520 Tupolev Tu-214PU C/n 44709020 Rossiya Special Flight Detachment
RA-64527 Tupolev Tu-214SR C/n 44205027 Rossiya Special Flight Detachment
RA-64521 Tupolev Tu-214 C/n 43911021 Rossiya Special Flight Detachment
RA-85843 Tupolev Tu-154M C/n 01A991 Withdrawn from use
RA-86540 Ilyushin IL62M C/n 3546548 Withdrawn from use
RA-64515 Tupolev Tu-214SR C/n 44507015 Rossiya Special Flight Detachment
RA-61720 Antonov An-148100EA C/n 27015042020 Rossiya Special Flight Detachment
RA-22324 Mil Mi-8MTV-1 C/n 97276 Rossiya Special Flight Detachment
RA-73026 Airbus A319115CJ C/n 4679 Rossiya Special Flight Detachment
RA-27015 Mil Mi-8MTV-1 C/n 96481 Rossiya Special Flight Detachment