Moscow/Sheremetyevo – 22nd Tuesday 2017 (John Tomlinson)

Moscow-Sheremetyevo Preserved 22nd August 2017
Up at 0600hrs and away by 0710hrs for another day out and also out from the Park Inn hotel at Sheremetyevo toward our next hotel, the Alexandriya Vnukovo Hotel.

Whilst I had seen the Moscow Technical University of Civil Aviation exhibits as we had landed on our arrival, others team member had not. So it was a drive to the North side of the field and a stop for a few photographs of the Ilyushin IL62M.

Unfortunately, because of the location and very bad traffic, we could not stop for photographs of the other three at the university, however they are easily seen.

RA-86492 Ilyushin IL62M C/n 4140324 Preserved
At one stage this was a rescue trainer, however now it is the centrepiece in front of some administration buildings on the North side of the airport.


Moscow Technical University of Civil Aviation. We had noted them on arrival, but log them as seen on the ground today.

RA-76460 Ilyushin IL-76TD C/n 1023410344 Withdrawn from use
RA-85663 Tupolev Tu-154M C/n 89A817 Instructional Airframe
RA-86103 Ilyushin IL-86 C/n 51483208071 Instructional Airframe

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