Markdorf – Friday 12th April 2019 (John Tomlinson)

With the weather improving, yesterday we noted 67 aircraft, today it had increased to 105. However not as good as last years 180 and 190 on consecutive days, but the weather had been better for a much longer period of time in April 2018.




Markdorf 1335-1445hrs
In order as noted / Photographed


In Hangar
D-8783 Schneider DFS 108-14 C/n Unknown Preserved
D-KAMD Schempp-Hirth ArcusT C/n 69 Private
D-MKDF Aerospool Dynamic C/n DY-650/2018 Private
I-X048 Zefhir Helicopter C/n Unknown Private


On the field
59-CFL Urban Air UFM-13 C/n Unknown Private
OK-MUA 91 Skylark C/n Unknown Private
D-MIDA Remos GXiS C/n 451 Private
D-MVCL Shark Aero Shark C/n 014/2013 Private
67-CCI Pipistrel Virus C/n Unknown Private
D-MWHE Murphy RenegadeSpirit C/n 608 Private
D-MNGI B & F Technik Funk FK.9TG C/n 58 Private
D-MEEZ Aerostyle Breezer C/n 54 Private
78-APT Vanessa Air VL-3 C/n Unknown Private Callsign F-JDLF
D-MKIW Evektor EV-97 C/n 2002-1501 Private
D-MCRN Ikarus Comco C-42 C/n 1310-7281 Private
D-MAKF Aerostyle Breezer C/n 66 Private
D-MHSD Alpi Aviation Pioneer 300 C/n Unknown Private
D-MWPA Remos G-3 C/n 80 Private
OE-7115 Aerospool WT-9 C/n DY152/2006 Schardinger Flieger-Union
D-MHIA Jihlavan Airplanes KP-2 C/n 2 19 217 Q Private
D-MQBA Aerostyle Breezer C/n UL-72 Private
OK-WAU 09 Vanessa Air VL-3 C/n VL-3-151 Private
D-MDTK Corvus Aircraft CA21 C/n CP 05.002 Private
D-MROI Zenair CH.701 C/n 7-9353 Private
D-MJSA Aerostyle Breezer C/n Unknown Private
D-MYCH Fly Synthesis StorchHS C/n 329A273 Private
D-MTPF Pipistrel Sinus C/n Unknown Private
59-DJN Vanessa Air VL-3 C/n VL-3-115 Private
D-MZBK Tecnam P.96 Golf C/n 241 Private
D-MBOA Aerospool WT-9 C/n DY402/2011 Private
D-MJGH Ikarus Comco C-42 C/n Unknown Private
D-MAPR Magni M-24 C/n Unknown Private
WDYN-03 Dynali H-3 C/n Unknown Private
D-MIEL Flight Design CT2K C/n 05/04/2010 Private
G-RLMW Tecnam P.2002 Sierra C/n PFA 333-14536 Private
D-MHOG Shark Aero Shark C/n 060/2017 Private
G-CTDW Flight Design CTSW C/n 07/05/2005 Private
D-MEHI AirLony Skylane C/n 51 Private
D-MRFT Jihlavan Airplanes KP-2U C/n 4651G Private
77-BCO Aerospool WT-9 C/n DY351/2010 Private Callsign F-JROP
D-MFHY Tecnam P.92 C/n 925 Private
OK-RAR 11 Rokospol Aviation Via C/n 01/2012 Private
D-MXLA Roko Aero NG-6 C/n Unknown Private
D-MOMK Vanessa Air VL-3 C/n VL-3-113 Private
PH-VIR Pipistrel Virus S-Wing 121 C/n VSW1210007 Private
OY-9366 Jabiru J170 C/n Unknown Private
PH-2V6 Tecnam P.92 Echo C/n 153 Private
D-MMWM TL Ultralight TL-96 C/n Unknown Private
D-MECM Aerospool WT-9 C/n DY521/2014 Private
OO-F33 Dyn’Aero MCR-4 C/n 79 Private
54-AVP Vanessa Air VL-3 C/n VL-3-233 Private Callsign F-JBWB
OY-9430 Aeroprakt A.22L C/n 339 Private
OM-S142 TL Ultralight Stream C/n Unknown Private
D-MYAP Shark Aero Shark C/n 054/2017 Private
D-MIRI Ikarus Comco Cyclone C/n Unknown Private
F-JSEF B & F Technik Funk FK.14 C/n Unknown Private
D-MAKD Remos GX C/n 266 Private
OO-H99 Aeropro Eurofox C/n Unknown Private
67-BTU Aerospool WT-9 C/n DY519/2014 Private Callsign F-JZUU
D-MCIO Magni M-24 C/n 24106024 Private
05-GS Dyn’Aero MCR-01 C/n 165 Private Callsign F-JJWH
D-MDOB Magni VPM Gyrocopter C/n Unknown Private
D-MZTO Aeroprakt A.20 C/n Unknown Private
57-BNH Aero-East-Europe SILA 450C C/n 140128-AEE-021 Private
PH-4R6 Aerospool Dynamic C/n DY654/2018 Private
D-MJCT Flight Design CTLS C/n 07/11/2002 Private
57-BNY Best Off Skyranger C/n 14050161 Private Callsign F-JZPL
D-MHYU Vanessa Air VL-3 C/n VL-3-132 Private
D-MOBN Urban Air UFM-13 C/n 1/13 Private
77-BNB Zlin Aviation Savage C/n 290 Private
D-MIOK Aerostyle Breezer C/n UL-104 Private
D-MPMO Aerostyle Breezer C/n UL-79 Private
D-MMIK Rans S.6 C/n 08031516-S Private
78-APS Vanessa Air VL-3 C/n Unknown Private
D-MZIX Ikarus Comco C-42 C/n 1404-7309 Private
D-MIVA BRM Aero NG-5 C/n Unknown Private
D-MAFC Remos G-3 C/n 92 Private
01-AHI ATEC Zephyr C/n Unknown Private
D-MATC BRM Aero NG-5 C/n 034/2012 Private
D-MXLH WD Flugzeugbau FascinationD4 C/n 108 Private
D-MMZF B & F Technik Funk FK.9Mk.V C/n Unknown Private
D-MGWP Flight Design CTSW C/n Unknown Private
D-MBDM Flight Design CT2K C/n 02-05-04-23 Private
D-MROA Aerostyle Breezer C/n 48 Private
D-MTCK BRM Aero NG-5 C/n 242/2017 Private
D-MWAA Remos G-3 C/n 35 Private
D-MCPD Flight Design CT C/n E-2-14-02-03 Private
D-MZGZ Remos GX C/n 291 Private
D-MESS Ikarus Comco C-42 C/n Unknown Private
D-MEEI Aerospool WT-9 C/n DY383/2010 Private
D-MKAO B & F Technik Funk FK.14 C/n Unknown Private
D-MKKZ Evektor EV-97 C/n 2012-4106 Private
D-MWWM Tecnam P.96 Golf C/n 193 Private
D-MSZH AutoGyro Europe MTO C/n M01156 Private
D-MHIJ Aerospool WT-9 C/n DY349/2010 Private
D-MDGF Ikarus Comco C-42 C/n 1501-7365 Private
D-MRRO Roland Z-602 C/n Z-9554 Private
D-MFOE Aerospool WT-9 C/n DY589/2016 Private
D-MPTY Aerospool WT-9 C/n DY628/2017 Private
D-MEAD B & F Technik Funk FK.9 C/n Unknown Private
D-MLUM Aerospool WT-9 C/n DY447/2012 Private
D-MXPD Ikarus Comco C-42 C/n 0910-7066 Private
D-MFFS Pipistrel Sinus C/n 182 Private
OK-UUR 21 Aeropro Eurofox2K C/n Unknown Private
PH-4S2 Pipistrel Sirius C/n 18SI172 Private
OK-WUR 38 Shark Aero Shark C/n Unknown Private
PH-4S1 Pipistrel Sirius C/n 18SI170 Private
D-MDYL Aerospool WT-9 C/n DY141/2006 Private
OK-RUO 77 AirLony SkylaneUL C/n Unknown Private