Friedrichshafen (Dornier Museum) – Friday 12th April 2019 (John Tomlinson)

Between viewing at Friedrichshafen, enjoying the exhibition halls and going to Markdorf each day, I still found time to visit the excellent Dornier museum.

Nothing had been added since last years visit, so I enjoyed a relaxing visit to read up and photograph the exhibits again.

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D-1103 Dornier B Bal Merkur Replica C/n Unknown Preserved
N25 Scale Model of Dornier Do.J Wal C/n Unknown Preserved
41+05 Dassault-Breguet-Dornier Alpha JetA C/n 105 Preserved Marked 01
EC-CHN Dornier Do.27A-5 C/n 408 Preserved. Marked 11.90 on fuselage but U.9-68 on tail
YD+101 Dornier Do.29 C/n 001 Preserved Marked YA+101
D-ILPB Dornier Do.28A-1 C/n 3015 Preserved Coded CA+041
D-IFNT Dornier Do.28 E TNT C/n 4330 Preserved
98+23 Dornier Do.34 Kiebitz C/n P01 Preserved
115 Unmanned Drones E.U. C/n Unknown Preserved
004 Dornier Kiebitz C/n Unknown Preserved
Mini drone for the Army and Air Force
D-EKUI: Cockpit simulator.
It is reported that the real D-EKUI Dornier Do.27 A-4 is still airworthy, although it has not been seen for a number of years.


31+35 Fiat G-91R/3 C/n 403 Preserved
D-BEJR Dornier Do.328300 Jet C/n 3102 Preserved
61+04 Breguet 1150 lantic C/n 8 Preserved
D-IFDB Dornier Do.28D-2 Skyservant C/n 4160 Preserved Marked 58+85
D-ICDO Dornier Do.228200 C/n 4359 Preserved
D-CICE Dornier Do.228101 C/n 7073 Preserved
Cafeteria & Kids play area
D-EFSU Dornier Do.27A-4 C/n 477 Preserved