Limetree – Sunday 24th March 2019 (John Tomlinson)

Next on the agenda was Portarlington-Limetree~Co Laois. Another friendly welcome and open access to the residents was given.

Another full airfield visit where we thought that we had noted most of the residents, however that was until we drove out of the airfield and fortunately noted various wrecks / wfu microlights. After a bit of investigation around the frames, we identified most of them.

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Noted between 1357-1424hrs

Hangar 1

EI-CNU Solar Wings Pegasus C/n 7326 Private
EI-CZA ATEC Zephyr2000 C/n Z580602A Private
EI-DDJ Raj Hamsa X Air C/n 863 Private
EI-DFX Air Creation Kiss C/n A04007-4007 Private
EI-DKU Air Creation Kiss C/n A05039-5040 Private
EI-DKZ Just Aircraft Escapade912[1] C/n BMAA/HB/423 Private
EI-DNR Raj Hamsa X Air C/n BMAA/HB/251 Private
EI-DXM Raj Hamsa X Air C/n BMAA/HB/100 Private
EI-ERO Solar Wings Pegasus C/n SW-WA-1124 Private
EI-FW01 Hiway Demon175 C/n NMAI-EI-FW01 Private
EI-FXV Best Off Skyranger C/n 16090219 Private
EI-FXW Best Off Skyranger C/n 16091107 Private
EI-GGE BRM CitiusSport C/n 0004/07 Private
EI-GRA Urban Air UFM-13 Lambada C/n 86/13 Private (Ex 86/13 (Hungarian) and OK-LUA 66)
EI-TON Raj Hamsa X Air C/n BMAA/HB/200 Private
G-CBVC Raj Hamsa X Air C/n BMAA/HB/230 Private
G-OLGA CFM Starstreak ShadowSA-II C/n PFA 206-13164 Private
Unknown Rans Blue / White Rans S-6ES Coyote C/n Unknown Private
Unknown Trike Red Unknown Trike C/n Unknown Private


EI-FBY BRM Citius C/n 0118/KIT/08-CT Private
G-CGPN Socata MS.880B C/n 2429 Private
EI-ICP I.C.P. MXP-740 C/n 18-07-54-0626 Private

Hangar 2

EI-AED Cessna 120 C/n 11783 Private
EI-BIO Piper L-4J C/n 12657 Private (Marked 480361)
EI-BKK Taylor JT.1 Monoplane C/n PFA 1421 Private
EI-DZO Rotor Flight Dynamics Ultra White C/n SAAC-112 Private
EI-EES ELA Aviacion ELA 07R C/n 6040480712 Private
EI-MRB Denney Kitfox C/n PFA 172-11752 Private
EI-WOT Currie Wot C/n PFA 3019 Private
G-BTNR Denney Kitfox C/n PFA 172-12035 Private

WFU / Dumped Outside

G-MMTJ Southdown PumaSprint C/n 1221/0006 Private
EI-ERJ Southdown RavenX C/n 2232/0157 Private
G-MYTS Hunt Wing Avon C/n BMAA/HB/032
G-MNGB Mainair Gemini C/n 218-81183-2 Withdrawn from use
2 x Trike Frames Unknown Trike C/n Unknown Private
2 x Trike Frames Unknown Trike C/n Unknown Private

Photo credit: John Tomlinson