Gowran Grange – Sunday 24th March 2019 (John Tomlinson)

The next airfield was for gilders,
Gowran Grange~Co Kildare
and in view of the weather I did not expect to see much.

However, as I was warned, Irish fields and aviation people are very friendly and access to the hangar was allowed. A good chat was had with the various owners that were about at the time.

In fact one of the glider owners who was just departing wanted me to take a photograph of the glider box and then he opened it up to reveal OM-M821. Unfortunately a few of us had already seen it at the AeroExpo at Friedrichshafen 6th April 2017, however it was still nice to see again.

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Noted between 1200-1232hrs

Box opened by owner
OM-M821 Peszke GP-14 C/n Unknown Private

G-AVOO Piper PA-18180 C/n 18-8511 Private
EI-GMF Schleicher ASK-13 C/n 13189 Private
EI-GLZ Schleicher ASK-21 C/n 21332 Private
EI-BIK Piper PA-18180 C/n 18-7909088 Private
EI-GLF Schleicher K.8B C/n 8486 Private
EI-GLB Schleicher ASK-21 C/n 21060 Private
EI-GLC Centrair 101A C/n 101A-0102 Private
EI-GMI Scheibe L-Spatz 55 C/n 200 Private
EI-GLD Schleicher ASK-13 C/n 13131 Private
2 x K13 Frames Glider K-13 C/n Unknown Private
2 x K13 Frames Glider K-13 C/n Unknown Private

Photo credit: John Tomlinson