Hradec Králové (Czech International Air Fest) – Sunday 1st September 2019 (John Tomlinson)

This would be the first of the two air shows that we were going to attend during this trip. This event, being the advertised as the Czech International Air Fest, was at the Hradec Kralove airfield.
A good mixture of civil types, with a few military thrown in for good measure.

As a live airfield, plenty of hangars were either open, or at least the inmates were viewable through the windows.
We had looked at the display schedule and decided that as soon as the Czech Air Force SAAB Gripen JAS-39C had done their slot, we would move on and visit soem more fields before settling in at the next hotel.

My photographs:


Noted between 0740-1430hrs

List is in order as noted:
OK-HIC Robinson R44 C/n 0840
D-MCDM Pipistrel Virus S-Wing C/n 389SW100
D-MIEW Pipistrel Virus C/n Unknown
OK-HCB MD500E C/n Unknown
OK-HYZ Robinson R22 C/n 4707
OK-HVZ Robinson R22 C/n 4708
OK-UUR 11 Dova Aircraft DV-1 Skylark C/n Unknown
OK-XAI 43 BRM Aero NG-5 Bristell C/n 376/2018 Photo of C/n plate confirms id.
OK-MAC AgustaWestland AW119 Mk II C/n 14788
OM-M773 Tomark Aero GT-9 Skyper C/n Unknown
Breitling Jet Team
ES-YLF Aero Vodochody L-39 C Albatros C/n 433141 Coded 6
ES-TLF Aero Vodochody L-39 C Albatros C/n 132114 Coded 5
ES-YLR Aero Vodochody L-39 C Albatros C/n 533628 Coded 4
ES-YLX Aero Vodochody L-39 C Albatros C/n 432905 Coded 3
ES-YLI Aero Vodochody L-39 C Albatros C/n 433142 Coded 2
ES-YLN Aero Vodochody L-39 C Albatros C/n 533637 Coded 1
G-MXVI Supermarine Spitfire LF.XVIe C/n CBAF.IX.4394 TE184/9N-B
OK-UTI MiG-15 UTI (CS-102) C/n 242266 Marked 2514
OO-NEW Sonaca 200 C/n FTA2
OK-JZE Yak-C-11 C/n 171511 Coded 171511/PS-28
I-MJET SIAI-Marchetti S.211 C/n 041
OK-AHC Bell Helicopters TAH-1 P Huey Cobra C/n 24072 Marked 22734
OK-HCA MD500E C/n Unknown
OK-MNB Zlin Z.142 C/n 0267
OK-MNJ Zlin Z.142 C/n 0289
OK-NOJ Zlin Z.142 C/n 0337
G-BUTX Bucker Bu.133 C Jungmeister C/n 1010
OK-WAL 72 Aero C-104 Jungmann UL C/n Unknown Coded UB-102
N28149 Piper J/3C 65 Cub C/n 4614
D-EOAA Xtreme Air XA-42 C/n 149
N755JM de Havilland Canada U-6 A Beaver C/n 1143
OK-IHQ Zlin Z.126 Trener 2 C/n 778
OK-RAL 02 Bleriot IX Replica C/n Unknown
OK-0115 Aerotechnik L-13 SE Vivat C/n 900412
D-ESOK Benes-Mraz M-1 D Sokol C/n 281
OK-XIG WSK-PZL An-2 T C/n 1G98-70
OK-HLS Robinson R44 C/n 2076

OK-VKF Reims-Cessna F.172 G C/n 0277
OK-JUU 55 LD Aircraft LD-1 C/n 1
OE-XRJ Schweizer 269 C C/n S 1356 Wreckage
OK-DSQ Eurocopter AS.355 N Ecureuil II C/n 5577
OK-PIP Schweizer 269 C-1 C/n 0103
OK-IGF Zlin Z.126 Trener 2 C/n Unknown

Hangar Windows
OK-YJF LET Z-37 Cmelak C/n 08-01
OK-PRA Technoavia SMG-92 TE Turbo Finist C/n 03-004
OK-XAA Cessna 172 S C/n 172S-8206
OK-RFC Cessna TU.206 E Turbo Skywagon 206 C/n U206-01454

Hangar Windows
OK-AML Cessna 510 C/n 510-0116
OK-JKT Socata TBM700 C2 C/n 327
OK-AMS Eurocopter EC120 B Colibri C/n 1293

In the hangar where we were allowed to look later, but initially declined
OK-QUA 97 Direct Fly Alto TG C/n Unknown
OK-NUO 99 AirLony Skylane UL C/n Unknown

On the field
OK-DSE Eurocopter EC135 T2+ C/n 0818

Hangar Windows
OK-YUA 79 TL Ultralight C/n Unknown
OK-WUA 41 TL Ultralight TL-2000 Sting S4 C/n Unknown
OK-WUA 36 TL Ultralight TL-2000 Sting S4 C/n Unknown
AB075 TL Ultralight Stream TP100 Mock Up C/n N/a
OK-WUA 42 TL Ultralight Stream C/n 17STR03
OK-MUA 93 TL Ultralight TL-2000 Sting Carbon RG C/n 07ST241

Split Hangar
I-D381 TL Ultralight TL-2000 Sting S4 C/n Unknown
D-MWBG TL Ultralight TL-3000 Sirius C/n Unknown
OK-QUA 09 TL Ultralight TL-2000 Sting S4 C/n Unknown
OK-SAA 38 TL Ultralight TL-3000 Sirius C/n 13SI79
OK-VUA 16 TL Ultralight TL-3000 Sirius C/n Unknown

DSA Hangar Windows DSA Hangar
OK-MIS Cessna 402B C/n 402B-0327
OK-MIT Cessna 340 A C/n 340A-0355
OK-EKT Cessna U.206 F Stationair C/n U206-02276
OK-DSN Aerospatiale AS.355 F1 Ecureuil II C/n 5086
OK-LOK Cessna 208 B Caravan EX C/n 208B-5252
OK-CFT Cessna 172 S C/n 172S-8698
OK-DSM Reims-Cessna F.150 G C/n 0186
OK-FKD Cessna 172 M C/n 172-66144
OK-LPT Enstrom 480 B C/n 5245
OK-EFX Enstrom F280 FX C/n 2143
OK-DSO Cessna 172 S C/n 172S-11648
OK-DSI Cessna 172 S C/n 172S-10704
OK-DSU Reims-Cessna F.150 H C/n 0355
OK-ENS Enstrom 480 B C/n 5083
OK-ENG Enstrom 480 B C/n 5157
OK-DSS Cessna 172 S C/n 172S-10603
OK-ASS Schweizer 269 C-1 C/n 0165
OK-PIF Schweizer 269 C-1 C/n 0296
OK-KKA Cessna 172 RG Cutlass C/n 172RG-0128

Hangar Windows
OK-PIN Schweizer 269 C C/n S 1874
OK-ASC Cessna A.150 M Aerobat C/n A150-0678
OK-BST Eurocopter EC120 B Colibri C/n 1404

Split Hangar
OK-DSF Cessna 172 S C/n 172S-9744
OK-DSR Cessna 172 RG Cutlass C/n 172RG-0551
OK-DSG Cessna 172 S C/n 172S-10265
OK-DSL Cessna 150 F C/n 150-63806
OK-DST Piper PA-34 200T Seneca II C/n 34-8070186

Outside exhibits
OK-ASB Reims-Cessna F.150 K C/n 0599
OK-DSV Cessna 172 S C/n 172S-12004
OK-LOM Cessna 208 B Caravan EX C/n 208B-5253
OK-DSJ Cessna 525 C/n 525-0351
OK-PIC Schweizer 269 C-1 C/n 0111
OK-ENV Enstrom 480 B C/n Unknown
OK-DSW Eurocopter AS.350 B3 Ecureuil C/n 7545
D-IAEB Britten-Norman BN-2 A-6 Islander C/n 0218

Displayed on airfield next to the tower
3947 Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15 bis C/n 713947

Flying Displays
OM-VIB Zlin Z.137 T Agro Turbo C/n 033
OK-8812 LET L-13 AC Blanik Acro C/n 988604
OK-0222 LET L-23 Super Blanik C/n 907714
OK-9201 LET L-23 Super Blanik C/n 897502
OK-5710 LET L-13 Blanik C/n 025718
OK-PCC Pilatus PC-12 -47E C/n 1344
9243 SAAB Gripen JAS-39C C/n 39243 Czech Air Force
9245 SAAB Gripen JAS-39C C/n 39245 Czech Air Force

Red Bull Flying Display
OK-FBA Xtreme Air XA-42 C/n 125 Red Bull Flying Display
OK-FBB Xtreme Air XA-42 C/n 127 Red Bull Flying Display
OK-FBC Xtreme Air XA-42 C/n 128 Red Bull Flying Display
OK-FBD Xtreme Air XA-42 C/n 129 Red Bull Flying Display

Photo credit: John Tomlinson