Helsinki/Malmi – Tuesday 19th June 2018 (John Tomlinson)

Next stop Helsinki Malmi airport, the original Helsinki Airport and as you will see from the photographs, it has an impressive terminal building, plenty of history plus old hangars.
We had a pre-arranged meeting with the friends of Malmi Airport, they have a high profile in Finland as they continue to petition to keep Malmi Airport open.

With our two guides, we had full access to the ramp and to all but a few small hangars. As we walked around taking photographs, they also provided us with an on going question and answer session, whilst at the same time providing us with a very informative and interesting history of the field, through to the present days activities

All in all a fantastic effort by the Friends of Malmi who deserve our hobby’s support. They even gave us the high viz vests which we had used on the tour.
See the link below to find out more about the groups activities.


Noted between 0945-1140hrs
On and about the ramp
OH-CTH Cessna 152 C/n 152-83570 Private
OH-NEU Reims-Cessna FA.152 C/n 422 Private
OH-KLS Cessna 152 C/n 152-82409 Private
OH-CMP Cessna 172P C/n 172-74422 Private
OH-CWB Cessna 172M C/n 172-62571 Private
OH-AYY American Aviation AA-5B C/n 1042 Private
OH-CIO Cessna TU.206G C/n U206-06090 Private
OH-LCH Douglas DC-3C-53C C/n 6346 Airveteran
OH-PDP Piper PA-28140 C/n 28-7325323 Private
OH-PCK Piper PA-28140 C/n 28-26309 Private
D-EHXY Rockwell Commander 112A C/n 489 Private
OH-HFA Schweizer 269C C/n S 1580 Private
OH-KAU Diamond DA 20-C1 C/n C0476 Private
OH-ESR Cirrus Design SR-20 C/n 1542 Private
OH-BAN Piper PA-28151 C/n 28-7615164 Private
OH-CKO Cessna 152 C/n 152-83579 Private
OH-EKO Cessna 182P C/n 182-63948 Private
OH-CAP Cessna 152 C/n 152-79955 Private
OH-CAY Cessna 172P C/n 172-74597 Private
OH-XEZ Van’s RV-8 C/n 80454 Private
OH-MJJ Mooney M.20 Ovation 2 GX C/n Unknown Private
OH-CVP Cessna 152 C/n 152-83201 Private
OH-CJM Cessna 152 C/n 152-83317 Private
OH-ECO Cessna 180J C/n 180-52645 Private
OH-COD Cessna 152 C/n 152-82645 Private
N756DS Diamond DA 40 C/n 40.361 Southern Aircraft Consultancy
OH-AYO American Aviation AA-5 C/n 478 Private
OH-BDA Beech B33 C/n CD-789 Private
OH-PGA Piper PA-28RT-201T C/n 28R-8331014 Private
OH-MXN Lake LA-4200 C/n 934 Private
OH-PBA Piper PA-28RT-201T C/n 28R-8431007 Private
OH-PJJ Piper PA-28140 C/n 28-25686 Private
SE-LYG Partenavia P.68C C/n 279 Corporate
OH-HTK Robinson R44 C/n 10891 Private
OH-HEV Robinson R44 C/n 10275 Private
OH-HJH Hughes 369D C/n 0774D Corporate

Helitech Hangar number 5
OH-HYP Robinson R44 C/n 1951 Private
OH-HBB Robinson R44 C/n 10435 Private
OH-HZZ Robinson R22 C/n Unknown Private
OH-HWF Robinson R22 C/n 1702 Private
OH-HZY Hughes 369D C/n 1096D Corporate
OH-HRK Robinson R22 C/n 918 Private

Hangar number 4
OH-CVY Cessna 152 C/n 152-82185 Private
OH-BAX Beech C90 C/n LJ-984 Corporate
OH-COK Cessna 172N C/n 172-67709 Private
OH-CDN Cessna 180H C/n 180-52134 Private

Large Hangar near terminal
OH-SZJ Focke-Wulf Fw.44J Stieglitz C/n 2927 Private (Marked SZ-24)
OH-IHQ Diamond DV 20 C/n 20.205 Private
OH-STR Cessna 206H C/n 206-08086 Private
OH-CRA Cessna 152 C/n 152-81374 Private
OH-COF Cessna 152 C/n 152-81698 Private
OH-PJU Piper PA-28R-200 C/n 28R-35286 Private
OH-WAA CERVA CE.43 C/n 440 Private
OH-CHZ Cessna TU.206G C/n U206-04970 Private
OH-ACM Rockwell Commander 112A C/n 277 Private
OH-CSC Cessna 195B C/n 16067 Private
OH-WAC Wassmer WA.54 Atlantic C/n 138 Preserved
OH-CLE Cessna 152 C/n 152-80803 Private

Aeroplole Flight Training Hangar
OH-VFR Cessna 180H C/n 180-52106 Private
OH-U682 Pipistrel Alpha Electro C/n 884 AE60 2018 Private
OH-OBO Extra 300LC C/n LC035 Private
OH-KAV Diamond DA 20-C1 C/n C0334 Private
OH-CAO Cessna 152 C/n 152-81506 Private
OH-KAT Diamond DA 20-C1 C/n C0096 Private
OH-KAX Diamond DA 42NG C/n 42.N018 Private

On the field
OH-PKO Piper PA-34 220T C/n 3449173 Private
OH-WOW Diamond Star C/n 40.N329 Private
OH-WAY Diamond Katana Eclipse C/n Unknown Private
OH-HSJ Robinson R22 C/n 1007 Private
OH-HEA Airbus Helicopters H125 C/n 8461 Private
OH-U451 Evektor EV-97 EuroStar C/n 2004-2108 Private
OH-U426 Ikarus Comco C-42 C/n 0306-6551 Private
OH-TOW Valmet PIK-23 C/n 001 Private

Closed Heliwest Hangars / through the windows
OH-HBC Hughes 369D C/n 0892D Corporate
OH-HBV Robinson R44 C/n 14078 Private
OH-XIU Edra Sao Paulo Super Petrel 100 C/n S0185 Private

Hangar number 7
OH-U665 Flying Machines FM.250 C/n FM250V38 Private
OH-U385 Evektor EV-97 C/n 2001-1005 Private
OH-U649 Zenair CH.701 C/n 7-94444 Private
OH-U675 ATEC Zephyr C/n Z1810317A Private

Aviation Blvd Hangar
OH-PRT Piper PA-32RT-300 C/n 32R-7885011 Private
OH-PMK Piper PA-28R-200 C/n 28R-7335030 Private
OH-TBG Socata TB-10 C/n 631 Private
OH-PJV Piper PA-28R-200 C/n 28R-35267 Private
EI-CAP Cessna R.182 C/n R182-00056 Private
OH-U565 Dova Aircraft DV-1 C/n 1301-7240 Private
OH-XTH Van’s RV-6E C/n 1076 Private

Kevytlimailu Hangar – Closed but these viewed
OH-U420 Ikarus Comco C-42 C/n 0301-6519 Private
OH-U656 Ikarus Comco C-42 C/n 1301-7240 Private
OH-U476 Evektor EV-97 C/n 2005-2314 Private

On the Dump
Unknown Piper PA-28 C/n Unknown Private