Fearn/Easter & Wick – Tuesday 5th October 2021 (Grant Robinson)

Hi all,

A long sightseeing day was had with not many aircraft seen. This was not a problem as the first part of this Scottish adventure was to show the wife as much of Scotland as I could. She, like many Brits I suspect, had never been to John O’Groats before and that was the main target today.

The last time I was at Fearn, the few aircraft that I saw were actually on the old airfield. This was back in August 1994 and seen then was WS774 Gloster Meteor NF.14, G-BFAS Evans VP-1 Srs.2 & G-LOWE Monnett Sonerai I

What I found this time was what looked to be a new and separate grass strip with lots of modern hangars just on the boundary of the old airfield. One chap was working in one and was happy to let me his very old Fournier which I first saw at Wroughton during the 1993 PFA Rally.



G-ATBP, Alpavia RF-3 (59)


When I was last at Wick, I saw precisely nothing! This visit was a definite improvement.



D-HOAG, Airbus Helicopters MBB-BK 117 D-2 (H145) (20178)
G-ELLA, Piper PA-32R 301 Saratoga SP (3246050)
G-KION, Cessna Citation CJ1 (525-0292)
N1585P, Pilatus PC-XII 47E (1585)
OY-VPS, Vulcanair P.68 Observer 2 (495-50-OB2)


John O’Groats – non aviation pictures taken here.



Dunrobin Castle – non aviation pictures taken here.



Munlochy – non aviation pictures taken here.


Then back to Inverness for our second nights stay.


Best regards,


Grant Robinson


Photograph credits: Grant Robinson