Dolgoye Ledovo – Monday 21st August 2017 (John Tomlinson)

The first full day out and it was going to be a tough one, an early start, up at 0500 and off on the road by 0600hrs. No time for hanging around.
We met our minibus driver for the first time, Alex. Grant had used him in 2015 and he knew exactly what we wanted out of each days travels. More importantly, he knew Moscow and the roads, so he was experience that we needed to enable the trip to be a success.
The first point of call was the easy one, a lone Ilyushin IL-76 M Fuselage stored at Google Map co-ordinates N55.870365 E37.952561. The place is called Dolgoye Ledovo~Moscow.
Noted at 0720hrs
CCCP-86712 Ilyushin IL-76 M C/n  0101 Withdrawn from use.
This is located on a Ex Russian Air Force base, and plenty of gates that were stopping easy access. You really need to know exactly where it is, as you go through a small but expanding housing estate. We had to leave the minibus for a short walk and go through a gate, then we saw it through an open gate. However as soon a we got close, a civilian guard and his dog came towards us and said tourists, go away. Fortunately a bagged a shot before he closed the gate!