Chkalovsky – Monday 21st August 2017 (John Tomlinson)

After the easy a quick view at the Ilyushin IL-76 at Dolgoye Ledovo~Moscow, it was time for the BIG visit for the morning.
With regards to this huge base at Chkalovskiy~Moscow, we knew what Ex Commercial airliners where based, many of them also slowly disintegrating, however this was very much a live base.
We were aware that we also needed to see a gate guard and another aircraft in the town, although this town was classed / called Shchelkovo. Yes, a few military, but it gives the full picture of the days visits and what can be seen.
Grant had been here on his 2015 visit and only noted 10 aircraft, this time we noted 72. However the reason for the low number was that, amongst other things, that they got there too late and heat haze had already kicked in, they had a foot injury for one of the group and some also got spooked at the sight of trucks going in and out of the base.
However to be quite clear, this was going to be tough. We also saw a few trucks going in the base or along the perimeter, but they did not bother looking at us. We also had to walk through a building site, again some workers just looked at us and carried on with what they were doing.
Not all of the public footpaths were clear nor even and because of this, one of our team also hurt himself when he fell on a number of occasions. At the same time the heat was high and with no or little wind, it was hot. At the end of the day a few of the team were also bitten quite a few times by mosquitoes, which was not pleasant and the bites were still seen days after. As we were walking the perimeter, stop, starting and going back to get angles, the visit from 0800hrs to 1240hrs saw us walk 17km / 11 miles. I would strongly advise anyone doing this to take plenty of water and keep bags to a minimum. Having said that, the result was excellent and the memory of this place will stay with me for many years.
Similar to the first location, before you go, you really need to study the base and path layouts on Google Maps and even after doing that, you can get a little disorientated. You also need to see where you can start the walk and ensure you get back to that location to meet up with your driver or hire car. We were at one point thinking of carrying on along a rapidly overgrown path and into the woods and if that could have been done, we may very well have saved some walk time. But it was best to return on the known path. One final point is that because the path was becoming overgrown, we did not get to a final ramp that we were hoping to.
I think that you will see the size of the base if you look at my photographs….
Just one request, but military, so delete if not interested….
15 red          Antonov An-12  C/n Unknown (Unfortunately at least two An-12 with the same ID.)
The extra two military are at the end of this report.
I have left the log as in order noted.
Viewed between 0800-1240hrs………….. and a VERY long walk.
RF-72907    Antonov An-72    C/n     36572020375    Russian Ministry of the Interior
RA-78854    Ilyushin IL-76MD-90    C/n     1013407220    Withdrawn from use
RA-86539    Ilyushin IL62M    C/n     2344615    Russian Air Force
RA-86495    Ilyushin IL62M    C/n     Unknown    Russian Air Force
RA-86559    Ilyushin IL62M    C/n     2153258    Russian Air Force
68 red    Antonov An-12BK    C/n     9346303    Russian Air Force
RA-86538    Ilyushin IL62M    C/n     2241758    Withdrawn from use
RA-86496    Ilyushin IL62 M    C/n Unknown  Russian Air Force
RA-86555    Ilyushin IL62M    C/n     4547315    Withdrawn from use
RA-86572    Ilyushin IL62M    C/n     3154624    Russian Air Force
RF-90314    Antonov An-26    C/n     83-09    Strategic Rocket Forces (Marked 03 red)
RA-85605    Tupolev Tu-154B2    C/n     84A605    Russian Air Force
RA-85042    Tupolev Tu-154M    C/n     12A998    Russian Air Force
RF-95675    Ilyushin IL-22M-II  C/n     394011097    Russian Air Force
RF-95680    Ilyushin IL-22SRT   C/n 2964017554    Russian Air Force
RF-75676 IL-18    Ilyushin IL-18E C/n   185008605    Russian Air Force
RA-78847    Ilyushin IL-76MD    C/n     1003404132    Russian Air Force
RF-90785    Ilyushin IL-22M-11    C/n     2964017558    Russian Air Force
RA-75911    Ilyushin IL-22M-11-RT    C/n     394011096    Russian Air Force
RA-86149    Ilyushin IL-86VKP    C/n     51483205048    Russian Air Force
RF-93642    Ilyushin IL-86VKP    C/n     51483205046    Russian Air Force
RF-95919    Ilyushin IL-22M-11    C/n     2964017552    Russian Air Force
RF-95920    Ilyushin IL-22M-11    C/n     2964017551    Russian Air Force
RA-86146    Ilyushin IL-86VKP    C/n     51483205042    Russian Air Force
RA-96102 Ilyushin IL-96    Ilyushin IL-96400 C/n 97693201002    Russian Air Force
RA-78846    Ilyushin IL-76MD    C/n     1003403115    Withdrawn from use
RA-76635    Ilyushin IL-76MD    C/n     53459775    Withdrawn from use
RA-78850    Ilyushin IL-76MD    C/n     1013405196    Russian Air Force
RF-72920    Antonov An-72    C/n     36572040570    Russian Air Force
RF-72930    Antonov An-72S    C/n     36572070678    Russian Air Force
RF-65990    Tupolev Tu-134A-3    C/n     63690    Russian Ministry of the Interior
RF-66049    Tupolev Tu-134UBL    C/n     64615    Russian Ministry of the Interior
RF-65912    Tupolev Tu-134A-3    C/n     63985    Russian Ministry of the Interior
RF-34252    Mil Mi-8MTV-2    C/n     95370    Russian Ministry of the Interior (Marked 77 yellow)
RF-34321    Mil Mi-8AMT-1    C/n     8AMT016430944__U    Russian Ministry of the Interior (Marked 147 yellow)
RF-34311    Mil Mi-8MTV-2    C/n     96646    Russian Ministry of the Interior (Marked 145 yellow)
RF-94995    Mil Mi-8PS-7    C/n     8663    Russian Ministry of the Interior
RA-85565    Tupolev Tu-154B2    C/n     82A565    Russian Air Force
RA-65894    Tupolev Tu-134A-3    C/n     40130    Withdrawn from use
RA-65982    Tupolev Tu-134A-3    C/n     63315    Withdrawn from use
RA-72913    Antonov An-72    C/n     36572030477    Withdrawn from use
RA-72947    Antonov An-72    C/n     36572090803    Withdrawn from use (Possible marked CCCP-72947)
72940    Antonov An-72    C/n     36572080781    Withdrawn from use
RA-42411    Yakovlev Yak-42D    C/n     4520421219043    RusJet
RF-72976    Antonov An-72    C/n     36572094884    Russian Ministry of the Interior
RF-72922    Antonov An-72    C/n     36572040560    Russian Ministry of the Interior
RF-72979    Antonov An-72    C/n     36572095908    Russian Ministry of the Interior
RF-28981    Mil Mi-8AMT    C/n     8AMT00076431903    Russian Police
RA-11652    Antonov An-12BP    C/n     402702    Russian Air Force
RA-46707    Antonov An-26    C/n     06-Mar    Withdrawn from use
RA-75895    Ilyushin IL-22M    C/n     393607050    Withdrawn from use (Marked CCCP-75895)
RF-75499    Ilyushin IL-18D    C/n     188011004    Russian Air Force
RA-12126    Antonov An-12B    C/n     402507    Withdrawn from use
RF-75478    Ilyushin IL-18D    C/n     189011302    Russian Air Force
RF-75496    Ilyushin IL-18D    C/n     189011303    Russian Air Force
RA-86142    Scrapped at Moscow DME March 2013.BUT noted twice!!
RA-85594    Tupolev Tu-154B-2    C/n     84A594    Russian Air Force
RA-65992    Tupolev Tu-134AK    C/n     63850    Russian Air Force
RA-65729    Tupolev Tu-134AK    C/n     63961    Russian Air Force
RA-65996    Tupolev Tu-134AK    C/n     63825    Russian Air Force
RA-65989    Tupolev Tu-134AK    C/n     63605    Russian Air Force
RA-65679    Tupolev Tu-134AK    C/n     23249    Withdrawn from use (Reported as scrapped around 2012/2013. I have photograph showing a full fuselage)
RA-65984    Tupolev Tu-134A-3    C/n     63400    Withdrawn from use
RA-61730    Antonov An-148100E    C/n     27015043030    Russian Air Force
RA-61724    Antonov An-148100E    C/n     27015042024    Russian Air Force
RA-86112    Ilyushin IL-86    C/n     51483208080    Withdrawn from use
RF-75351    Ilyushin IL-76MDK    C/n     73481431    Russian Air Force
RF-65150    Tupolev Tu-134A-3    C/n     60650    Russian Air Force
RF-65152    Tupolev Tu-134A-3    C/n     62732    Russian Air Force
RA-85686    Tupolev Tu-154M    C/n     90A854    Russian Air Force
RF-94940    Mil Mi-8MT    C/n     94376    Russian Air Force (Coded 33 yellow)
RA-65733 Tupolev Tu-134B-3 C/n 64425 Russian Air Force
Base Gate Guard.
2102 blue Sukhoi Su-7 BM C/n Unknown Preserved
The 2102 blue serial is now faded and resembles 21 blue. No stopping here, only a drive past.

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  1. Hi John, RF-93585 is most likely your 15 Red. It has blue spinners like the one you captured. RF-95408 has red spinners. Thanks for sharing these images.

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