Chambley/Bussières – Thursday 27th July 2017 (Grant Robinson)

Hi all,


Back to the terrible weather and so both morning and evening launches were scrubbed. Another chance was taken to check out some of the busiest hangars……

Photographs of the GA items;

The request are for the types regarding F-JWXF, 01-VE, 54-XG, 54-XN, 55-KL, 57-AVR, 57-BCJ & 76-JF please and the identity of what looks to be a Fokker E1 replica marked “94/1”

F-CGAF, Valentin Taifun  17E (1073)
F-GPFN, Hughes 269  C (S1627)
F-JWXF, B&F Technik Funk FK12 Comet (unknown)
01-VE, Air Creation GT-BI (unknown)
16-SC, Magni Gyro M-16 Tandem Trainer (unknown)
26-AFF, Quad City Challenger (unknown)
27-ACP, Fisher FP-404 (unknown)
31-BK, Pipistrel Sinus (unknown)
35-LK, Aero Services SG 10  A (unknown)
54-ABC, DTA Weightshift  15/430 (unknown)
54-ACT, B & F Funk FK-14 Polaris, F-JZGE (unknown)
54-AGH, ICP Bingo  503 (01-05-52-014)
54-AGN, Best Off SkyRanger (unknown)
54-AHT, Aerospool WT9 Dynamic, F-JXIA (DY203/2007)
54-AIV, ICP MXP-740 Savannah (unknown)
54-AIW, Zenith Zenair CH 600 Zodiac  CH 601, F-JJNY (unknown)
54-AJS, Huntair Pathfinder (unknown)
54-AJW, Air Creation Weightshift  iXess 13 (unknown)
54-AMC, Comco Ikarus C42 (unknown)
54-AQM, ICP MXP-740 Savannah (11-09-54-0122)
54-AQX, ICP MXP-740 Savannah  S, F-JUSU (13-03-54-258)
54-ARL, Comco Ikarus C42  B Cyclone (unknown)
54-ARM, Jodel D.18, F-JAUO (unknown)
54-ASC, Morane-Saulnier Type H  Replica (unknown)
54-ATS, Delta Trikes Aviation Dynamic 450 (unknown)
54-BX, Huntair Pathfinder (unknown)
54-LT, Denney Kitfox  Mk.IV Minifox, F-JBRX (unknown)
54-SF, Croses EC-6 Criquet (38)
54-SH, Cosmos Weightshift (unknown)
54-TL, Aerotrophy Trophy  STOL (unknown)
54-TN, Air Creation Weightshift  Mild (unknown)
54-XG, Air Creation Fun (unknown)
54-XN, Aviakit Vega (unknown)
54-YH, Humbert Moto Du Ciel (unknown)
54-ZC, Comco Ikarus C22  Fox (unknown)
54-ZD, Best Off SkyRanger, F-JGFK (unknown)
55-HN, Humbert Moto Du Ciel, F-JBAL (unknown)
55-KL, Air Creation Clipper (unknown)
55-MG, Zenith Zenair CH 600 Zodiac  CH 601 XL, F-JQCL (unknown)
55-RL, ICP MXP-740 Savannah  VG XL (11-06-51-941)
57-ALQ, Jodel D.18, F-PYYO (unknown)
57-APE, Flight Design CT  SW, F-JYPZ (unknown)
57-AVR, P & M Aviation QuikR (unknown)
57-BCJ, Air Creation GTE Trek (unknown)
76-JF, ICP Bingo (unknown)
77-ALR, ICP Bingo  4S (04-05-52-149)
77-AVH, Alpi Aviation Pioneer  200 (unknown)
G-CINO, Grob G 109 (6355)
I-6271, Iniziative Industriale Italian Sky Arrow  650 (072A)

F-BOXU, Piper PA-28R Arrow  180 Cherokee Arrow (28R-30290)
F-GAXQ, Robin R.2160  Alpha Sport (155)
F-GLFI, SOCATA TB Series  Tampico Club (1436)
F-GNNF, Robin HR.200  120B (280)
F-GORL, Robin DR.400  140B Dauphin 4 (2288)
F-HDKK, Piper PA-28 Cherokee  180 Cherokee C (28-3671)
F-HMEP, Robinson R-44 Raven II (12961)
F-PJOB, Lucas L-5  200 (2)
77-AQX, Aerospool WT9 Dynamic, F-JZGW (DY134/2006)

Best regards,

Grant Robinson