Berlin/Templehofer Feld – Tuesday 24th April 2018 (Grant Robinson)

A quick visit was made to this famous old Berlin airfield, which is now closed to aviation activity and has been reclaimed and given back to the people of Berlin. Now Templehof airfield is known as Templehofer Feld and whilst we were there, was a hive of activity with lots of runners, walkers and cyclists all over what was the old runway and taxiway areas. Access to the old crescent terminal area (which remains completely intact) is still restricted though, but the DC-4 could be seen sticking out from one of the terminal building hangars and the Nord 262 is still derelict in the middle of the airfield.

Some photos can be seen here;

45-0557, Douglas DC-4, United States (36010)
(N106TA), Nord 262 A-21 (34)

Photo credit: Grant Robinson

Best regards,

Grant Robinson