Berlin (Deutsches Technikmuseum) – Tuesday 24th April 2018 (Darren Kellett)

Hi all
As part of our Berlin trip, we visited the Deutsches Technikmuseum in Berlin.

Serials in ( ) were not read off / not carried, but ascertained from Wrecks and Relics online ( or from AvDb

Codes carried are in [ ]

(unmarked) Fieseler Fi-103 (V-1)
4(yellow) / 120076 He.162A-1 c/n 120076
(106) Nord 1101 c/n 106
257 Nord 1002
(331) [PN] Nord NC.702 c/n 331
1323 MiG-15Lim-2 c/n 1B01232
(1407) [+5 Red] Messerschmitt Bf.109E-3 c/n 1407
(3810) [20] Fieseler Fi-156C-3 c/n 110062
(4081) Arado Ar.96B-1 c/n 4081 – had side panels cut out for display, no serial carried
(5052) [LN+NR] Messerchmitt Bf.110F-2 c/n 5052 – composite with parts from serial 3235 and 4502
(5856) Ju-87R-2 – wreck, no serial seen
45-0951 DC-3/WC-47 c/n 34214
41256 [51-50] F-86K Sabre c/n 221-5 – really 55-4185
(100345) Focke Achgelis FA-330A-1
501659 [RM+HE] Bu.181 Bestmann
714628 [2Z+BR] Ju-88G-1 c/n 714628
A.180/14 Jeannin Stahltaube c/n 76
D-10-125 Horten HO-IIL c/n 6
D-71 Halberstadt CL.IV
D-437 Focke-Wulf A-16 (replica)
D-452 Udet U.10
D-1519 Raab-Katzenstein RK-9
D-7504 DFS Olympia Meise
D-AZAW Ju-52-3M c/n 7220
D-EBAD [A-43] Bu.131B Jungmann c/n 55
D-ECJB Cessna F172P c/n F17202087
D-ECOH Klemm KL.107C c/n 129
D-EDOD Klemm KL.35D c/n 1917
D-EIFF Rhein-West-Flug RW.3P-75 Multoplane c/n 009
D-EMVT Arado Ar.79B-1
(D-ENTE) Dornier 27 c/n 0472 – wreck, no serial seen
D-QUAX Slingsby T.38 Grasshopper c/n 776
F-PCDA Klemm L-25B c/n 138
(SE-CLC) Focke-Wulf FW-44(Sk12) c/n 51 – all white, no markings

Unmarked gliders:
Kleiner Doppeldecker
Kleiner Schlagflügeladpart
Röver Eindecker

Sections of aircraft:
Tail rudder off LVG CVI serial 4418
Tail section off IL-14
Nose section from Lockheed Constellation
Nose/engine section from IL-2
Frame section of fuselage from Gotha Ho.242
Wing/Spar section from Lancaster serial JA914[DX-O] plus other small parts
Fuselage section from Focke-Wulf Fw-200

Interesting museum with all other modes of transport / engines etc represented too. Aircraft are crammed in and not great for photography though.



Photo credit: Grant Robinson