Altenrhein/St. Gallen (Fliegermuseum Altenrhein) – Tuesday 4th April 2017 (John Tomlinson)

Today was going to be a busy day, Grant had arrange two tours at Altenrhein~St Gallen airport, one for the museum and then an airport tour.
Firstly the museum tour details.
The actual times opening were not good for our planned trip and therefore, as the website suggested, Grant contacted the curator/Owner in order to arrange a private tour. We had agreed to pay CHF20 each for this privilege, which would go to the continued support of this excellent museum.  In my opinion, money well spent, a private tour with an interesting guide full of quality information and unrestricted access for photographs.
One man glider with name ASKÖ-Sportfliegergruppe Bregenz
??HB-MSR   Large or Full Scale Model of Mudry CAP-231
On with the log, in order as seen / photographed.
Unknown    Dornier Do.X Model    C/n     N/a    Preserved
HB-UUY    Bucker APM.131-150    C/n     10    Preserved
HB-RVV    Hawker Hunter T.68    C/n     HABL003207    Preserved  Marked J-4206/206
HB-RCJ    Pilatus P.3-05    C/n     467-16    Private Marked A-829
HB-RCV    Bleriot XI    C/n     1    Preserved
HB-DAI    SNCAN N.1203 Norecrin II    C/n     307    Preserved
HB-OFR    Piper L-4J    C/n     13285    Private
HB-BAO    Ballonfabrik Stuttgart K-1260/3-STU    C/n     281    Preserved
J-1717    de Havilland DH-112 Venom FB.54    C/n     870    Private
HB-355    Spalinger S-21H    C/n     Unknown    Preserved
N540TS    Zivko Edge 540-TK    C/n     2015    Private
White 09    Yak 52    C/n unknown Private
HB-KHN    American Champion 8KCAB    C/n     1047-2007    Private
N9750N    Extra 230    C/n     3    Private
Unknown    Man and Kite    C/n     N/a    Preserved
HB-RVE    de Havilland DH-100 Vampire FB.6    C/n     993    Preserved Marked J-1082
HB-994    FFA Diamant 16.5    C/n     65    Preserved Coded AD
HB-RVQ    Hawker Hunter F.58    C/n     41H/697431    Preserved Marked J-4064
V-250    Sud Aviation SE.3160    C/n     126    Preserved
N43AF    North American SNJ-5    C/n     88-15368    Preserved Coded 88
HB-RBG    Boeing  Stearman Kaydet PT-13D    C/n     75-5345    Preserved Marked 61224/385
HB-EJV    Beech C33    C/n     CD-1028    Private
HB-UGM    Aeronca 11AC    C/n     11AC-1611    Private
J-2331    Dassault Mirage IIIS    C/n     1021    Preserved
J-4062    Hawker Hunter F.58    C/n     41H/697429    Preserved
G-LORD    Piper PA-34200T    C/n     34-7970347    Preserved
N848AD    Pilatus P.3-05    C/n     486-35    Preserved A-848
V-68    Sud Aviation SE.3130    C/n     1924    Preserved
T7-FMA    Pilatus PC-7    C/n     315    Fliegermuseum Altenrhein
T7-FUN    Pilatus PC-7    C/n     317    Fliegermuseum Altenrhein
HB-HKO    FFA AS 20218A-4    C/n     234    FFA Altenrhein AG
HB-CBF    Reims-Cessna F.150F    C/n     5    Flieger-Schule Hausen-am-Albis Coded T-05 in Pseudo USAF markings
HB-KIU    Focke-Wulf FWP-149D    C/n     175    Preserved
HB-RVP    Hawker Hunter T.68    C/n     HABL003221    Preserved Marked J-4205
HB-RVR    Hawker Hunter T.68    C/n     41H/670806    Private Marked J-4201
J-1559    de Havilland DH-112 Venom FB.50    C/n     769    Preserved
J-1643    de Havilland DH-112 Venom FB.50    C/n     853    Preserved
HB-RVJ    de Havilland DH-115 Vampire T.55    C/n     988    Preserved Marked U-1228