Altenrhein/St. Gallen (Airfield) – Tuesday 4th April 2017 (John Tomlinson)

After the excellent privately escorted Fliegermuseum Altenrhein visit, it was now time for the airport tour!
After Grant Robinson had introduced the group to the airport guide (The operations manager), we went through ‘passport control’ and airside. We were met on the ramp by a minibus and the operations manager was going to do the driving and was going to make the tour as interesting and productive as possible for us. As per the museum, we paid CHF32 each for this tour and understand that if requested, this is a regular feature of this airport, both for aviation enthusiasts and the general public alike.
Before we left, we also made sure that we had a few photographs of the airport Gate Guard:
J-1111 de Havilland DH-100 Vampire FB.6 C/n 620 Preserved Pole-mounted on a roundabout just off western edge of airfield
Noted between 0900-1040hrs
5A-PAC    de Havilland Canada DHC-6400    C/n     854    Petro Air
C-GNVA    de Havilland Canada DHC-6400    C/n     925    Viking Air/DHC
CS-DUC    Hawker-Siddeley 125750    C/n     HB-6    NetJets Europe
D-CAWU    Cessna 560    C/n     560-5797    Wuerth Aviation
D-IAMA    Piper PA-23250    C/n     27-7305204    Private
F-GLFS    Socata TB-20    C/n     1364    Private
HB-CRY    Cessna 175    C/n     55915    Flieger-Schule Hausen-am-Albis
HB-DII    Mooney M.20R    C/n     29-0233    Private
HB-EJE    Beech A36TC    C/n     EA-118    Private
HB-FLA    Pilatus PC-6B2-H4    C/n     905    Zimex Aviation
HB-FPC    Pilatus PC-12-45    C/n     422    Corporate
HB-FVD    Pilatus PC-12-47E    C/n     1072    Air Corviglia
HB-GGM    Beech 58P    C/n     TJ-103    Private
HB-GPD    Beech 58P    C/n     TJ-281    Private
HB-HFJ    FFA AS 20232TP    C/n     243    Alpine Segelflugschule Schanis AG
HB-KHC    Socata TBM700C2    C/n     342    Corporate
HB-KPJ        C/n
HB-KWM    Cirrus Design SR-22T    C/n     1033    Private
HB-LSG    Piper PA-60602P    C/n     60-8265033    Corporate
HB-LTV    Diamond DA 42    C/n     42.284    Private
HB-LYD    Piaggio P-180    C/n     1060    Corporate
HB-LZI    Cessna 340A    C/n     340A-1503    Private
HB-OYX    Piper PA-28R-180    C/n     28R-30065    Private
HB-PHU    Piper PA-28181    C/n     28-8490070    F-Air Flight Operations
HB-PIN    Piper PA-28RT-201    C/n     28R-8018057    Private
HB-POY    Piper PA-46350P    C/n     4622090    Private
HB-PPX    Piper PA-28181    C/n     2890176    Gruppo Volo Motore Lugano
HB-PSH    Piper PA-46500TP    C/n     4697143    Private
HB-PTM    Piper PA-32R-301T    C/n     32R-8529007    Private
HB-SGC    Diamond DA 40D    C/n     D4.367    Fliegerschule St Gallen
HB-SGE    Diamond DA 40    C/n     40.821    F-Air Flight Operations
HB-SPK    Diamond DA 40    C/n     40.046    Private
HB-TUS    Cessna T.206H    C/n     T206-09217    Private
HB-VER        C/n     525A-0343    Corporate
HB-VWS        C/n
HB-ZMD    Robinson R44    C/n     12588    Bonsai Helikopter AG
HB-ZSA    Robinson R44    C/n     10365C    Mountain Flyers 80 Ltd
HB-ZTI    McD-D Helicopters MD-520N    C/n     LN071    Airport Helicopter AHB AG
M-ROIL    IAI GalaxyG200    C/n     237    Corporate
N1056T    Mooney M.20S    C/n     30-0065    Private
N159CS    Cirrus Design SR-22    C/n     3410    Private
N198JH    Cessna 525    C/n     525-0265    Corporate
N9GF    Piper PA-46310P    C/n     4608127    Private
OE-GHB    Cessna 560    C/n     560-5569    Corporate
OE-GJP    Cessna 525B    C/n     525B-0255    Corporate
OE-GRA    Cessna 525B    C/n     525B-0135    Corporate
OE-LMK    Embraer Emb-170100ST    C/n     17000150    People’s ViennaLine
OE-LTK    Embraer Emb-170100ST    C/n     17000093    People’s ViennaLine
OO-CJP    Cessna 414A    C/n     414A-0229    Corporate