Washington/Dulles (National Air & Space Museum) – Sunday 23rd September 2018 (John Tomlinson)

The second main aviation museum that was on my to do list was the Udvar-Hazy Center located next to Washington-Dulles Airport.

Another excellent museum and larger than the museum in down town Washington at The Mall.

Of the reported 191 exhibits here, I required 164, so plenty to look forward to and photograph.

I supposed fours hours could easily turned in to six, but we had more travelling and sightseeing to do before the end of the day….Gettysburg being the end of day target.

We arrived in good time, just before opening at 1000hrs. After a security check, my wife had a quick look around from the balcony and then made her way to the cafe and relaxed with a drink and enjoyed reading a book. Garry and I wandered around, took in the atmosphere and clicked the camera for plenty of photographs.

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Noted between 1000-1300hrs

1063 Sikorsky JRS-1 C/n 4346 Preserved
1089 Yokosuka MXY-7 Ohka C/n 1089 Preserved (Marked 59)
121447 Dornier Do.335 A-02 Pfeil C/n 240102 Preserved (Marked / Coded 102 / VG+PH)
125477 Kaman XHOK-1 Huskie C/n Bu125477 Preserved
125517 Sikorsky S-52 HO5S-1 C/n 52-010 Preserved (Coded WB-46)
138652 Hiller XHOE-1 Hornet C/n 5 Preserved (Coded FT-652)
1426 Sikorsky HH-52 A Seaguard C/n 62114 Preserved
146860 Ling-Temco-Vought RF-8 G Crusader C/n 632 Preserved (Coded AF-701)
153369 Boeing-Vertol CH-46 E Sea Knight C/n 2265 Preserved (Coded MQ-400)
154167 Grumman A-6 E Intruder C/n I-302 Preserved
157307 McDonnell-Douglas F-4 S Phantom II C/n 4018 Preserved (Coded WT-03)
159610 Grumman F-14 D Tomcat C/n 157 Preserved (Coded NK-105)
1600228 Aichi M6 A1 Seiran C/n 1600228 Preserved **** Could not see the code 47
213 Republic LTV-N-2 C/n Unknown Preserved
26-0431 Loening OA-1 A C/n 26-0431 Preserved (Coded 3)
301 Lockheed Martin X-35 B Lightning II C/n PAV-1 Preserved
3022 NAF N3N-3 C/n Bu3022 Preserved (Coded 44)
33-0135 Boeing P-26 A Peashooter C/n 1911 Preserved (Coded 7-34)
4022 Saunders-Roe/Hiller YROE-1 Rotorcycle C/n 4 Preserved
41-18874 Sikorsky XR-4 C Hoverfly C/n 2 Preserved (Marked 118874)
41-31773 Martin B-26 B Marauder C/n 41-31773 Preserved (Unmarked)
41834 Grumman F6F-3K Hellcat C/n A-3100 Preserved (Coded 37)
42-13610 Kellett XO-60 C/n 118 Preserved (Marked 213610)
42-14798 Stinson L-5 Sentinel C/n 76-1 Preserved
42-67762 Lockheed P-38 J Lightning C/n 422-2273 Preserved
4320 Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15 bis C/n 70109 Preserved (Marked 70109)
43-8330 Northrop P-61 C Black Widow C/n 1376 Preserved (Marked NACA331 / FK-330)
44-32691 Republic P-47 D Thunderbolt C/n 44-32691 Preserved (Marked 432691 / LH-E)
44-86292 Boeing B-29 Superfortress C/n 44-86292 Preserved (Marked 82 / R and named Enola Gay)
48-0260 North American F-86 A Sabre C/n 151-43629 Preserved (Marked / Coded 8260 / FU-260)
4983 Springfield JN-4 D Jenny C/n 4983 Preserved
50375 Vought F4U-1D Corsair C/n 5622 Preserved (Coded 56)
51-11963 Cessna L-19 A Bird Dog C/n 22277 Preserved (Marked 0-11963)
53-5226 Lockheed T-33 A Shooting Star C/n 580-8565 Preserved (Marked 35226)
56-3440 North American F-100 D Super Sabre C/n 245-90 Preserved (Marked / Coded 63-440 / CB)
56-6944 Hiller VZ-1 Pawnee C/n 2 Preserved (Unmarked)
57-2729 Bell Helicopters UH-13 J Sioux C/n 1576 Preserved (Marked 72729)
5909 Vought OS2U -3 Kingfisher C/n 2400 Preserved (Unmarked and Coded 13)
60-0445 Republic F-105 D Thunderchief C/n D-133 Preserved (Marked 00445)
61064 Boeing Stearman Kaydet N2S-5 C/n 75-5186 Preserved
61-7972 Lockheed SR-71 A Blackbird C/n 2023 Preserved (Marked 17972)
65-10126 Bell Helicopters UH-1 H Iroquois C/n 5170 Preserved (Marked 0-10126)
67-15508 Bell Helicopters AH-1 F Huey Cobra C/n 20172 Preserved
76 DSI/NASA Oblique Wing Research Aircraft C/n Unknown Preserved
8103/18 Halberstadt CL.IV C/n 135 Preserved (Marked 8103)
83479 Curtiss SB2C-5 Helldiver C/n Bu83479 Preserved (Coded 208)
A-103 Nakajima JY91 Kikka C/n 7337 Preserved (Unmarked)
A4236 Curtiss N-9H C/n 2558 Preserved (Unmarked)
A7114 Boeing FB-5 C/n 820 Preserved (Coded 6-F-4)
A9264 Curtiss F9C -2 Sparrowhawk C/n Unknown Preserved (Marked 9056)
AS.9392 SPAD XVI A2 C/n 959 Preserved (Marked 9392)
AS68533 Sperry-Verville M-1 Messenger C/n 68533 Preserved (Marked 68533 / P-306)
C.4263 Caudron G.IV C/n 4263 Preserved (Marked 2170 / 194)
C-IEQU Cosmos Phase II C/n B21128 Preserved
DS-1289 Gyrodyne QH-50 C DASH C/n 1289 Preserved (Loan from Naval Undersea Museum Keyport~WA)
F-008 Orbital Sciences Pegasus XL C/n Unknown Preserved
F-2163 Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21 F-13 C/n 74212106 Preserved (Marked 63 red)
F-BVFA BAC/SUD Concorde 101 C/n 205 Preserved
G13763 Bowlus-Dupont 1-S -2100 Senior Albatross C/n 3 Preserved
G-BFHD Junkers CASA 352L C/n 146 Preserved (Marked D-ADLH)
G-MURY Robinson R44 Astro C/n 0201 Preserved
HB-BRA Cameron Balloon R-650 C/n 4380 Preserved (Unmarked)
LF686 Hawker Hurricane IIc C/n LF686 Preserved
N1048N Curtiss P-40 E Kittyhawk I C/n 15346 Preserved (Coded 194)
N1050 Grumman G-22 Gulfhawk II C/n 355 Preserved (Marked NR1050)
N10965 Curtiss-Wright CW-1 Junior C/n 1143 Preserved (Marked NC10965 on top of wing)
N10LL Stephens Akro Lazer Z100 C/n 3 Preserved
N1100Z Arlington Sisu 1A C/n 102 Preserved (Coded 33)
N11036 Bellanca CF Air Sedan C/n C-56 Preserved (Unmarked)
N1104W Lockheed C-121 C Super Constellation C/n 4196 Preserved (Marked 0-40177)
N1111L Grumman F8F-2 Bearcat C/n D.1020 Preserved (Coded 1)
N11213 Cessna 150 L C/n 150-75257 Preserved
N114DA Piper PA-23 150 Apache C/n 23-14 Preserved
N116B Bell Helicopters 47 B C/n 36 Preserved
N1202 North American P-51 C Mustang C/n 111-29080 Preserved (Marked NX1202)
N1375 Standard J-1 C/n 177 Preserved
N13Y de Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk 1A-1 C/n 23 Preserved
N14CS Grumman Goose G-21A C/n 1048 Preserved (Marked NC702A)
N150 Douglas M-4 Mailplane C/n 338 Preserved (Marked C150)
N1538C Cessna 180 C/n 30238 Preserved
N15696 Bucker Bu.133 B Jungmeister C/n 42 Preserved
N15749 Mignet HM.14 Pou-du-Ciel C/n PC.1 Preserved (Marked X15749)
N169H Quickie Aircraft Corp. Quickie Q-1 C/n 169 Preserved
N17999 Grob G.102 Standard Astir II C/n 5558S Preserved
N18449 American Aerolights Eagle C/n 200146 Preserved (Marked 573-1311)
N1872P Piper PA-18 150 Super Cub C/n 18-4151 Preserved
N18849 Rotorway Scorpion Too C/n 707 Preserved
N18979 Bowlus BA-100 Baby Albatross C/n 100 Preserved (Marked X18979)
N18JS Sharp DR.90 C/n 1 Preserved
N1960R Aerostar S.50A Raven Balloon C/n S50A-179 Preserved (Unmarked)
N19903 Boeing S.307 B1 Stratoliner C/n 2003 Preserved (Marked NC19903)
N202SE Insitu Scan Eagle X-200 C/n 11-1313 Preserved
N20645 Stanley Nomad C/n 1 Preserved (Marked NX20645)
N22E Pitts S-1C Special C/n 2 Preserved
N234BD Bede BD-5 B C/n 2731-001 Preserved
N2365M Piper PA-12 Super Cruiser C/n 12-1618 Preserved (Marked NX2365M)
N23HW Monnett Moni C/n 00154 Preserved
N2588B Bensen B.8 M C/n 194 Preserved
N263Y Turner LTR-14 Meteor C/n 1 Preserved (Marked / Coded NX263Y / 29)
N275DP Beech 90 King Air C/n LJ-34 Preserved
N277SE Scaled Composites SC.311 GlobalFlyer C/n 001 Preserved (Marked N277SF)
N2790Z Schweizer SGU-2-22EK C/n 212 Preserved
N2797 Sikorsky UH-19 A C/n 55-033 Preserved (Marked N4782S)
N28311 Northrop N-1M C/n 1 Preserved (Marked NX28311)
N30033 Hiller XH-44 Hiller-Copter C/n 1 Preserved (Marked NX30033)
N30128 Yost Stratojump III C/n Unknown Preserved
N30M Fairchild KR-34 C/n 384 Preserved
N31250 US Home Built Light Aircraft C/n 1 Preserved (Marked NX31250)
N3199K Mooney M.18 C Mite C/n 201 Preserved
N32AD Robinson R22 C/n 0002 Preserved
N332Y Schweizer-Grumman G-164 A Ag-Cat C/n 207 Preserved
N333XT Nemesis Nemesis NXT C/n 1A Preserved (Coded 3 NXT)
N34923 Nelson BB-1 Dragonfly C/n 507 Preserved
N35773 Piper J/3C 65 Cub C/n 6578 Preserved (Marked NC35773)
N36Y Monocoupe 110 Special C/n 7W-96 Preserved (Marked NC36Y)
N37061 Piasecki PV-2 C/n Unknown Preserved (Marked NX37061)
N3911Z Bell Helicopters 206 L-1 LongRanger II C/n 45658 Preserved
N4123A Nieuport 28 C.1 C/n 1958E Preserved (Coded 8)
N41867 Bell Helicopters 30 C/n 1A Preserved (Marked NX41867)
N434N Curtiss-Wright Travel Air D-4-D C/n 1340 Preserved
N46501 Ryan PT-22 A Recruit C/n 1777 Preserved (Coded 481)
N4A Goodyear Blimp GZ-20A C/n C-49 Preserved
N4EZ Rutan Vari Eze C/n 002 Preserved
N500RA Aero Commander Shrike Commander 500S C/n 3127 Preserved
N502FB Home Built Balloon C/n SC502-CAP1 Preserved
N5032 Gittens Ikenga 530Z C/n DK001 Preserved
N50DE Yost GB-55 C/n 108 Preserved
N522B Beech D.18S C/n A-481 Preserved
N525SA Schweizer SHM-41A X2 C/n 0001 Preserved
N53601 Frankfort TG-1 A Cinema C/n B-2-39 Preserved (Marked 453601)
N54P Waterman W-5 Arrowbile C/n 1 Preserved
N582U Mitchell Super Wing U-2 C/n PU-646 Preserved
N5K Stits SA-2 A Sky Baby C/n 2 Preserved
N626N Aeronca C.2 Collegian C/n A-2 Preserved (Marked X626N)
N629JA Sopwith F.1 Camel C/n TS-01 Preserved (Marked B6291)
N70 Pitcairn AC-35 C/n J-91 Preserved (Marked NX70)
N703NA Bell Helicopters XV-15 A C/n 0002 Preserved
N70700 Boeing 367 –80 C/n 17158 Preserved
N72 Farman L Sport C/n 15 Preserved (Unmarked)
N726GM Sukhoi Su-26 M C/n 02-05 Preserved
N74154 Fulton FA-3 101 Airphibian C/n 1 Preserved (Marked NC74154)
N7557L Cessna A.152 Aerobat C/n A152-0817 Preserved
N7791 Westland Lysander IIIA C/n 1185 Preserved (Coded AC-B)
N80040 Beech 35 Bonanza C/n 4 Preserved
N8006 Fairchild FC-2 C/n 140 Preserved (Marked NX8006)
N802L Learjet 23 C/n 23-002 Preserved
N80518 Temco Globe GC-1 A Swift C/n 21 Preserved (Marked NC80518)
N8689 Fleet 2 C/n 75 Preserved (Marked NC8689)
N89TT Beck-Mahoney Sorceress C/n 1 Preserved (Coded 89)
N8FE Dassault Falcon 20DC C/n 199 Preserved
N911MP Ultraflight Lazair C/n A838 Preserved
N9325 Arrow Sport C/n 341 Preserved (Marked G-AARO)
N9765C NASA Parasev 1A C/n Unknown Preserved
N982V Curtiss 35 Hawk IA C/n 1 Preserved
N9A Goodyear Airship Pilgrim C/n NC9A Preserved (Unmarked)
NASA-101 Unidentified Type Glider C/n 01 Preserved
OV-103 Rockwell Orbiter C/n OV-103 Preserved
T2-1010 Arado Ar.234 B-2 C/n 140312 Preserved (Marked 140312 on tail and coded F1+GS)
T2-117 Focke-Wulf Fw.190 F-8/R1 C/n 931884 Preserved (Marked 931884 / White 7)
T2-2600 Schneider DFS 108-49 Grunau Baby IIB C/n 031016 Preserved (Marked 31.016 / LZ-NC)
T2-305 Kawanishi N1K 2-J Shiden-Kai C/n 5341 Preserved (Coded 343-A35)
T2-326 Kyushu J7W1 Shinden C/n Unknown Preserved
T2-4618 Focke-Achgelis Fa.330 A-1 Bachstelze C/n 60133 Preserved (Unmarked)
T2-490 Gotha Go.229 C/n V-3 Preserved (Marked FE-490)
T2-500 Messerschmitt Me.163 B-1a Komet C/n 191301 Preserved (Marked 191301)
T2-5039 Horten Ho.III h C/n 31 Preserved (Marked LA+AI, but marks not visible!)
T2-5042 Horten Ho.III f C/n 32 Preserved (Unmarked)
T2-614 Heinkel He.219 A-2 Uhu C/n 290202 Preserved (Marked / Coded 290202 / GI+KQ) Parts of, the main body is in the restoration area.
T2-700 Nakajima J1N1 -S Gekko C/n 7334 Preserved (Marked 7334 / 3-102)
T2-701 Kawasaki Ki.45 Toryu C/n 4268 Preserved (Marked 4268)
Unknown Don Piccard Balloon Basket C/n N/a Preserved (Unmarked)
Unknown J. Renee Balloon Cabin C/n N/a Preserved (Unmarked)
Unknown Julian Nott ICI Innovation Balloon Gondola C/n N/a Preserved (Unmarked)
Unknown Modern Hot Air Balloon Basket C/n N/a Preserved (Unmarked)
Unknown Olmsted Pusher C/n Unknown Preserved
Unknown Small Yellow aircraft hanging from ceiling C/n N/a Preserved (Unmarked)
Unmarked AeroVironment Pathfinder Plus C/n Unknown Preserved
Unmarked Bensen B.6 C/n 1 Preserved
Unmarked Curtiss Model E Hydro C/n Unknown Preserved
Unmarked Delta Wing Mariah M-9 C/n Unknown Preserved
Unmarked Delta Wing Phoenix Streak 130 C/n Unknown Preserved
Unmarked Delta Wing Phoenix VIB C/n Unknown Preserved
Unmarked Delta Wing Phoenix Viper 175 C/n Unknown Preserved
Unmarked Fowler Gage Tractor C/n 1 Preserved
Unmarked Lippisch DM-1 C/n V-1 Preserved
Unmarked MacCready Gossamer Albatross C/n 1 Preserved
Unmarked Nagler-Rolz NR.54 C/n V-2 Preserved
Unmarked Pterodactyl Fledgling C/n Unknown Preserved
Unmarked Sportwings Valkryie C/n Unknown Preserved
Unmarked VanDersarl Bleriot C/n Unknown Preserved
Unmarked Weedhopper JC-24 C/n 1845 Preserved
Unmarked 1908 Wright Military Flyer C/n Unknown Preserved
Unmarked Baldwin Red Devil C/n Unknown Preserved
Unmarked Benoist XII C/n 32 Preserved
Unmarked Delta Wing Phoenix VI 162 C/n Unknown Preserved
Unmarked Eipper Cumulus 10 C/n Unknown Preserved
Unmarked Huff-Daland D-1 Duster C/n 1 Preserved
Unmarked Langley Aerodrome A Replica C/n A Preserved
Unmarked VanDersarl Bleriot C/n Unknown Preserved
Unmarked Wills Wing Talon 150 C/n Unknown Preserved