Washington Centre (National Air & Space Museum) – Wednesday 19th September 2018 (John Tomlinson)

One of the main aviation museums that was on my to do list was the National Air & Space Museum on The Mall in Washington.

An excellent museum, it was all that I was expecting. I had been here back on the 30th June 1982 and seen 50 aircraft. This museum now holds 79 aircraft, of which I had seen 28 and needed the remaining 51.

My wife and I arrived in good time, just before opening at 1000hrs. We both had a bit of a wander, however I then went off on my own taking photographs and she sat down to do some reading of books and planning the details of the tourist places that we were to visit later in the day.

A good three and a half hours later we were ready to leave and push on with some tourist sight seeing.

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Noted between 1000-1330hrs

Boeing Milestones of Flight National Mall Entrance Jefferson Drive

N328KF Scaled Composites SC.316 SpaceShip One C/n 001 Preserved
56-6670 North American X-15 A-1 C/n 240-1 Preserved Marked 66670
NX211 Ryan NYP C/n 30 Preserved Marked N-X-211
Unmarked Wright EX Replica C/n Unknown Preserved
46-0062 Bell X-1 C/n 1 Preserved Marked 6062 Named Glamorous Gleniss
Unknown Viking Lander C/n N/a Preserved
42-108784 Bell XP-59 A Airacomet C/n 27-1 Preserved Unmarked

Gallery 108 – Welcome Center Independence Ave Entrance

N269VA Rutan Voyager C/n 1 Preserved

Design Hangar How things Fly

Unmarked Cessna 150 Full Frame C/n Unknown Preserved Unknown ID
Unmarked Cessna 150 Half frame on wall C/n Unknown Preserved Unknown ID

Gallery 114 – Space Race

N803NA Northrop M2-F3 C/n NLB-101 Preserved Marked NASA 803
Unmarked Fieseler Fi.103 A-1 C/n Unknown Preserved

Gallery 110 – Looking at Earth

21959 Airco DH-4 C/n A.15101 Preserved Unmarked
56-6680 Lockheed U-2 C ‘Dragon Lady’ C/n 347 Preserved Marked 66680
Unmarked Balloon Basket C/n Unknown Preserved

Gallery 107 – Early Flight

Unmarked Lilienthal Normal-Segelapparat C/n Unknown Preserved
Unmarked Wright Military 1919 C/n Unknown Preserved However label states Wright Military 1909
340 Bleriot XI C/n 340 Preserved Coded 3
Unmarked Curtiss Pusher D Replica C/n 1 Preserved
Unmarked Hargrave Ornithopter C/n Unknown Preserved
5 Langley Aerodrome No.5 C/n 5 Preserved Unmarked
Unmarked Gallaudet Hydro Kite C/n Unknown Preserved
Unmarked Scale Model of Langley Aerodrome C/n Unknown Preserved
Unmarked Ecker Flying Boat C/n 2 Preserved

Gallery 106 – Jet Aviation

111759 McDonnell FH-1 Phantom C/n 11 Preserved
T2-111 Messerschmitt Me.262 A-1a Schwalbe C/n 500491 Preserved Marked 500491 / Yellow 7
44-83020 Lockheed XP-80 Shooting Star C/n 140-1001 Preserved 78 on nose and 483020 on the tail

Gallery 105 – Golden Age of Flight

N14855 Wittman DFA C/n 4 Preserved Marked NX14855 / 20
N15840 Beech C17L Staggerwing C/n 93 Preserved Marked NC15840
NR258Y Hughes H-1 C/n 1 Preserved
NR526N Curtiss-Wright Robin C/n 723 Preserved
NR12269 Northrop Gamma 2B C/n 2 Preserved

Military Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

159 IAI RQ-2 A Pioneer C/n Unknown Preserved
Unmarked Boeing X-45 A C/n AV-1 Preserved
1026 AAI Corporation RQ-7 A Shadow 200 C/n Unknown Preserved Named Screamin Demon
97-3034 General Atomics MQ-1 L Predator C/n P-034 Preserved Marked 97-034 / WA
Unmarked Northrop Grumman /Boeing RQ-3 A Dark Star C/n AV.4 Preserved
AV-050 AeroVironment RQ-14 A Dragon Eye C/n AV-050 Preserved

Gallery 102 – America by Air

N18124 Douglas DC-3 201 C/n 2000 Preserved
N11 Boeing 247 D C/n 1953 Preserved NC13369 one side / NR257Y on the other
N334AA Douglas DC-7 C/n 45106 Preserved Unmarked Named Flagship Vermont
N601US Boeing 747 151 C/n 19778 Preserved Unmarked
N9683 Ford 5-AT-B Tri-Motor C/n 5-AT-39 Preserved
N11Y Northrop Alpha 4A C/n 3 Preserved Marked NC11Y / 12
N6853 Fairchild FC-2 C/n 139 Preserved Marked NC6853
N2895 Pitcairn PA-15 Mailwing C/n 1 Preserved Marked NC2895 / 21

Gallery 101 – Museum Shop

N11DR Pitts S-1S Special C/n JDR-2 Preserved
Unmarked Cessna 150 Full Frame C/n Unknown Preserved Unknown ID

Gallery walkway

N618PW Extra 260 C/n 001 Preserved
Unmarked MacCready Gossamer Condor C/n 1 Preserved

Gallery 203 – Sea-Air Operations

148314 Douglas A-4 C Skyhawk C/n 12624 Preserved Coded NP-681
54605 Douglas SBD-6 Dauntless C/n 6119 Preserved Coded 109
15392 Grumman FM-1 Wildcat C/n 401 Preserved Coded E-10
N9329 Boeing F4B-4 C/n 1757 Preserved Coded 9241 / 21

Gallery 205 – World War II Aviation

T2-498 Macchi MC.202 Folgore C/n Unknown Preserved Marked MM9476 / 90-4
44-74939 North American P-51 D Mustang C/n 122-41479 Preserved Coded YJ-E Named Willit Run
T2-130 Mitsubishi A6M5 -52 Zero C/n 4340 Preserved Marked 4340 / 61-131
FE-400 Supermarine Spitfire F.VIIc C/n 6S/171652 Preserved Marked EN474
T2-496 Messerschmitt Bf.109 G-6/R3 C/n 160756 Preserved Marked White 2 Wk Nr 16016 noted on tail

Gallery 206 – World War I Aviation

D.2486/18 Pfalz D.XII C/n 2936 Preserved
4640 Voisin VIII C/n V.1817 Preserved
N17501 Royal Aircraft Factory FE.8 Replica C/n 300 Preserved Coded 2 on one side of the aircraft.
S.7689 SPAD XIII C1 C/n 7689 Preserved Coded 20
D.7161/17 Albatros Flugzeugwerke D.Va C/n 2004 Preserved Unmarked
4635/18 Fokker D.VII C/n 3533 Preserved Coded U-10
N8737R Sopwith 7F.1 Snipe C/n 9262C Preserved Marked E8082 / X

2nd Floor above West Escalator area

N818NA Lockheed YF-104 A Starfighter C/n 183-1007 Preserved
NACA 144 Douglas D.558 -II Skyrocket C/n 6568 Preserved

Gallery 208 – Pioneers of Flight

AS.64233 Fokker F.IV T-2 C/n 1800 Preserved Coded P253
NR211 Lockheed 8 Sirius C/n 140 Preserved
N20137 Taylor Brothers J/2 Cub C/n 1937 Preserved
NR7952 Lockheed 5 B Vega C/n 22 Preserved Marked NC7952
A6979 Curtiss R3C -2 C/n 26-33 Preserved Coded 3
23-1230 Douglas DWC World Cruiser C/n 146 Preserved Coded 2 Named Chicago
Unknown Explorer 11 Gondola C/n N/a Preserved
N277SF Cameron Balloon R-550 C/n 4384 Preserved Unmarked Named Bud Light Spirit of Freedom
Unknown Goddard ‘Hoopskirt’ rocket C/n N/a Preserved

Gallery 209 – The Wright Brothers
Unmarked Wright Flyer 1903 C/n 1 Preserved
Unmarked Wright 1900 Glider Replica C/n Unknown Preserved
Unmarked Wright Kite Replica C/n N/a Preserved
Unmarked Wright 1902 Glider Replica C/n Unknown Preserved

Gallery 213 – Time and Navigation

N105W Lockheed 5 C Vega C/n 72 Preserved Marked NC-105-W/NR105W Named The Winnie Mae of Oklahoma