Vienna/Schwechat – Thursday 5th September 2019 (John Tomlinson)

Our first taste of a major airport for a few days, always nice to get some heavy metal. We went on to the public car park 3 with the van and viewed the ramp.

You can see a fair way down to the right, although the business jet ramp is not viewable from this vantage point. You can also see the approach for runway 34, although some aircraft were also using this for departures.

Fortunately FR24 on our mobile phones were helping us with these. However many departures were in front of us on runway 29, so that was good news.

After a while, we went and parked near the business jet ramp and walked along the car park fence to view all that was parked outside. The hangars were all closed up.

As dusk was setting in and we were still wanting to go to two other airfields, we made our move at 1820hrs

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Noted between 1605-1820hrs
A7-BCN Boeing 7878 C/n 38332 Qatar Airways
B-2732 Boeing 7878 C/n 34926 China Southern Airlines
CS-LTK Cessna 680A C/n 680A-0183 NetJets Europe
D-ABFP Airbus A320214 C/n 4606 Eurowings Austria
D-ABHA Airbus A320214 C/n 3540 Eurowings
D-AEUH Airbus A320214 C/n 4329 Eurowings
D-AGBI Dassault Falcon 7X C/n 267 Volkswagen Air Service
D-AGWD Airbus A319132 C/n 3011 Eurowings
D-AGWH Airbus A319132 C/n 3352 Eurowings
D-AKNV Airbus A319112 C/n 2632 Eurowings
D-CAWK Cessna 680A C/n 680A-0107 Aerowest GmbH
EI-DES Airbus A320214 C/n 2635 Aer Lingus
EK-32008 Airbus A320211 C/n 229 Tunisair
HA-LTE Airbus A321231(SL) C/n 8325 Wizz Air
HA-LWX Airbus A320232(SL) C/n 6001 Wizz Air
HL7415 Boeing 74748E(BDSF) C/n 25777 Asiana Airlines
HL8076 Boeing 777 F C/n 62632 Korean Air
HL8299 Gulfstream G650ER C/n 6212 Corporate
LX-LGE de Havilland Canada DHC-8Q-402 C/n 4284 Luxair
LX-OLA Embraer ERJ-135BJ C/n 14500995 Luxaviation
LZ-FBA Airbus A319112 C/n 3564 Bulgaria Air
M-CICO Dassault Falcon50EX C/n 345 Corporate
M-ODKZ Dassault Falcon900EX C/n 86 Corporate
N363UP Boeing 767346(ER)(BCF) C/n 33494 United Parcel Service Company
OE-DGB Cessna 182P C/n 182-61104 Private
OE-GJW Learjet 75 C/n 45-571 Avcon Jet
OE-GLJ Learjet 60 C/n 60-414 LaudaMotion Executive
OE-GZK Cessna 560 C/n 560-5668 International Jet Management
OE-IAA Bombardier 604 C/n 5618 Corporate
OE-IBJ Airbus A320232 C/n 3259 LaudaMotion
OE-IRK Embraer ERJ-135BJ C/n 14500916 Avcon Jet
OE-IRP Bombardier Global ExpressBD-700-1A10 C/n 9106 LaudaMotion Executive
OE-IRT Bombardier Global 6000BD-700-1A10 C/n 9455 Corporate
OE-LAN Bombardier 650 C/n 6088 MJet
OE-LBB Airbus A321111 C/n 570 Austrian Airlines
OE-LBC Airbus A321111 C/n 581 Austrian Airlines
OE-LBD Airbus A321 211 C/n 0920 Austrian Airlines
OE-LBM Airbus A320214 C/n 1504 Austrian Airlines
OE-LBS Airbus A320214 C/n 1189 Austrian Airlines
OE-LBX Airbus A320214 C/n 1735 Austrian Airlines
OE-LBZ Airbus A320214 C/n 5181 Austrian Airlines
OE-LCG Airbus A321211 C/n 1988 LaudaMotion
OE-LDC Airbus A319112 C/n 2262 Austrian Airlines
OE-LDG Airbus A319112 C/n 2652 Austrian Airlines
OE-LGA de Havilland Canada DHC-8Q-402 C/n 4014 Austrian Airlines
OE-LGF de Havilland Canada DHC-8Q-402 C/n 4068 Austrian Airlines
OE-LGI de Havilland Canada DHC-8Q-402 C/n 4100 Austrian Airlines
OE-LGK de Havilland Canada DHC-8Q-402 C/n 4280 Austrian Airlines
OE-LGM de Havilland Canada DHC-8Q-402NG C/n 4319 Austrian Airlines
OE-LGO de Havilland Canada DHC-8Q-402 C/n 4281 Austrian Airlines
OE-LGQ de Havilland Canada DHC-8Q-402 C/n 4003 Austrian Airlines
OE-LIO Bombardier Global 5000BD-700-1A11 C/n 9130 Avcon Jet
OE-LMK Embraer Emb-170100ST C/n 17000150 People’s ViennaLine
OE-LOA Airbus A320214 C/n 3147 LaudaMotion
OE-LOO Airbus A320214 C/n 3027 LaudaMotion
OE-LOR Airbus A320214 C/n 3206 LaudaMotion
OE-LOU Airbus A320214 C/n 3132 LaudaMotion
OE-LOY Airbus A320232 C/n 2161 LaudaMotion
OE-LVS Airbus A320216 C/n 3145 Vueling Austria
OE-LWA Embraer Emb-195200LR C/n 19000314 Austrian Airlines
OE-LWD Embraer Emb-195200LR C/n 19000411 Austrian Airlines
OE-LWF Embraer Emb-195200LR C/n 19000447 Austrian Airlines
OE-LWH Embraer Emb-195200LR C/n 19000486 Austrian Airlines
OE-LWJ Embraer Emb-195200LR C/n 19000507 Austrian Airlines
OE-LWK Embraer Emb-195200LR C/n 19000523 Austrian Airlines
OE-LWO Embraer Emb-195200LR C/n 19000555 Austrian Airlines
OE-XCH Eurocopter AS.350B2 C/n 2799 Hubi-Fly Helikopter
OK-OBR Cessna 510 C/n 510-0289 Aeropartner
OM-CJI Cessna 525 C/n 525-0526 Corporate
S5-AAO Canadair Regional-Jet900 C/n 15215 Adria Airways
SU-BPW Airbus A320214 C/n 3282 Air Cairo
TC-NBB Airbus A320251N(SL) C/n 7147 Pegasus Airlines
VP-CLZ Bombardier 6013R C/n 5193 Lukoil-Avia
YL-CSK Bombardier CS-300A220-300 C/n 55039 airBaltic
YR-BGD Boeing 73738J C/n 27182 TAROM

Photo credit: John Tomlinson