Triengen – Monday 3rd April 2017 (report by John Tomlinson)

Nearing the end of day 2, our next stop was Triengen~Lucerne.
Prior contact enabled Grant to arrange a full tour of all hangars by the control tower manager.
Noted between 1450-1525hrs.
D-FRAH    Piper PA-46500TP    C/n     4697276    Private
HB-ALP    Piper L-4H    C/n     12026    Private
HB-CGA    Cessna 172RG    C/n     172RG-0830    Private
HB-CHX    Reims-Cessna F.172P    C/n     2220    Motorfluggruppe Zurich
HB-CKT    Cessna 172RG    C/n     172RG-1163    Flying Ranch AG
HB-CLJ    Reims-Cessna F.177RG    C/n     12    Private
HB-CNI    Reims-Cessna F.152    C/n     1494    Flying Ranch AG
HB-DCB    Wassmer WA.40ASuper IV    C/n     68    Private
HB-DGE    Mooney M.20K    C/n     25-0389    Private
HB-EUQ    Robin DR.400180R    C/n     786    Flying Ranch AG
HB-FKC    Pilatus PC-6B2-H4    C/n     844    Private
HB-HMU    Pilatus PC-7    C/n     137    Private
HB-KBJ    Centre-Est DR.250160    C/n     42    Private
HB-KCG    Robin DR.400140B    C/n     1885    Flying Ranch AG
HB-KEC    Robin R.3000160    C/n     160    Flying Ranch AG
HB-KHL    Cirrus Design SR-20    C/n     1755    Private
HB-KHU    Robin DR.500200i    C/n     33    Private
HB-MIM    Bucker Bu.133C    C/n     1001    Private
HB-MSS    Sukhoi Su-26M2    C/n     07-Apr    Flying Ranch AG
HB-MTB    Extra 200    C/n     31    Flying Ranch AG
HB-NCH    Rockwell Commander 114    C/n     14050    Private
HB-NDC    Rockwell Commander 114B    C/n     14550    Flying Ranch AG
HB-NDE    Rockwell Commander 114    C/n     14150    Private
HB-ODX    Piper L-4J    C/n     13130    Private
HB-OKP    Piper L-4J    C/n     12810    Flying Ranch AG
HB-ONE    Piper L-4J    C/n     12661    Flying Ranch AG
HB-SAC    Gardan GY-20    C/n     RHR-1    Private
HB-TCH    Zlin Z.143L    C/n     29    Private
HB-TDM    Cessna T.182T    C/n     T182-09014    Private
HB-USD    Bucker APM.131-150    C/n     65    Private
HB-UUE    Bucker APM.131-150    C/n     24    Private
HB-WYI    Remos GX    C/n     380    Private
HB-YHM    Aero Designs PulsarXP    C/n     346    Private
HB-YMO    Evans VP-1    C/n     V-1555    Private
HB-YMW    Van’s RV-8    C/n     82062    Private
N1219S    Cirrus Design SR-22T    C/n     1219    Private
N23638    Taylorcraft BC-65    C/n     1368    Private
N44SU    Sukhoi Su-26    C/n     02-Jan    Private
N75WU    Pitts S-12 Monster    C/n     131    Private
N929SU    Sukhoi Su-29    C/n     77-01    Private
VP-BGK    Cessna 182R    C/n     182-68189    Private