Toulouse/Blagnac – Wednesday 18th January 2017 (Grant Robinson)

Hi all,
a £50 return flight in exchange for a day out at Toulouse, seemed
a fair deal and so the groups first outing this year was made. As usual a
hire car was used to do all the known spotting points around this big
airfield. We did several circuits at different times and managed to see in
the delivery centre hangar after darkness thanks to the internal lighting
and the amount of large windows. We also did the Panoramic coach tour and
this seemed to take a slightly different route to the one I did last year –
when it’s warmer and the hangar doors will be open, this route will increase
the numbers seen. It was blooming cold whilst we were there, so no doors
were open anywhere!

77 new frames for me and 5 scrapes made this a very productive day with
Francazal still to come. We had heard that there were a larger number of
ATRs to be found there than usual. That log will follow on another email….

Good to see you out there Ian & Neil. Feel free to get in touch if you can
add to this log or need any help with yours…..

Around the Airbus and ATR plants:

CS-TLU                        A319-133X     c/n 1256

F-WWBA                   A320-214       Airbus    c/n 1
F-WNEO                    A320-271N    Airbus   c/n 6101
F-WNEW     **          A320-251N    Airbus    c/n 6419
F-WHUU                   A320-232    Saudi Gulf Airlines    fcs  c/n 6733
B-8430      scrape     A320-214    Qingdao Airlines    fcs    c/n 6995
F-WWDK/7083   **  A320-271N    Qatar Airways    fcs
F-WWDX/7102   **  A320-271N    Volaris    fcs
F-WWBT/7181   **  A320-251N    Frontier Airlines    fcs
F-WWIR/7192    **  A320-271N    Qatar Airways    fcs
F-WWIB             **   A320-271N    China Southern Airlines  fcs  c/n 7269
F-WWBO/7331         A320-271N    IndiGo Airlines    tcs
F-WWDG           **   A320-271N    IndiGo Airlines    tcs   c/n 7391
PR-YRF     **  A320-251N    Azul Linhas Aereas Brasileiras  fcs   c/n 7409
F-WWIA/7459    **    A320-251N    Air-India    fcs
F-WWIM/7470   **    A320-271N    China Southern Airlines    fcs
F-WWDM/7472  **    A320-251N    Frontier Airlines    fcs
F-WWBM/7477  **    A320-271N    China Southern Airlines    fcs
F-WWIY              **    A320-232    West Air    fcs    c/n 7487
F-WWBS/7489    **    A320-251N    SAS Scandinavian Airlines    fcs
F-WWDI/7494    **    A320-251N    Azul Linhas Aereas Brasileiras    fcs
(F-WWBB)          **    A320-214    Batik Air    fcs    c/n 7496
F-WWBY/7502    **   A320-232    Vueling Airlines
F-WWBH/7507    **   A320-271N    Go Air    fcs
F-WWIZ/7514     **    A320-251N    Avianca Brasil    fcs
F-WWDQ/7521   **    A320-251N    Azul Linhas Aereas Brasileiras    tcs
F-WWII/7537      **    A320-214    easyJet Airline    fcs
F-WWBI/7543     **    A320-214    Vanilla Air    fcs

D-AVXB/6839    **         A321-251N    Airbus

F-WWCB         scrape     A330-203      Airbus    c/n 871
F-WWKD/1766   **        A330-343X    Saudi Arabian Airlines    fcs
F-WWKR/1767   **         A330-302    EVA Air    fcs
F-WWYL/1768    **        A330-243F    Turkish Airlines    fcs
F-WWYT/1770   **         A330-343X    Saudi Arabian Airlines     tcs
F-WWYV/1771   **         A330-243    Tibet Airlines    fcs
F-WWKZ/1773   **         A330-243    Tianjin Airlines    fcs

F-WWCF                        A350-941    Airbus    c/n 2
F-WZGG                        A350-941     Airbus    c/n 3
F-WZGT/47                   A350-941    Qatar Airways    fcs
F-WZFA/52       **         A350-941    all white   (Sichuan Airlines)
F-WZFI/55        **         A350-941    all white   (Sichuan Airlines)
F-WMIL/59       **         A350-1041   Airbus
F-WZFK/60       **          A350-941    all white  (Sichuan Airlines)
(F-WZFJ)/63     **          A350-941    Qatar Airways    tcs
(F-WLXV)          **          A350-1041   Airbus
F-WWTJ /70     **          A350-941    Cathay Pacific Airways    fcs
F-WXXL             **          A350-1041    Airbus
F-WZNJ/80       **          A350-941    Lufthansa    fcs
(F-WZNM)/83   **          A350-941    primer    (Qatar Airways)
(F-WZNR)/88    **          A350-1041    Qatar Airways    tcs
F-WZNS/89        **         A350-941    Ethiopian Airlines    fcs
F-WZNU/91       **         A350-941    Air Caraibes    fcs
(F-WZNX)/93     **         A350-941    primer  (Cathay Pacific Airways)
(F-WZNZ)/95     **          A350-941    Thai Airways International    tcs
(F-WZFU)/99     **          A350-941    Singapore Airlines    tcs
(F-WZFV)/100    **          A350-941    Qatar Airways    tcs
(F-WZFX)/101    **          A350-941    Cathay Pacific Airways    tcs
(F-WZFW)/104   **          A350-941    Finnair    tcs
(F-WZFT)/106    **          A350-941    Qatar Airways    tcs

(F-WWDD)/VNO   A380-841    Airbus   c/n 4  (in delivery centre hangar)
F-WWAN/234      **    A380-842    Emirates Airline    tcs
F-WWAP/236      **    A380-842    Emirates Airline    tcs
F-WWSB/239      **    A380-842    Emirates Airline    tcs

F-GPYN                       ATR-42-512     Airlinair/HOP!
F-WWLT/1215    **    ATR-42-600    Japan Air Commuter    fcs

F-WKVD              **   ATR-72-600    primer     (c/n 1005?)
F-OMYM             **   ATR-42-600    Air Antilles Express    fcs   c/n 1374
F-WWEX              **  ATR-72-600    Iran Air    fcs    c/n 1386
F-WWEZ/1387     **   ATR-72-600    all white    (Binter Canarias)
F-WWEC/1389     **   ATR-72-600    Iran Air    fcs
(F-WW??)/1393    **  ATR-72-600    Myanmar National Airlines    fcs
(F-WW??)/1420    **  ATR-72-600    primer   (Wings Abadi Air)
(F-WW??)/1425    **  ATR-72-600    primer   (Avianca)
(F-WW??)/1426    **  ATR-72-600    primer   (Wings Abadi Air)
(F-WW??)/1427    **  ATR-72-600    primer
(F-WW??)/1433    **  ATR-72-600    primer

One request is for a suggestion what this should really read? “c/n 49  A350
primer”. It can’t be c/n 49 as this has been delivered to China Airlines
already and I saw it in Hong Kong last October.

Another request is for confirmation of the construction number of F-WKVD. It
was used by c/n 1005 but that was fully painted for NordStar at one time and
is a ATR-42. The example we saw was a ATR-72 in primer….

There was also one more Indigo A320 present but we were unable to identify

Elsewhere around the airfield:
0033          **        Airbus A400M    ET 01.061   French Air Force
CN-RNU                 Boeing 737-8B6       Royal Air Maroc
CS-TPO      **        EMBRAER ERJ-190LR      Portugalia/TAP Express
D-AEBB                 EMBRAER ERJ-195LR      Lufthansa CityLine
D-AEMA        EMBRAER ERJ-195LR      Augsburg Airways/Lufthansa Regional
D-ASTY                  Airbus A319-112            Germania
D-CEEE                  Cessna 560XLS Citation Excel
EC-INV   **Avions de Transport Régional ATR-72-212F   Swiftair
EC-KAI     Avions de Transport Régional ATR-42-300   Swiftair/Fedex Feeder
EC-LJR  **  Canadair Regional Jet CRJ-1000ER NG  Air Nostrum/Iberia Regional
EI-DWO                  Boeing 737-8AS            Ryanair
EI-EXA                    Boeing 717-2BL            Volotea Airlines
F-GRGF      **         EMBRAER ERJ-145EU            HOP!
F-GRZH                   Canadair Regional Jet CRJ-700   Brit Air/HOP!
F-GUME   scrape    Beechcraft 1900D            Twin Jet
F-HBNH                   Airbus A320-214            Air France
F-HBNJ                    Airbus A320-214            Air France
F-HBNL      **         Airbus A320-214            Air France
F-HBXJ                    EMBRAER ERJ-170STD            HOP!
F-HCPE      **         Piaggio P.180 Avanti II
F-HICM                   Cessna 510 Citation Mustang
F-HNAK      **         Beechcraft C90GTx King Air
F-HOPN  **     Avions de Transport Régional ATR-72-600      HOP!
F-HOPY  **      Avions de Transport Régional ATR-72-600      HOP!
F-HPJL        **         EMBRAER EMB-505 Phenom 300
G-BIKX    scrape      Boeing 757-236(SF)      DHL Air
G-EZPR      **           Airbus A320-214      easyJet Airline
G-JMCT   scrape  Boeing 737-3Y0(SF)  Atlantic Airlines/West Atlantic Cargo
G-RJXI                      EMBRAER ERJ-135LR     bmi Regional
M-AMRM         Avions de Transport Régional ATR-72-500     Fly540 Angola
N900XH                    SOCATA TBM-900
OO-SSE                     Airbus A319-111      Brussels Airlines
OY-SRH                     Boeing 767-204ERF      Star Air/Maersk Air
PH-EXD                     EMBRAER ERJ-190AR     KLM Cityhopper
RA-82047                  Antonov An-124-100 Ruslan     Volga-Dnepr Airlines

On airways:
EC-MLE                     Airbus A320-232            Vueling Airlines
F-BVBI                      Reims/Cessna F.172M Skyhawk
OK-TVK                     Boeing 737-86N            Travel Service Airlines
PT-OEX       **          Dassault Falcon 900

Best regards,

Grant Robinson
Oxford Aviation Group