Tikkakoski – Sunday 17th June 2018 (John Tomlinson)

I have now been able to collate a report as to what we saw at this show. Also thank you Graham Collins for you notebook details for the day, a great help.
It was the Finnish Air Force 100 year celebration and they did a great event over the weekend.

The event would provide us with not only military, but plenty of general aviation both small and large, as well as preserved aircraft. As had been the weather during the whole trip, the sun was out and up to the top twenties, so sun hat and sun cream was required. In another way I am pleased that it did not rain, as we would have been well exposed to the elements.

We were only going on the Sunday, as we had other airfields and museums to visit on our itinerary, however we did not miss anything.
The previous day in the late afternoon, we had arrived at the field and decided to have a quick look at the layout and maybe part of the flying display. However shortly before we arrived, one of the Midnight Hawk team had burst a tyre on landing and therefore the remainder of the show was cancelled. Fortunately no injuries occurred.

Unlike other European Air Show events, due to the longer daylight hours, the flight displays are slotted in over a longer period of time, although I don’t think the actual displays are.
Anyway, all in all it was a very enjoyable show, with plenty of time to look at and photographs the static as well as watch the flying display.

In order as photographed / noted between 0930-1950hrs

C.16-40 British Aerospace EFA Tifon C/n SS021 Spanish Air Force Coded 11-16
LJ-1 Learjet 35A C/n 35-430 Finnish Air Force
PI-03 Pilatus PC-12-47E C/n 1213 Finnish Air Force
OH-FMA Valmet CM-170R Magister C/n FM-37 Private (Coded FM-37 / R)
OH-FMM Valmet CM-170R Magister C/n FM-51 Private (Coded FM-51)
HW-355 British Aerospace Hawk T.51A C/n 312410 Finnish Air Force
HW-365 British Aerospace Hawk T.66 C/n SW-008 Finnish Air Force
HN-439 McDonnell-Douglas F/A-18C Hornet C/n FNC-39 Finnish Air Force
HN-416 McDonnell-Douglas F/A-18C Hornet C/n FNC-16 Finnish Air Force
OH-G020 AutoGyro Europe Calidus C/n C00180 Private
OH-HMQ Eurocopter EC135P2e C/n 1077 SHT Shargardshavets Helikoptertjanst Ab (Coded FH 0)
OH-SFP SAAB S.91 Safir D C/n 91-410 Private (Coded 22)
OH-SFN SAAB S.91 Safir D C/n 91-362 Private (Coded 16)
OH-SFF SAAB S.91 Safir D C/n 91-350 Private (Coded 4)
OH-SFA SAAB S.91 Safir B C/n 91-246 Private (Coded 36)
OH-XGT Gloster Gauntlet C/n G.5/35957 Private (Marked GT-400)
OH-G007 Magni M-24 Orion C/n 1291035 Private
OH-G016 Magni M-24 Orion C/n 24127124 Private
OH-U659 Halley Fox C/n FI 080213 Private
Unknown Powered Trike C/n Unknown Private
OH-SFJ SAAB S.91 Safir D C/n 91-412 Private (Marked SF-24 / Coded 24)
Unknown Ultramagic Globus C-2 Balloon BSKET C/n Unknown Private
Unknown Fly Product Trike C/n Unknown Private
OH-DTD Diamond DA 40NG C/n 40.N334 Private
OH-WAY Diamond DA 20-C1 C/n C0694 Private
OH-KAX Diamond DA 42NG C/n 42.N018 Private
OH-IJO Piper PA-32R-301T C/n 32R-8229035 Private
ZJ916 British Aerospace EFA FGR.4 Typhoon C/n BS007 Royal Air Force
30+02 British Aerospace EFA C/n GT002 German Air Force
C.16-63 British Aerospace EFA C/n SS045 Spanish Air Force (Marked 10048 / 11-28)
MM7351 British Aerospace EFA EF2000 C/n IS077 Italian Air Force (Coded 4-9)
39257 SAAB Gripen JAS-39C C/n 39257 Swedish Air Force (Coded 257)
NH-205 NH Industries NH-90 TTH C/n 1044 Finnish Army
OH-DBE Reims-Cessna F.150K C/n 610 Private
HH-12 McD-D Helicopters 369E C/n 0555E Finnish Army
OH-HVN AgustaWestland AW119 Mk II C/n 14759 Finnish Border Guard
OH-MVO Dornier Do.228 212 C/n 8232 Finnish Border Guard
OH-U485 Jabiru UL C/n 615 Private
OH-CAQ Cessna 152 C/n 152-84712 Private
OH-DAN Diamond DA 42NG C/n 42.N307 Private
OH-CWM Cessna 152 C/n 152-80391 Private
OH-EPB Embraer EMB-500 Phenom 100 C/n 50000201 Finnish Aviation Academy
SE-DXR SAAB Draken J35J C/n 35556 Swedish Air Force Historic Flight (Coded 56)
OH-XHM Brugger MB.2 C/n 12-134 Private
SE-DXG SAAB 105 Sk.60E C/n 60140 Swedish Air Force Historic Flight (Coded 140)
OH-SIO Extra 300LP C/n 1254 Finnish Aviation Academy
OH-XHN Christen Eagle II C/n 2 Private
HH-7 McD-D Helicopters 369E C/n 0316E Finnish Army
OH-HVL AgustaWestland AW119 Mk II C/n 14733 Finnish Border Guard
OH-IOD Reims-Cessna F.150H C/n 238 Private
OH-U617 Ikarus Comco C-42 C/n 0305-6529 Private
OH-IHQ Diamond DV 20 C/n 20.205 Private
OH-U476 Evektor EV-97 C/n 2005-2314 Private
OH-CTU Cessna 172M C/n 172-67525 Private
OH-U501 Evektor EV-97 C/n 2005-2614 Private
OH-PYM Piper PA-28RT-201T C/n 28R-8131139 Private
OH-CHQ Reims-Cessna F.182P C/n 24 Private
OH-PNL Piper PA-31-310 C/n 31-253 Corporate
OH-PAH Piper PA-28RT-201 C/n 28R-8018092 Private
OH-CGW Cessna 401B C/n 401B-0009 Corporate
OH-AWA Cessna 172P C/n 172-74155 Private
OH-CKY Cessna 150M C/n 150-76334 Private
OH-CAU Cessna 172N C/n 172-72511 Private
OH-BBM Beech A36 Bonanza 36 C/n E-2376 Private
OH-ACN Aero Commander Turbo Commander 690A C/n 11301 Corporate
OH-CAL Cessna 172H C/n 172-55695 Private
OH-PIR Piper PA-28140 C/n 28-23580 Private
OH-PJR Piper PA-28R-200 C/n 28R-35257 Private
OH-CAF Reims-Cessna F.172M C/n 1184 Private
OH-VIG Valtion Viima II C/n VI-3 Private
SE-XVO Fokker D.VII C/n 10400/18 Private
FM-67 Valmet CM-170R Magister C/n FM-67 Preserved (Cockpit section only. The rest of the airframe was used as a composite with FM-61)
OH-CAZ Cessna 172N C/n 172-73806 Private
OH-YHK PIK PIK-15 C/n 8 Private
OH-PDC Piper PA-28140 C/n 28-26725 Private
OH-HRR Robinson R66 C/n 97 Private
OH-HAT Agusta-Bell AB.206B-3 C/n 8720 Helikopterikeskus Oy
OH-XEA Christen Eagle II C/n 01 Private
OH-XSF Ultimate 10 300S C/n 300-003 Private
OH-XXL Pitts S-12 Monster C/n 171 Private
OH-665 Grob G.109 C/n 6107 Private
OH-LCH Douglas DC-3C-53C C/n 6346 Airveteran
HN-444 McDonnell-Douglas F/A-18C C/n FNC-44 Finnish Air Force
CC-2 CASA 295M C/n S-036 Finnish Air Force
Unknown SAAB Gripen Mock Up C/n N/a SAAB (Coded 002 on the undercarriage wheel door)
Unknown Lockheed Martin F-35 A Lightning II mock Up C/n N/a Lockheed Martin
169215 McDonnell-Douglas EA-18G C/n G-148 United States Navy
Unknown McDonnell-Douglas F/A-18 E/F Super Hornet simulator C/n N/a McDonnell-Douglas
Preserved and restoration display tent and area.
MG-138 Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21bis C/n N75084608 Preserved
DK-241 SAAB Draken J35FS C/n 35448 Preserved
MY-14 Valtion MyrskyII C/n II/10 Preserved
HW-314 British Aerospace HawkT.51 C/n 312211 Preserved
MT-507 Messerschmitt Bf.109G-6 C/n 167271 Preserved
BL-200 Bristol BlenheimIV C/n VI/3 Preserved
Unmarked Thulin D C/n Unknown Preserved
OH-VIE Valtion ViimaII C/n VI-15 Preserved

Far Side of runway near Fire Station
HW-322 British Aerospace HawkT.51 C/n 312219 Withdrawn from use
HW-329 British Aerospace HawkT.51 C/n 312226 Withdrawn from use
DO-3 Douglas DC-2200 C/n 1562 Preserved

Far Side Flightlines and other areas
VN-28 Valmet L-70 C/n 28 Finnish Air Force
VN-30 Valmet L-70 C/n 30 Finnish Air Force
GO-27 Grob 115 C/n Unknown Finnish Air Force
VN-20 Valmet L-70 C/n 20 Finnish Air Force
VN-18 Valmet L-70 C/n 18 Finnish Air Force
VN-11 Valmet L-70 C/n 11 Finnish Air Force
OH-ATE Aerospatiale ATR 72212A C/n 741 Nordic Regional Airlines
PI-01 Pilatus PC-12-47E C/n 1193 Finnish Air Force
PI-04 Pilatus PC-12-47E C/n 1215 Finnish Air Force
HW-341 British Aerospace Hawk T.51 C/n 312238 Finnish Air Force (Coded 1)
HW-357 British Aerospace Hawk T.51A C/n 312413 Finnish Air Force (Coded 2)
HW-354 British Aerospace Hawk T.51A C/n 312408 Finnish Air Force (Coded 3)
HW-339 British Aerospace Hawk T.51 C/n 312236 Finnish Air Force
HW-352 British Aerospace Hawk T.51A C/n 312401 Finnish Air Force (Coded 7)
HW-376 British Aerospace Hawk T.66 C/n SW-019 Finnish Air Force
HW-368 British Aerospace Hawk T.66 C/n SW-011 Finnish Air Force
169136 McDonnell-Douglas EA-18G Growler C/n G-127 United States Navy (Coded NJ-516)
314 Dassault RafaleB C/n 314 French Air Force (Coded 4-HP)
311 Dassault RafaleB C/n 311 French Air Force (Coded 4-HD)
354 Dassault RafaleB C/n Unknown French Air Force (Coded 4-FU)
39280 SAAB Gripen JAS-39C C/n 39280 Swedish Air Force
ZK317 British Aerospace EFA FGR.4 C/n BS078 Royal Air Force
HN-435 McDonnell-Douglas F/A-18C C/n FNC-35 Finnish Air Force
PI-05 Pilatus PC-12-47E C/n 1217 Finnish Air Force
5836 Lockheed C-130J-30 C/n 5836 French Air Force
HN-407 McDonnell-Douglas F/A-18C C/n FNC-07 Finnish Air Force
HN-440 McDonnell-Douglas F/A-18C C/n FNC-40 Finnish Air Force
HN-443 McDonnell-Douglas F/A-18C C/n FNC-43 Finnish Air Force
HW-351 British Aerospace Hawk T.51A C/n 312399 Finnish Air Force
HW-364 British Aerospace Hawk T.66 C/n SW-007 Finnish Air Force
HW-370 British Aerospace Hawk T.66 C/n SW-013 Finnish Air Force
HW-373 British Aerospace Hawk T.66 C/n SW-016 Finnish Air Force
HW-377 British Aerospace Hawk T.66 C/n SW-020 Finnish Air Force
NH-206 NH Industries NH-90 TTH C/n 1051 Finnish Army
ZK352 British Aerospace EFA FGR.4 C/n BS113 Royal Air Force