Tianjin/Binhai – Friday 28th October 2016 (Grant Robinson)

Hi all,
after not much sleep, we got up early and sampled the nice breakfast here before the movements started. Now this airport was something a little different when compared to what we had already done and we were hopeful of seeing some smaller types and also some of the resident Tianjin Airlines fleet.

I’ve not seen many reports about the Tianjin Binhai International Airport Hotel so I will take a little time to do so. Firstly we had the warmest welcome here once it was noticed what we were doing. The hotel is a family owned concern and I met the nicest lady owner in the corridor whilst I was going from my room to a corridor window.

Because we had checked in so late, we were given rooms with a limited view but at least we could see one end of the runway. I knew that there rooms here that would give a whole view of the airport, but they were already taken. If you don’t get the room view you want, you can find a window at the end of each corridor which will allow to see one end of the runway or the other.

Anyhow it was apparent at breakfast that this was mainly an aircrew hotel and said aircrew were now disappearing off to work. This was leaving rooms available for house cleaning to get in to and my chance meeting with the lady owner led to us being shown some rooms that would better suit our remaining few hours here.

I explained what we were doing and why and she seemed genuinely quite interested. Her English was fantastic making it easy to talk and it turns out she had been educated, travelled and worked outside of mainland China.

Rooms that would give a view were 801, 802, 827 through to 834. The rooms we were shown as having the best view were 827 and 828. Room 827 was a Suite room which had a daily rate of 800 CNY (£92) and Room 828 was a Twin room which had a daily rate of 400 CNY (£46). You could probably get more than 2 people in the Suite room to keep costs down? Both had excellent views and would be good for photography of movements. Rooms 701 and 726 (Suite) on the lower level were also mentioned.

Now I had booked the hotel through ctrip.com but owner Angelina Vong said to feel free to book directly with her using email address;

[email protected]

If you did it that way and explained that you were aircraft mad people, she will make sure you get the view you want. Angelina also arranged for hotel car transfer to Beijing once we had finished and wanted to go. A good price was given and saved us going back to the airport to catch a bog standard taxi. Thanks again for the hospitality and kindness Angelina!

Now on the back of that offer, consider the log below and see what this place has to offer. We were on our way to Beijing by 3pm and had spent less than a day here, but we had no regrets about making the effort to visit Tianjin for the reason below;

1) The Civil Aviation University of China alone is worth a look alone
2) Airport movement include regional commuter types CRJ-200, ERJ-145, ERJ-190, ERJ-195, CRJ-900 of which you will see little of elsewhere at the bigger airports we were to visit on our trip.
3) Catching Xian MA-60 of Okay Air – we didn’t see this type again on our trip
4) A good mix of business jet and general aviation was also added to the list.
5) Quite a selection of cargo flights including a few South Koreans.
6) Grand China Airlines and Ruili Airlines not seen anywhere else on our trip.
7) Tianjin Airlines based and again not many of these seen elsewhere.

Another thing that is possible here is the ease with which you can walk up and down the Eastern perimeter fence to gain limited views of movements at ground level but also the business jets and general aviation aircraft parked up on this, the East side of the airfield.

The co-ordinates to get close to the stored Dorniers and general aviation were Latitude 39° 7’3.14″N, Longitude 117°20’45.48″E
and also Latitude 39° 7’6.98″N, Longitude 117°20’42.44″E

You can also get close enough to see Civil Aviation University of China inmates from outside. You do need to be prepared to try some of the dead roads that you find and it’s just a case of following your nose.

The co-ordinates to get close to the Civil Aviation University of China inmates were Latitude 39° 6’43.82″N, Longitude 117°20’50.41″E

Now one last thing. The weather was stunning and blue sky was all around. Whilst we were out and about checking the perimeter in search of the stored Dorniers, we bagged loads of over the tops courtesy of a busy airway above and FR24 on my phone. I really enjoyed our visit to Tianjin 


Request is for confirmation of construction numbers for the Vulcanairs below please…..
B-00UA P68 check
B-00TZ P68 check

Present at the Civil Aviation University of China:
B-3152 ** Antonov An-12BP Cub
B-3409 ** Antonov An-24B
N893PA ** Boeing 707-321B
N219FE ** Boeing 727-233F
B-2516 ** Boeing 737-2T4
JA8269 ** Boeing 767-346
B-2204 ** de Havilland Trident 2E
(713) ** Harbin Z-5 (Mil Mi-4) Chinese
(503) ** Ilyushin IL-12B Coach Chinese
B-210 ** Ilyushin IL-18V
301 ** Lisunov Li-2 (DC-3) Chinese
305 ** Lisunov Li-2 (DC-3) Chinese
B-2136 ** McDonnell Douglas MD-82
765/07 ** Nanchang CJ-6A (Yak-18) Chinese
(B-8073) ** Nanchang Y-5 (An-2)
B-8452 ** Nanchang Y-5 (An-2)
(31585) ** Shenyang J-5 Fresco (MiG-17) Chinese
(B-8034) ** Shijiazhuang Y-5 (An-2)
(B-8036) ** Shijiazhuang Y-5 (An-2)
B-3453 ** Xian Y-7-100 (An-24)

Seen around the airport:
B-1521 ** Boeing 737-9KFER Okay Air
B-1522 ** Boeing 737-9KFER Okay Air
B-1528 Boeing 737-89L Air China
B-1618 scrape Airbus A320-232 Tianjin Airlines
B-1619 scrape Airbus A320-232 Tianjin Airlines
B-1620 ** Airbus A320-232 Tianjin Airlines
B-1727 ** Boeing 737-84P Hainan Airlines
B-1732 ** Boeing 737-86N Okay Air
B-1739 ** Boeing 737-9KFER Okay Air
B-1762 ** Boeing 737-89L Air China
B-1808 ** Airbus A321-211 Juneyao Airlines
B-1849 scrape Airbus A320-232 Tianjin Airlines
B-1850 ** Airbus A320-232 Tianjin Airlines
B-1891 ** Airbus A321-231 Sichuan Airlines
B-1907 ** Boeing 737-89P China Eastern Airlines
B-1911 ** Boeing 737-85C Xiamen Airlines
B-1912 ** Boeing 737-85C Xiamen Airlines
B-1949 Boeing 737-86P Shanghai Airlines
B-1962 ** Boeing 737-86N Okay Air
B-2435 ** Boeing 747-481(BDSF) Yangtze River Express
B-2476 Boeing 747-4FTF Air China Cargo Airlines
B-2877 scrape Boeing 737-33VF SF Airlines
B-2950 ** Boeing 737-3Z0
B-3011 ** Canadair Regional Jet CRJ-200ER
B-3030 ** EMBRAER ERJ-145LI Grand China Airlines
B-3067 ** EMBRAER ERJ-145LI Tianjin Airlines
B-3083 ** EMBRAER ERJ-145LI Tianjin Airlines
B-3085 ** EMBRAER ERJ-145LI Tianjin Airlines
B-3087 ** EMBRAER ERJ-145LI Tianjin Airlines
B-3088 ** EMBRAER ERJ-145LI Tianjin Airlines
B-3090 ** EMBRAER ERJ-145LI Tianjin Airlines
B-3091 ** EMBRAER ERJ-145LI Tianjin Airlines
B-3095 ** EMBRAER ERJ-145LI Tianjin Airlines
B-3108 ** EMBRAER ERJ-195LR Tianjin Airlines
B-3156 ** EMBRAER ERJ-190LR Tianjin Airlines
B-3169 ** EMBRAER ERJ-190LR Tianjin Airlines
B-3171 EMBRAER ERJ-190LR Tianjin Airlines
B-3180 ** EMBRAER ERJ-190LR Tianjin Airlines
B-3195 EMBRAER ERJ-190LR Tianjin Airlines
B-3220 EMBRAER ERJ-190BJ Lineage 1000
B-3232 ** EMBRAER ERJ-195LR Tianjin Airlines
B-3261 ** Cessna 208B Grand Caravan
B-3262 ** Cessna 208B Grand Caravan
B-3360**Canadair Regional Jet CRJ-900LR China Express Airlines
B-3369**Canadair Regional Jet CRJ-900LR China Express Airlines
B-3372**Canadair Regional Jet CRJ-900LR China Express Airlines
B-3373 ** Bombardier Challenger 850
B-3385 ** EMBRAER EMB-550 Legacy 500
B-3636 ** Cessna 208 Caravan I
B-3713 ** Xian MA-60 Okay Air
B-3725 ** Xian MA-60 Okay Air
B-3827 ** Harbin Y-12 II
B-3873 ** Dornier Do.328-310JET Tianjin Airlines
B-3892 ** Dornier Do.328-310JET Tianjin Airlines
B-3905 ** Beechcraft 400A Beechjet
B-3925 ** Bombardier Aerospace Learjet 60
B-3935 ** Bombardier Aerospace Learjet 60XR
B-3960 ** Dornier Do.328-300JET Tianjin Airlines
B-3963 ** Dornier Do.328-300JET Tianjin Airlines
B-3973 ** Dornier Do.328-300JET Tianjin Airlines
B-3975 ** Dornier Do.328-300JET Tianjin Airlines
B-3978 ** Dornier Do.328-310JET Tianjin Airlines
B-5166 ** Boeing 737-81B China Southern Airlines
B-5181 Boeing 737-8FH Okay Air
B-5211 ** Boeing 737-79L Air China
B-5213 ** Boeing 737-79L Air China
B-5229 ** Boeing 737-79L Air China
B-5315 ** Boeing 737-86D Shanghai Airlines
B-5333 ** Boeing 737-8FH Shandong Airlines
B-5335 ** Boeing 737-8FH Shandong Airlines
B-5485 ** Boeing 737-89L Air China
B-5488 ** Boeing 737-85C Xiamen Airlines
B-5495 ** Boeing 737-89L Air China
B-5503 ** Boeing 737-84P Fuzhou Airlines
B-5508 ** Boeing 737-86N Air China
B-5509 Boeing 737-86N Air China
B-5510 Boeing 737-86N Air China
B-5518 Boeing 737-89L Air China
B-5525 ** Boeing 737-86N Air China
B-5535 Boeing 737-85C Xiamen Airlines
B-5546 Boeing 737-86N Shanghai Airlines
B-5571 ** Boeing 737-86N Okay Air
B-5575 scrape Boeing 737-8AS Okay Air
B-5578 scrape Boeing 737-8AS Okay Air
B-5585 ** Boeing 737-89L Air China
B-5603 Boeing 737-86N Xiamen Airlines
B-5639 ** Boeing 737-89L Dalian Airlines
B-5653 Boeing 737-85C Xiamen Airlines
B-5671 ** Boeing 737-87L Shenzhen Airlines
B-5680 ** Boeing 737-89L Air China
B-5681 ** Boeing 737-89L Air China
B-5765 ** Boeing 737-84P Hainan Airlines
B-5807 ** Boeing 737-79P China Eastern Airlines
B-5843 Boeing 737-86N Okay Air
B-5849 ** Boeing 737-89L Air China
B-6089 Airbus A330-243 Hainan Airlines
B-6109 ** Boeing 737-76J Ruili Airlines
B-6179 ** Airbus A319-132 Capital Airlines
B-6367 Airbus A321-211 China Eastern Airlines
B-6459 Airbus A319-115 China Eastern Airlines
B-6470 Airbus A319-115 China Eastern Airlines
B-6488 Boeing 737-85C Xiamen Airlines
B-6499 ** Boeing 737-89L Air China
B-6556 ** Airbus A321-213 Air China
B-6587 Airbus A320-232 China Eastern Airlines
B-6655 ** Airbus A320-232 China Southern Airlines
B-6677 ** Airbus A320-232 Air China
B-6695 Airbus A320-232 China Eastern Airlines
B-6808 ** Boeing 737-84P Hainan Airlines
B-6837 ** Airbus A320-232 Tianjin Airlines
B-6865 Airbus A320-214 Tianjin Airlines
B-6889 ** Boeing 737-8MB Xiamen Airlines
B-6903 Airbus A320-214 Tianjin Airlines
B-6992 ** Boeing 737-86N 9 Air
B-6997 ** Boeing 737-8KF Okay Air
B-7113 ** Boeing 737-84P Fuzhou Airlines
B-7182 ** Boeing 737-89L Air China
B-7373 Boeing 737-86N Okay Air
B-7475 ** Bell 407GX (wreckage)
B-7632 Boeing 737-86P Shanghai Airlines
B-7708 ** Bell 212
B-7799 ** Bombardier Challenger 605
B-7890 Boeing 737-86L Air China
B-8023 Dassault Falcon 7X
B-8069 Airbus A320-232 Tianjin Airlines
B-8131 ** Gulfstream Aerospace Gulfstream G550
B-8171 ** Airbus A320-214 Capital Airlines
B-8208 ** Dassault Falcon 900LX
B-8216 ** Dassault Falcon 7X
B-8253 ** Gulfstream Aerospace Gulfstream G450
B-8297 ** Gulfstream Aerospace Gulfstream G550
B-8312 ** Piaggio P.180 Avanti II
B-8313 scrape Piaggio P.180 Avanti
B-8327 Airbus A320-214 Spring Airlines
B-9821 ** Cessna 208B Grand Caravan
B-9951 ** Airbus A320-232 China Southern Airlines
B-9962 ** Airbus A320-214 Capital Airlines
B-9989 ** Airbus A320-232 Tianjin Airlines
B-16202 ** Airbus A321-211 EVA Air
B-LNX ** Airbus A330-243F Hong Kong Airlines
B-LPN ** Airbus A320-214 Hong Kong Airlines
HL7417 Boeing 747-48EM Asiana Airlines
HL7507 ** Boeing 767-38EERF Asiana Airlines
HL7516 ** Boeing 767-38E Asiana Airlines
HL7629 ** Boeing 747-8B5F Korean Air
HL7766 ** Boeing 777-2B5ER Korean Air
HL8009 ** Boeing 777-3B5ER Korean Air
JA304J ** Boeing 737-846 Japan Airlines
JA8362 ** Boeing 767-381ER(BCF) All Nippon Airways
N181EC ** EMBRAER ERJ-145LI Tianjin Airlines
N605NS ** Bombardier Challenger 605
N79711 Boeing 737-7BQ
VP-CKM ** Bombardier Aerospace Global 5000

On airways:
B-1546 ** Boeing 787-9 Hainan Airlines
B-1671 Airbus A320-214 Spring Airlines
B-3119 ** EMBRAER ERJ-195LR Tianjin Airlines
B-5177 ** Boeing 737-86N Air China
B-5179 ** Boeing 737-86N Air China
B-5247 ** Boeing 737-71B China Southern Airlines
B-5258 ** Boeing 737-79P China Eastern Airlines
B-5373 ** Boeing 737-84P Hainan Airlines
B-5553 ** Boeing 737-89L Dalian Airlines
B-5736 ** Boeing 737-87L Shenzhen Airlines
B-6076 Airbus A330-243 Air China
B-6267 Airbus A321-231 China Southern Airlines
B-7616 ** Boeing 737-84P Hainan Airlines
F-GZNJ Boeing 777-328ER Air France
HL7428 Boeing 747-48E Asiana Airlines
HL7574 Boeing 777-2B5ER Korean Air
HL7575 Boeing 777-2B5ER Korean Air
HL7587 ** Airbus A330-323X Korean Air
HL7596 Boeing 777-28EER Asiana Airlines
HL7612 Airbus A380-861 Korean Air
HL7616 Boeing 747-446F Asiana Airlines
HL7630 ** Boeing 747-8B5 Korean Air
HL7751 ** Boeing 777-2B5ER Korean Air
HL8002 Airbus A330-323 Korean Air
HL8044 ** Boeing 777-FB5 Korean Air
HL8051 scrape Boeing 737-8AS Jeju Air
HL8211 ** Airbus A330-223 Korean Air
HL8227 Airbus A330-223 Korean Air
HL8254 Boeing 777-28EER Asiana Airlines
HL8284 Boeing 777-28EER Asiana Airlines
JA05AN ** Boeing 737-781 All Nippon Airways
JA879A ** Boeing 787-9 All Nippon Airways
N887FD Boeing 777-FS2 Federal Express


Grant Robinson
Oxford Aviation Group