Tel Aviv/Ben Gurion – Saturday 4th May 2019 (John Tomlinson)

My flight from Brussels would arrived in Tel Aviv a few hours before the rest of the group, who were coming from Luton. So after passing through security, I acquainted myself with the airport layout, as I was hoping that I could view airport activity until they arrived, maybe even take a few photographs.

I arrived in terminal 3, the rest of the group would land at terminal 1 at around 1930hrs. However they would be transferred to terminal 3, so I was able to relax in the terminal where I landed.

To the right of the departures gates in terminal three is a good place to view proceedings. I sat at a cafe / Pizza restaurant and viewed, with the help of FR24 on my phone, the inbounds as well as outbound aircraft. Nothing could sneak in or out. In addition, I took up a seat which was also a charger station for mobiles, Ipads and the like. I noticed quite a few of these scattered around the airport, including when I returned for my departure flight.

When there was a lull, I went outside on level three and took photographs to the left and the right of the terminal. Other tourists were also enjoying the aircraft activity in the warmth of the Israeli sun, although we all kept under shade I took photographs with no issues, however no doubt I was being monitored. All in all a very relaxing wait until the rest of the groups arrived. So a great start to my Israeli adventure, enjoying Brussels and well as Ben Gurion. I would also be back again in a few days time for an official tour of the airfield, which would include the opportunity to see the excellent views from the control tower.

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Tel Aviv-Ben Gurion

Noted between 1450-2000hrs

4X-ABF Airbus A320232 C/n 4354 Israir
4X-ABI Airbus A320232(SL) C/n 7110 Israir
4X-AGH Airbus A321251NX(SL) C/n 8517 Arkia
4X-AGK Airbus A321251NX(SL) C/n 8567 Arkia
4X-AXM Boeing 7472B5BF C/n 22485 Leasing Company
4X-ECB Boeing 777258(ER) C/n 30832 El Al Israel Airlines
4X-ECC Boeing 777258(ER) C/n 30833 El Al Israel Airlines
4X-ECF Boeing 777258(ER) C/n 36084 El Al Israel Airlines
4X-EDA Boeing 7879 C/n 63548 El Al Israel Airlines
4X-EDD Boeing 7879 C/n 63392 El Al Israel Airlines
4X-EHA Boeing 737958(ER) C/n 41552 El Al Israel Airlines
4X-EHB Boeing 737958(ER) C/n 41553 El Al Israel Airlines
4X-EHC Boeing 737958(ER) C/n 41554 El Al Israel Airlines
4X-EHD Boeing 737958(ER) C/n 41555 El Al Israel Airlines
4X-EHE Boeing 737958(ER) C/n 41556 El Al Israel Airlines
4X-EHF Boeing 737958(ER) C/n 41557 El Al Israel Airlines
4X-EHH Boeing 737958(ER) C/n 41558 El Al Israel Airlines
4X-EKA Boeing 737858 C/n 29957 El Al Israel Airlines
4X-EKB Boeing 737858 C/n 29958 El Al Israel Airlines
4X-EKJ Boeing 73785P C/n 35486 El Al Israel Airlines
4X-EKM Boeing 737804 C/n 30465 El Al Israel Airlines
4X-EKT Boeing 7378BK C/n 33030 El Al Israel Airlines
4X-EKU Boeing 7378Z9 C/n 33834 El Al Israel Airlines
4X-ELD Boeing 747458 C/n 29328 El Al Israel Airlines
4X-ELH Boeing 747412 C/n 26555 Leasing Company
9H-AJW Boeing 7373U3 C/n 28733 Bluebird Airways
B-LXG Airbus A3501041 C/n 252 Cathay Pacific Airways
D-AIDE Airbus A321231 C/n 4607 Lufthansa
D-AIDM Airbus A321231 C/n 4916 Lufthansa
D-AISK Airbus A321231 C/n 3387 Lufthansa
EI-DSW Airbus A320216 C/n 3609 Alitalia
F-HEPK Airbus A320214(SL) C/n 8127 Air France
G-STBJ Boeing 777336(ER) C/n 43703 British Airways
G-UZHA Airbus A320251N(SL) C/n 7649 easyJet
HA-LPN Airbus A320232 C/n 3354 Wizz Air
HB-JNA Boeing 7773DE(ER) C/n 44582 Swiss International Air Lines
HL7526 Boeing 7772B5(ER) C/n 27947 Korean Air
I-BIXP Airbus A321112 C/n 583 Alitalia
I-BIXS Airbus A321112 C/n 599 Alitalia
I-NDOF Boeing 767306(ER) C/n 27610 Arkia
LN-NGW Boeing 7378JP C/n 39032 Norwegian Air Shuttle
N2135U Boeing 777300(ER) C/n 62646 United Airlines
N2639U Boeing 777300(ER) C/n 62650 United Airlines
N831NW Airbus A330302 C/n 1783 Delta Air Lines
OE-ICB Airbus A320214(SL) C/n 6606 easyJet Europe
OE-ICR Airbus A320214(SL) C/n 6885 easyJet Europe
OE-ICU Airbus A320214(SL) C/n 6011 easyJet Europe
OE-IJU Airbus A320214(SL) C/n 7460 easyJet Europe
OE-ING Airbus A320214(SL) C/n 8119 easyJet Europe
OE-INP Airbus A320214 C/n 3913 easyJet Europe
OE-IVF Airbus A320214(SL) C/n 7177 easyJet Europe
OE-IVV Airbus A320214(SL) C/n 6981 easyJet Europe
OE-IZJ Airbus A320214(SL) C/n 6902 easyJet Europe
OE-LBB Airbus A321111 C/n 570 Austrian Airlines
OE-LBQ Airbus A320214 C/n 1137 Austrian Airlines
OK-TVJ Boeing 7378Q8 C/n 29351 Smart Wings
OO-ACE Boeing 747412(BCF) C/n 24227 ACE Belgium Freighters
OO-SNM Airbus A320214 C/n 2003 Brussels Airlines
SX-DVV Airbus A320232 C/n 3773 Aegean Airlines
TC-JJM Boeing 7773F2(ER) C/n 40794 THY Turkish Airlines
TC-JSG Airbus A321231(SL) C/n 5490 THY Turkish Airlines
TC-JYN Boeing 7379F2(ER) C/n 42012 THY Turkish Airlines
TC-LER Airbus A310308F C/n 646 ULS Cargo
UR-PSW Boeing 737800 C/n 41536 Ukraine International Airlines
VP-BAX Airbus A321211(SL) C/n 7084 Aeroflot Russian Airlines
VQ-BGY Airbus A321231 C/n 2105 Ural Airlines
VT-ANR Boeing 7878 C/n 36289 Air India


Photo credit: John Tomlinson