Swiss Air Force Base Alpnach, Dubendorf & Emmen tour 2018 tour revised (Grant Robinson)

Revised tour advert for Swiss Air Bases Alpnach, Dubendorf & Emmen
Tuesday 3rd & Wednesday 4th April 2018
A year in the making, we have permission from the Swiss Air Force to visit 3 of their bases. I did try for the others but no luck this time.
Anyhow there is plenty to see at Alpnach, Dubendorf and Emmen!
Alpnach is home to Lufttransportgeschwader 2 which operates Eurocopter AS.532UL Cougar & Eurocopter EC.635P2+
Dubendorf is home to Lufttransportgeschwader 3 which operates Eurocopter AS.532UL Cougar, Eurocopter EC.635P2+ and Pilatus PC-6B Turbo Porter. Swisstopo also operate the DHC-6 and B350C
Emmen is home to Kommando Pilotenschule which operates Diamond DA.42M, Northrop F-5E Tiger II of Patrouille Suisse, Pilatus PC-6B Turbo Porter, Pilatus PC-7NC Turbo Trainer, Pilatus PC-9 & Pilatus PC-21 . There is also a UAV unit operating Ranger ADS-90/95

It is planned to fly to either Zurich (ZRH) or Basel (BSL) and meet up on Tuesday 3rd for a 13:30 base tour of Dubendorf. Whilst at Dubendorf, you could also visit the superb Fliegermuseum (Swiss Air Force Museum with around 40 aircraft).

Then Wednesday 4th, we have a 09:30 base tour of Alpnach and we have for an afternoon visit that same day to nearby Emmen. Between the two base tours, we should be able to have a quick look at Bouchs (home of Pilatus Aircraft manufacturing) and Verkehrshaus der Schweiz (Swiss Transport Museum) at Luzern.

We will then be leaving for our flights home but of course you could extend your trip to maybe visit other Swiss bases from outside at Locarno, Payerne & Meiringen or spend some time Zurich airport. We have contacts at most of the civil airfields if you also wanted to plan your own visits to them in addition to the military base tours.

Because of the short notice nature of the this trip, we are happy for you make your own arrangements and meet us at the bases.

Get in touch if interested!