Stansted, Hamburg/Helmut Schmidt, Uetersen/Heist, Ahrenlohe, Glückstadt, Nordholz & Nordholz-Spieka – Sunday 3rd February 2019 (Grant Robinson)

Hi all,

Here follows day one of our recent three day trip to take in more new Airbus at Hamburg & Toulouse. As usual it was to be another early start at Stansted and it felt a bit weird not venturing around Northside 🙁

Ryanair’s EI-EKK was to be our stead towards Hamburg.


A6-COM, Boeing 747 433 SCD, Dubai Air Wing (25074)
B-2073, Boeing 777 F1B, China Southern Airlines (37311)
EI-DCO, Boeing 737 NG 8AS/W, Ryanair (33809)
EI-DCW, Boeing 737 NG 8AS/W, Ryanair (33568)
EI-EKK, Boeing 737 NG 8AS/W, Ryanair (38500)
EI-EVH, Boeing 737 NG 8AS/W, Ryanair (40290)
EI-EVM, Boeing 737 NG 8AS/W, Ryanair (40296)
EI-EVR, Boeing 737 NG 8AS/W, Ryanair (40295)
EI-FOG, Boeing 737 NG 8AS/W, Ryanair (44711)
EI-FOV, Boeing 737 NG 8AS/W, Ryanair (44725)
EI-FTY, Boeing 737 NG 800/W, Ryanair (44772)
G-JZBA, Boeing 737 NG 800/W, Jet2 (63157)
G-JZBI, Boeing 737 NG 800/W, Jet2 (63166)
G-JZBN, Boeing 737 NG 800/W, Jet2 (63168)
G-JZHN, Boeing 737 NG 800/W, Jet2 (63146)
G-JZHX, Boeing 737 NG 800/W, Jet2 (63154)
G-KLNE, Hawker 900XP (HA-0186)
G-LATE, Dassault Falcon 2000EX EASy (88)
G-TAWF, Boeing 737 NG 8K5/W, TUI Airways (37244)
M-ALAY, Gulfstream G550 (5391)
OE-LCS, Airbus A321 211, Laudamotion (1994)
OE-LKC, Airbus A319 111, easyJet Europe (4056)
OE-LKJ, Airbus A319 111, easyJet Europe (2946)
OE-LKL, Airbus A319 111, easyJet Europe (4048)
OE-LKO, Airbus A319 111, easyJet Europe (4069)
OE-LKQ, Airbus A319 111, easyJet Europe (3061)
SP-RSG, Boeing 737 NG 800/W, Ryanair Sun (44841)
T7-CAM, Bombardier Global 6000 (9698)



Hamburg/Helmut Schmidt

The following were seen on the taxi in to the terminal and during a quick look from the perimeter after we collected our hire van.

164181/NY-181, Lockheed KC-130T Hercules, VMGR-452, United States Marine Corps (5176)
CS-TVA, Airbus A320 251NSL, TAP Air Portugal (8043)
D-ABDT, Airbus A320 214, Eurowings (3422)
D-ABGP, Airbus A319 112, Eurowings (3728)
D-ABHC, Airbus A320 214, Eurowings (3594)
D-AEWQ, Airbus A320 214SL, Eurowings (7398)
D-AGWB, Airbus A319 132, Eurowings (2833)
D-AGWH, Airbus A319 132, Eurowings (3352)
D-AGWL, Airbus A319 132, Eurowings (3534)
D-AIAD, Airbus A321 211SL, Condor (6053)
D-AIWE, Airbus A320 214SL, Lufthansa (8680)
D-ASIM, Dassault Falcon 7X (106)
D-BOOM, Bombardier Challenger 300 (20172)
D-CDCM, Cessna Citation Excel (560-6109)
D-CKJE, Embraer Phenom 300 (50500404)
D-INFO, Piper PA-31 Cheyenne (31T-8166031)
D-IVVV, Honda Aircraft Honda Jet HA-420 (42000060)
EI-FXC, ATR 42 300F, FedEx Feeder/ASL Airlines Ireland (310)
HA-LPN, Airbus A320 232, Wizz Air (3354)
HB-IJL, Airbus A320 214, Swiss International Air Lines (603)
OH-LKP, Embraer EMB-190 LR, Finnair (19000416)
SX-DGZ, Airbus A320 232SL, Aegean Airlines (6643)
TC-JSM, Airbus A321 231SL, Turkish Airlines (5689)
TC-NBK, Airbus A320 251NSL, Pegasus Airlines (7786)
VP-BIW, Airbus A320 214SL, Aeroflot Russian Airlines (8188)
YR-BGG, Boeing 737 NG 78J/W, Tarom (28442)



Next we paid a visit to what I think is the biggest general aviation airfield near Hamburg. Previous visits here have been a bit of a miss and so we were pleasantly surprised to find a lot of the hangars open on this ocassion and some flying going on……the request here is for the types of D-EZAU, D-EZVJ, D-MUJA and also the identity of the Piaggio P.149 parked outside on the far (military) side of the airfield please?

Some of my pictures can be seen at;

JB-110, Canadair CL-13B Sabre Mk.6, On Display, German (1643)
D-0721, Schleicher ASK 21 (21350)
D-2885, Schleicher ASK 21 (21014)
D-3529/1X, Schempp-Hirth Discus b (471)
D-7977/GW, Schleicher ASW 20 L (20055)
D-EAKK, Piper PA-28 Cherokee 181 Archer II (28-7990417)
D-EATT, Piper PA-28R Arrow 200 Cherokee Arrow (28R-35676)
D-EBRP, Wassmer Piranha WA.81 (816)
D-ECFT, Piper PA-28 Cherokee 181 Archer III (2843616)
D-ECWQ, Cessna 172 (950)
D-EDDH, Cessna 172 (172S10393)
D-EDDX, Cessna 172 (172S10124)
D-EDLB, Cessna 172 (172S9339)
D-EDOE, Denney Kitfox Mk.IV (1691)
D-EDRS, Slingsby T.67 C Firefly (2083)
D-EEEB, Cessna 182 (112)
D-EEGL, Cessna 172 (1335)
D-EFWA, Morane-Saulnier Rallye MS.880B100ST-D (3043)
D-EFZF, Cessna 172 (17271249)
D-EGBO, Jodel DR.105 (367)
D-EGFF, Cessna 172 (774)
D-EGZC, Cessna 172 (17274803)
D-EHKH, Piper PA-28R Arrow 200 Cherokee Arrow (28R-35119)
D-EHVL, Cessna 172 (49517)
D-EIEA, Cessna 152 (1598)
D-EIWR, Robin R.2160 D AcrobIn (177)
D-EIYW, Cessna 172 (1943)
D-EKCP, Cessna 150 (1395)
D-ELOT, Cessna 152 (1637)
D-ELVJ, Cessna 172 (118)
D-EMJP, Piper PA-18 Super Cub L-18C Super Cub (18-3199)
D-EMSK, Cessna 172 (1340)
D-ENRA, Cessna 170 (26989)
D-ENTL, Vans RV-12 (120068)
D-EOEU, Cessna 172 (17280200)
D-EOKA, Robin HR.200 100 Club (49)
D-EOOD, Cessna 172 (1958)
D-EOON, Cessna 172 (17280173)
D-EOOW, Cessna 172 (1971)
D-EOPX, Cessna 172 (17275187)
D-EOVE, Cessna 172 (1636)
D-ERMH, Cessna 182 (T18208955)
D-ETKR, Cessna 150 (15078318)
D-GOFW, Piper PA-44 Seminole 180 Seminole (44-7995123)
D-HCVG, Aerospatiale Twin Squirrel / Fennec AS.355 F2 (5504)
D-KATA, Aerotechnik Vivat L-13SDL (920419)
D-KAVS, Schleicher ASK 16 (16010)
D-KESS, Scheibe SF-25 Falke Falke 1700 (44110)
D-KIEW, Scheibe SF-25 Falke Rotax Falke (44629)
D-KJBC, DG Flugzeugbau DG- 800 (8-434B333X93)
D-MAMC, Dallach D.4 Fascination (130)
D-MERP, Alpi Aviation Pioneer 300 (unknown)
D-MMXC, Aerostyle Breezer (unknown)
D-MRGS, Tecnam P.96 Golf 100S (183)
D-MTFL, Comco Ikarus C22 C Fox (9611-3720)
D-MWIN, TL Ultralight TL- 96 Sting (unknown)
D-MXNP, Light Aero Avid Flyer (616)
N8WD, Cessna 182 (T18208316)
N192JM, Mooney M.20 Ovation (29-0337)
NC89109, Cessna 120/140 (8117)

On airways:
N712CK, Boeing 747 4B5F, Kalitta Air (26414)




This small airfield is a short drive from Uetersen/Heist. The one hangar was locked up and nobody was around. These few below were seen through a big side window.

D-EBLX, Morane-Saulnier Rallye MS.892A Commodore 150 (10449)
D-EKOQ, Cessna 172 (47504)
D-ETMT, Beech Bonanza F33A (CE-1669)
D-MRBL, Zenith Zenair CH 600 Zodiac CH 601 D (6-3655)

On airways:
HL8285, Boeing 777 FB5, Korean Air (37641)




These few were seen flying overhead as we waited patiently for our car ferry across the River Elbe.

D-EGKR, Cessna 210 (21061914)
D-EMSH, Cessna 152 (1935)
D-EVLL, Jodel DR.250 Capitaine (83)
D-EVOO, Diamond Aircraft DA20 Katana DV20 (20042)


We had arrived in Germany effectively a day early because the Monday morning flights from the UK wouldn’t have allowed us to get to the Finkenwerder tour in time. So the decision was made to come out here on the Sunday and that allowed me to finally get to this brilliant German Navy (Aeronauticum) museum at Nordholz.

This museum is located just off-base and by the main gate.

Some of my pictures can be seen at;

On display outside:

71+07, Bell/Dornier UH-1D Iroquois, Aeronauticum, German (8167)
61+06, Breguet 1150 Atlantic, Aeronauticum, German (12) base gate guard
61+14, Breguet 1150 Atlantic, Aeronauticum, German (28)
(D-HALC)/WE+543, Bristol Sycamore HR.52, Aeronauticum (13473)
59+19, Dornier Do.28D-2 Skyservant, Aeronauticum, German (4194)
59+22, Dornier Do.28D-2 Skyservant, Aeronauticum, German (4197)
UA+113, Fairey Gannet AS.4, Aeronauticum, German (F.9395)
(388)/601/SC-601, Fouga CM.170R Magister, Aeronauticum, French (388)
(IN238)/VB+134, Hawker Sea Hawk Mk.100, Aeronauticum, Indian (AW6684)
RB+363, Hawker Sea Hawk Mk.101, Aeronauticum, German (AW6707)
22+98, Lockheed F-104G Starfighter, Aeronauticum, German (7181)
94+01, Mil Mi-8PS Hip-C, Aeronauticum, German (105100)
94+14, Mil Mi-8T Hip-C, Aeronauticum, German (10575)
43+55, Panavia Tornado IDS, Aeronauticum, German (146/GS028/4055)
45+30, Panavia Tornado IDS, Aeronauticum, German (577/GS178/4230)
54+08, Percival Pembroke C.54, Aeronauticum, German (P.66/0105)
(90+77)/91+02, Piaggio/Focke-Wulf FWP.149D, Aeronauticum, German (096)
(80+59)/80+52, Sikorsky H-34G-III Seabat, Aeronauticum, German (581515) inside base
366, Sukhoi Su-22M-4 Fitter-K, Aeronauticum, East German (25512)
D-AXDB, VFW-614, Aeronauticum (G-018)

On display inside:

20+64, Lockheed F-104G Starfighter, Aeronauticum, German (2075)


By the time we had finished at the museum, the sun was setting and the light fading. The only other airfield we would be able to get in before our big drive back to Hamburg, would be Nordholz-Spieka. This civilian airfield is attached the the Nordholz German Navy base and was formerly the military flying club.

We saw one aircraft outside as we looked for the entrance in and when we got there, this promptly departed. Fearing a blank as the place looked to be all shut up, I noticed that there was someone in the small ATC tower. After a quick chat about what we were doing, we were then welcomed with open arms.

A very enthusiastic lady pilot was assigned to be our guide and as she had a bunch of keys, we were then taken through each of the hangars and given a brief about the history of the more interesting aircraft. We spent around one hour listening attentively to our host and by the time we had done the last hangar, it was pitch black outside and the ground was frozen due to plummeting temperature.

Some of my pictures can be seen at;

347, Bucker Bestmann Mk.6, D-EGZR, Egyptian (185)
D-0103, Schleicher K 8 B (8671)
D-0535, Schleicher ASK 13 (13236)
D-1486, Glaser-Dirks DG-500 Elan Orion (5E152X9)
D-2707, Rolladen-Schneider LS4 (4297)
D-4655, Schleicher K 8 B (8270)
D-6319, Schleicher Ka 6 Rhonsegler CR Rhonsegler (1044)
D-EAQT, Aquila AT-01 A-210 (AT01-144)
D-EDFW, Mooney M.20 Model 231 (25-0523)
D-EEBV, Ruschmeyer R90 230RG (11)
D-EELD, Jurca MJ- 5 Sirocco (30D)
D-EGFG, Piper PA-18 Super Cub (18-3420)
D-EGFH, Putzer Elster B (43)
D-EGFR, Dornier Do 27 A-1 (160)
D-EJGG, Cessna 172 (634)
D-EJSM, Piper PA-28R Arrow T-201T Turbo Arrow IV (28R-8031050)
D-ELDI, Piper PA-28 Cherokee 236 Dakota (28-7911065)
D-ELFN, Cessna 172 (1499)
D-EMCB, Piper PA-28 Cherokee 140 Cherokee D (28-7125520)
D-EMWD, Piper PA-28R Arrow 180 Cherokee Arrow (28R-30648)
D-ENIP, Benes-Mraz Sokol M.1C (267)
D-EOBW, Piaggio P.149 D (158)
D-EPIT, Cessna 172 (48088)
D-ETWB, Cessna 172 (17264568)
D-EWTF, Aquila AT-01 A-210 (AT01-225)
D-EXKP, Cirrus SR22 (879)
D-KDBL, Scheibe SF-25 Falke Falke 1700 (44266)

On airways:
CS-TJF, Airbus A321 211, TAP Air Portugal (1399)
EI-GDM, Boeing 737 NG 800/W, Ryanair (44810)
HL8227, Airbus A330 223, Korean Air (1200)
OH-LXF, Airbus A320 214, Finnair (1712)
OY-KBH, Airbus A321 232, Scandinavian Airlines System (1675)
VP-CEX, Dassault Falcon 7X (221)
YL-CSH, Bombardier C Series 300, Air Baltic (55016)



Hamburg/Helmut Schmidt

After checking in at our hotel, we then popped back out to get the late evening Widerøe DHC-8 and to also pick up Mr Goulding who was joining us from Heathrow…..

A6-EUU, Airbus A380 842, Emirates Airline (238)
CS-PHC, Embraer Phenom 300 (50500214)
D-ABKN, Boeing 737 NG 86J/W, Eurowings (37756)
D-ABON, Boeing 757 330/W, Condor (29023)
D-AIBA, Airbus A319 112, Lufthansa (4141)
D-AINK, Airbus A320 271NSL, Lufthansa (8249)
D-AKNT, Airbus A319 112, Eurowings (2607)
D-ATYA, Boeing 737 NG 8K5/W, TUIfly (37256)
D-CJET, Cessna Citation CJ3 (525B0349)
EI-GDP, Boeing 737 NG 800/W, Ryanair (44813)
ES-ATE, ATR 72 600, Scandinavian Airlines System (1120)
G-EZTZ, Airbus A320 214, easyJet Airline (4556)
HA-LTA, Airbus A321 231SL, Wizz Air (8216)
LN-RDV, DHC-8 402, Widerøe (4054)
OK-NEN, Airbus A319 112, Eurowings (3436)
OO-SSJ, Airbus A319 111, Brussels Airlines (1759)
SP-LDH, Embraer EMB-170 ST, LOT Polish Airlines (17000069)
TC-JRO, Airbus A321 231, Turkish Airlines (4682)
VQ-BAY, Airbus A320 214, Aeroflot Russian Airlines (3786)


Best regards,

Grant Robinson