Speck/Fehraltorf – Tuesday 4th April 2017 (John Tomlinson)

After the excitement of that great museum at Dubendorf, off to the penultimate airfield of the day, Speck near Zurich.
Another 66 aircraft would go in the book and yet again I was impressed how the Swiss pack aircraft in the hangars, having many hanging in ‘slings’…..
We were advised that we would have a tour if someone was available, fortunately a club member and Ex commercial pilot agreed to walk around with us.and ask us what we did with the hobby!
Noted between 1705-1805hrs
HB-2515    Stemme S-10VT    C/n     11-121    Private
HB-3256    Glaser-Dirks DG-505    C/n     5.00E-179    Private
HB-3407    Schempp-Hirth Duo Discus    C/n     220    Private
HB-CBZ    Cessna 182J    C/n     182-57233    Withdrawn from use
HB-CCA    Reims-Cessna FR.172K    C/n     621    Private
HB-CFA    Reims-Cessna F.152    C/n     1801    Flugsportgruppe Zurcher Oberland
HB-CGS    Cessna 172RG    C/n     172RG-1076    Private
HB-CIV    Cessna 182R    C/n     182-68557    Private
HB-CKA    Cessna 170A    C/n     19135    Private
HB-CQU    Cessna 182Q    C/n     182-66611    Private
HB-CWN    Cessna 182P    C/n     182-61794    Private
HB-CYF    Reims-Cessna F.152    C/n     1792    Flugsportgruppe Zurcher Oberland
HB-CYM    Cessna 182S    C/n     182-80312    Private
HB-CYP    Reims-Cessna F.152    C/n     1578    Flugsportgruppe Zurcher Oberland
HB-EFT    SAN Jodel DR.1050M1    C/n     619    Private
HB-EGO    SIAI-Marchetti SF-260D    C/n     838    Private
HB-KCB    Maule MX-7235    C/n     10069C    Flugsportgruppe Zurcher Oberland
HB-KCV    Socata TB-20    C/n     997    Private
HB-KMD    Tecnam P.2010    C/n     24    Private
HB-KMG    Tecnam P.2008JC    C/n     1041    Flugsportgruppe Zurcher Oberland
HB-KMH    Tecnam P.2008JC    C/n     1042    Flugsportgruppe Zurcher Oberland
HB-KMJ    Tecnam P.2008JC    C/n     1044    Flugschule Basel
HB-LUH    Diamond DA 42    C/n     42.233    Private
HB-OBF    Piper L-4J    C/n     13257    Private
HB-OQG    Piper PA-28151    C/n     28-7415089    Private
HB-OZG    Piper PA-28140    C/n     28-21528    Private
HB-PAR    Piper PA-18150    C/n     18-7609050    Private
HB-PCI    Piper PA-28180    C/n     28-5745    Private
HB-PGY    Piper PA-28236    C/n     28-8311009    Alp-Air Bern AG
HB-PHZ    Piper PA-18150    C/n     18-8009039    Private
HB-PPJ    Piper L-21B150    C/n     18-5342    Private
HB-PQM    Piper L-18C95    C/n     18-3200    Private
HB-RAZ    Pilatus P.2-05    C/n     600-46    Preserved
HB-RUA    Historic Aircraft Service T.131PA    C/n     113    Private
HB-SDC    Diamond DA 40    C/n     40.047    Private
HB-SPH    Gardan GY-201    C/n     5    Private
HB-SPO    Jodel D.117    C/n     605    Private
HB-SUD    Jodel D.11    C/n     399    Private
HB-SUV    Jodel D.11    C/n     487    Private
HB-SUY    Jodel D.11    C/n     315    Private
HB-TBX    Uetz U4M    C/n     5    Private
HB-TBY    Uetz U4M    C/n     27    Private
HB-TDA    Cessna 172S    C/n     172S-11144    Flugsportgruppe Zurcher Oberland
HB-TDB    Cessna 172S    C/n     172S-11145    Flugsportgruppe Zurcher Oberland
HB-TDC    Cessna 172S    C/n     172S-11181    Flugsportgruppe Zurcher Oberland
HB-TDD    Cessna 172S    C/n     172S-11323    Flugsportgruppe Zurcher Oberland
HB-TER    Cessna 182T    C/n     182-81982    Private
HB-UUM    Bucker APM.131-150    C/n     31    Private
HB-UVH    CASA 1.131E-2000    C/n     2152    Private
HB-XRW    McD-D Helicopters 369E    C/n     0231E    Corporate
HB-YGC    Ultravia Aero PelicanClub GS    C/n     377    Private
HB-YGO    Jabiru J250    C/n     328    Private
HB-YJJ    Zenair CH.601    C/n     Jun-16    Private
HB-YJP    Denney Kitfox    C/n     JCS136    Private
HB-YKA    Van’s RV-4    C/n     2626    Private
HB-YLX    Roloff RLU-1    C/n     CH02    Private
HB-YME    Denney Kitfox    C/n     C99040244    Private
HB-YSD    Van’s RV-12    C/n     120383    Private
HB-ZIK    Robinson R22    C/n     4118    Heli Sitterdorf AG
HB-ZKI    Robinson R44    C/n     12503    Heli Sitterdorf AG
N720PA    Piper PA-28181    C/n     2843386    Private
N758BK    Cessna R.172K    C/n     R172-2963    Private
N9236Y    Maule MX-7160    C/n     19008C    Southern Aircraft Consultancy
N974    Christen S-2B Special    C/n     5281    Private
PH-JLK    Diamond DA 40D    C/n     D4.165    Private