Soviet Transports Data Files

Soviet Transports Data Files now has the brand-new January 2021 updated versions of all Soviet Transports data files available for download.

I can’t recommend this site enough if you have an interest in Soviet/Russian, Chinese, Czech and Polish built aircraft/helicopters, and why wouldn’t you?! Lots of interesting Production Lists packed with great info available for free download in PDF format – link below.

Antonov-all models, Chinese-designed and Licence-built aircraft, Czech-designed aircraft types, Ilyushin-all models, Kamov-all models, Mil-all models, Polish-designed aircraft types, Tupolev-all models, Yakovlev-all models, Miscellaneous aircraft types such as Beriev, Lisunov, Myasishchev & Sukhoi and remaining Soviet/CIS-built aircraft types.

As we all continue to stay at home, it might be a good time to tidy up these types seen in your logs? Moscow’s Gavin Maxwell has asked for people to spread the word.

Another file of interest is RF-registered aircraft available in Excel. Have a look at the site and feed back to the Soviet Transports editorial team with any info that you might have to add or just pass on your thanks and praise for a good job done!

Please feed back to Andy Marden for anything on the RF-registered aircraft file – [email protected]