Shanghai Aerospace Enthusiasts Centre, Shanghai/Gumei & Shanghai Vocational School of CAAC, Shanghai/Longhua – Wednesday 26th October 2016 (Grant Robinson)

Hi all,
having left Oriental Land, a drive back towards the city saw us take in the smaller but interesting collection at the Shanghai Aerospace Enthusiasts Centre. The rain held off but not long was needed here anyway.…/62861611@…/albums/72157672722600364

Details I had for this place were;
7900 Huming Rd, Caohejing High-Tech Area, Shanghai
31°08’17.9″N 121°24’05.8″E
31.138296, 121.40160
Web site:
Opening hours: 09:00 – 15:00 (except Mondays)
Adult entrance ticket: 8 CNY (£1)

On display outside at the Shanghai Aerospace Enthusiasts Centre:
(JA8048) ** Douglas DC-8-61
B-935L ** Drifter SB-582
(9328) ** Harbin Z-5 (Mi-4) Chinese
652 ** Ilyushin Il-14M Crate Chinese
12347 ** Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15UTI Fagot Chinese
61571/02 ** Nanchang CJ-6A (Yak-18) Chinese
10406 ** Nanchang Q-5 Fantan Chinese
no marks ** Quickie Aircraft Quickie 1
201127 ** Shenyang F-8E Finback Chinese
12641 ** Shenyang J-5 Fresco (MiG-17) Chinese
30733 ** Shenyang J-6C Farmer (MiG-19) Chinese
2996 ** Shenyang J-6I Farmer (MiG-19) Chinese
no marks ** Shenyang XI-7 Jian Fan
no marks ** Shenyang XI-9 Jian Fan

I had seen a report that there used to be 2 MiG’s within the Jinjiang Action Park which is just a couple of minutes walk from the Shanghai Aerospace Enthusiasts Centre. More recently only one has been seen and that was one we saw at these co-ordinates 31°08’25.0″N 121°24’14.4″E (31.140275, 121.403989) right by and under the Humin Elevated Road.

It can be seen by peering through the fence as you walk along the public footpath that runs parallel and under the elevated road…..

On display within Jinjiang Action Park:
10604 ** Shenyang J-5 Fresco (MiG-17) Chinese

On the way to Shanghai/Pudong airport, we went looking for the Shanghai Vocational School of CAAC. Situated just North of the old Longhua Airport, the aircraft are in a small compound with a blue roof over them and the compound is situated between tall buildings. There was a guard present at a security gate and despite our drivers best attempts to get us in, the guard wasn’t having any of it. These 3 could be seen from outside if you walk the perimeter fence which runs along public footpaths. No good for photographs unfortunately but a nice British product was seen 

Details I had for this place were;
2878 Long Hua Lu, Xuhui Qu, Shanghai Shi
31°10’25.2″N 121°27’10.0″E
31.173667, 121.452771

Present at the Shanghai Vocational School of CAAC:
B-2579 ** Boeing 737-33A
(B-2702) ** British Aerospace 146-100
(B-8100) ** Nanchang Y-5


Grant Robinson
Oxford Aviation Group