Sde Dov – Monday 6th May 2019 (John Tomlinson)

A reasonably easy place to view from, as you walk along the coastal walkway that has the beach on one side, the airport on the other. The only danger is cyclists and runners!!

No photo’s here today, as this is a joint civil and military airport. I have seen some photographs taken at this airport, but I thought better safe than sorry………..we were being watched from the tower.

However I did take one photograph of an Israir ATR72 landing when we again visited a few days later.

Photo in album:…/jlt_egcc74/albums/72157707217278711

Any help appreciated with this one: I wrote down 3014, probably supposed to be a Beech A36. I wonder if this should have been either 301 or 304? In fact 304 was noted later, although 320 was also noted by another team member.



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Old scanned photographs at:…/jlt…/collections/72157676555557434/

Noted between 1215-1300hrs Co-ordinates: 32.103994N 34.787830E

Along the coast as we arrived:
062 Sikorsky H-53 Sikorsky S-65C 65408 Israeli Air Force

Ramp area’s:
4X-AVP Short SD.3-60 Short SD-360300 SH3758 Ayeet Aviation
4X-CWK Cessna 172 Cessna 172S 172S-8492 Moonair Aviation
4X-EMA Embraer EMB-190/195 Embraer Emb-190200IGW 19000172 Arkia
4X-EMB Embraer EMB-190/195 Embraer Emb-190200IGW 19000616 Arkia
4X-EMP Embraer ERJ-135/145 Embraer ERJ-145EP 145037 Corporate
304 Beech Bonanza/Debonair Beech A36 E-3589 Israeli Air Force
313 Beech Bonanza/Debonair Beech A36 E-3595 Israeli Air Force
324 Beech Bonanza/Debonair Beech A36 E-3597 Israeli Air Force
328 Beech Bonanza/Debonair Beech A36 E-3600 Israeli Air Force
330 Beech Bonanza/Debonair Beech A36 E-3525 Israeli Air Force
369 Beech Bonanza (Unknown’s) Beech A36 Unknown Israeli Air Force
389 Beech Bonanza (Unknown’s) Beech A36 Unknown Israeli Air Force
629 Beech King Air 200 Beech B200T BT-41 Israeli Air Force
636 Beech King Air 200 Beech B200T BT-43 Israeli Air Force
844 Beech King Air 200 Beech B200T BB-1809 Israeli Air Force

Photo credit: Moti Shvimer