Prague/Václav Havel – Saturday 31st August 2019 (John Tomlinson)

Late the previous day my room buddy arrived, so we agreed an early start and walked to the Knezeves spotters mound for a short while before having breakfast. After something to eat we returned to the mound and awaited the arrival of another four members of the tour, including the hired van for the journey.

During most of the morning the sun is behind or to the left of you, so that helps with the photographs, however as we were going to move on to a few museums in the Prague area around lunchtime, that was a good call.

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Noted from the Spotter mound on the North side near to the village of Knezeves Between 0705-1200hrs

9A-CQB de Havilland Canada DHC-8Q-402 C/n 4211 Croatia Airlines
9H-AEJ Airbus A319111 C/n 2186 Air Malta
A6-FEO Boeing 7378KN C/n 40266 FlyDubai
A7-AHS Airbus A320232 C/n 5010 Qatar Airways
B-5929 Airbus A330343E C/n 1432 Sichuan Airlines
C-GBZR Boeing 76738E(ER) C/n 25404 Air Canada rouge
D-AGWG Airbus A319132 C/n 3193 Eurowings
D-AILC Airbus A319114 C/n 616 Lufthansa
EC-KKS Airbus A319111 C/n 3320 Iberia
EC-NFH Airbus A320271N(SL) C/n 9078 Vueling Airlines
EI-DHA Boeing 7378AS C/n 33571 Ryanair
EI-DHF Boeing 7378AS C/n 33575 Ryanair
EI-DLF Boeing 7378AS C/n 33588 Ryanair
EI-EKE Boeing 7378AS C/n 35023 Ryanair
EI-ENN Boeing 7378AS C/n 35036 Ryanair
EI-FXH Aerospatiale ATR 72202 C/n 229 ASL Airlines Ireland
EI-RDJ Embraer Emb-175200LR C/n 17000342 Alitalia Cityliner
F-GKXO Airbus A320214 C/n 3420 Air France
F-HBIS Airbus A320214 C/n 3136 TAP Air Portugal
F-HMLL Canadair Regional-Jet1000 C/n 19017 Air France Hop
G-EUUE Airbus A320232 C/n 1782 British Airways
HA-LKG Boeing 7378CX C/n 32362 Smart Wings Hungary
HB-JCD Bombardier CS-300BD-500-1A11 C/n 55013 Swiss International Air Lines
I-ELYS Learjet 40 C/n 45-2016 Aliserio
LN-NGZ Boeing 7378JP C/n 41127 Norwegian Air Shuttle
N276EA Boeing 7378AL C/n 35070 Smart Wings
N277EA Boeing 7378CX C/n 32359 Smart Wings
N288AY Airbus A330243 C/n 1441 American Airlines
N624XA Boeing 73786J C/n 32624 Smart Wings
N662UA Boeing 767322(ER) C/n 27159 United Airlines
N780KS Gulfstream G550 C/n 5091 Corporate
N820TJ Boeing 7378Q8 C/n 28218 Smart Wings
N834MH Boeing 767432(ER) C/n 29707 Delta Air Lines
N917XA Boeing 73786J C/n 32917 Smart Wings
OE-LGB de Havilland Canada DHC-8Q-402 C/n 4015 Austrian Airlines
OH-LXM Airbus A320214 C/n 2154 Finnair
OK-BYP Bell Helicopters 412EP C/n 36409 Police – Czech Republic
OK-GFQ Aerospatiale ATR 72212A C/n 674 CSA Czech Airlines
OK-ILA Cessna 525C C/n 525C-0085 Corporate
OK-MEL Airbus A319 112 C/n 3094 CSA Czech Airlines
OK-NFU Aerospatiale ATR 72 212A C/n 789 CSA Czech Airlines
OK-NFV Aerospatiale ATR 72212A C/n 785 CSA Czech Airlines
OK-SWT Boeing 7377Q8 C/n 29346 Smart Wings
OK-SWW Boeing 7377Q8 C/n 28254 Smart Wings
OK-TSD Boeing 7378Q8 C/n 41795 Smart Wings
OK-TSF Boeing 7378GJ C/n 37360 Smart Wings
OK-TSH Boeing 737804 C/n 28231 Smart Wings
OK-TSI Boeing 7379GJ(ER) C/n 37363 Smart Wings
OK-TSM Boeing 7379GJ(ER) C/n 34952 Smart Wings
OK-TSR Boeing 73782R C/n 40875 Smart Wings
OK-TST Boeing 73786N C/n 37884 CSA Czech Airlines
OK-TSU Boeing 737 8FZ C/n 31717 Smart Wings
OK-TSV Boeing 7378Q8 C/n 30664 Smart Wings
OK-TVF Boeing 7378FH C/n 29669 Smart Wings
OK-TVM Boeing 737 8FN C/n 37077 Smart Wings
OK-TVP Boeing 7378K5 C/n 32907 Smart Wings
OK-TVT Boeing 73786N C/n 39394 Smart Wings
OK-TVV Boeing 73786N C/n 38027 Smart Wings
OK-TVX Boeing 7378Z9 C/n 33833 Smart Wings
OK-TVY Boeing 7378Q8 C/n 30724 Smart Wings
OK-YBA Airbus A330 323X C/n 425 CSA Czech Airlines
OO-SSK Airbus A319112 C/n 1336 Brussels Airlines
OY-RUT Douglas MD82 C/n 49902 Danish Air Transport
OY-YBZ de Havilland Canada DHC-8Q-402 C/n 4148 LOT Polish Airlines
PH-EZH Embraer Emb-190100LR C/n 19000319 KLM cityhopper
S5-AAK Canadair Regional-Jet900 C/n 15128 Luxair
SU-BTM Airbus A320214 C/n 4320 Air Cairo
SX-DGB Airbus A320232 C/n 4165 Aegean Airlines
SX-DVG Airbus A320232 C/n 3033 Aegean Airlines
SX-MAH Boeing 737405 C/n 24643 Air Mediterranean
TC-LSF Airbus A321271NX(SL) C/n 8740 THY Turkish Airlines
TC-OBK Airbus A321231 C/n 792 Onur Air
TC-TLB Boeing 7374Q8 C/n 25108 Tailwind Airlines
VP-BGN Boeing 737800 C/n 41225 Aeroflot Russian Airlines
VP-BNJ Airbus A319111 C/n 2241 Rossiya Airlines
YL-CSI Bombardier CS-300BD-500-1A11 C/n 55034 airBaltic
YR-SEB Boeing 737484 C/n 25361 Smart Wings
YU-ALP Aerospatiale ATR 72201 C/n 189 Air Serbia

In transit over the field
OK-VOM Cessna 402B C/n 402B-1243 Corporate